5 Ways To Prepare For A Hassle-Free Trip

Carefully planning your trip goes a long way. The right preparations will help you to be one step ahead of potential disasters. Proper planning can safeguard you from troubles, such as having your credit card declined, wasting your precious time, or running out of clothes to wear.

1. Secure Your Plane Ticket Way Ahead

Get your plane ticket months before your scheduled trip. International travel can really get expensive. Booking your ticket in advance using your credit cards will give you the opportunity to acquire a cheaper plane ticket. Also, know everything about your flight details. Be mindful of the time zones, especially when you are traveling long distances. The departure and arrival times listed will reflect the local time at the specific airport.

2. Book Your Accommodations and Transportations in Advance

Make all the necessary reservations for your accommodations and transportation ahead. You could book in advance using your credit cards, and have a hassle-free trip. Booking your accommodation on the day of your arrival can cost you a higher price. Also, you may have a hard time finding one due to fully-booked hotels.

You might also want to have a car rental to explore the place. Getting familiar with the transport system of your destination can help you save money. If you are required to have passes for public transport, try to secure them before you arrive at your destination. In that way, you won’t need to be stuck at the airport waiting for a taxi. Appropriate license and insurance also play a big role, especially if you opt to have a car rental. Always check everything before you leave.

3. Get A Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is necessary if you’re going for a long and expensive trips. Having a homeowner or renter’s insurance will likely cover damaged or lost belongings. You could also purchase additional coverage to cover your expenses in case of a delayed or canceled flight.

Your credit card company often provides travel insurance. However, you may have to utilize your credit card to reserve accommodations and plane tickets. Also, don’t forget to check your health insurance coverage, especially when you travel abroad. It is always essential that you stay covered in other countries, in case you will need to seek medical treatment. You can purchase supplemental health insurance if your health insurance policy does not cover medical treatment abroad.

4. Inform Your Family and Friends Regarding Your Trip

Let your friends and family members know your basic itinerary. At least a few people would know where are your destinations will be and what you will be doing. Give them your details such as flight numbers, the contact information of your chosen hotel, or any other accommodations. With this, you can leave your family and friends some peace of mind, especially when you are traveling alone.

5. Inform Your Credit Card Companies About Your Travel

Let your credit card company and banks know that you are traveling. As we all know, carrying your debit and credit cards will always be a safe option. Thus, provide your card company the dates and the destination that you will be going to, to avoid the charges to be considered fraud or even denied.

Important Note: For your safety, multiple credit card companies and banks will automatically lock your account if you use it in another country. Bring 1-2 cards during your trip. It is also important to research the currency of your destination. Having cash on hand would be easier for you to transact. Sometimes your currency can be higher, which is for your advantage. Carrying cash could also prevent unfortunate events in case there are stores, restaurants, or even hotels that will not honor your card. Also, some countries are not credit or debit card ready and prefer to do transactions in cash.

Based on Materials from Wiki How
Photo Sources: Andrew Neel, Torsten Dettlaff, Vinta Supply Co. | NYC