7 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Next Trip

If you have a chance to go on a vacation, you would probably go for it — well, only if you can afford it. Unfortunately, most people have to drain their bank account or use some of their investment money to go on a holiday.

Well, that’s what most people think. You can actually afford to go on a trip without getting a loan — you just need to know how to cut costs. You don’t need a bloated travel budget because there are plenty of ways you can have a budget-friendly vacation. Here are7 tips on how you can cut costs on your next vacation:

1. Sign up for a travel rewards credit card

If you plan on going on a vacation once a year, then you probably need a travel rewards credit card. You can find special perks, bonuses, promotions, and discounts that will help you reduce your expenses. Avail for hotel rewards if you’re going to a country with a high daily cost of living and then get airline rewards if the airfare is very expensive. But this doesn’t mean you should overspend for points — you don’t want to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

2. Don’t travel during the peak season

Why would you want to spend your weekend away from work with crowds? Travel during the offseason so you can enjoy the tourist spots while cutting costs. Airlines and hotels increase their prices during peak seasons, which is usually during the summer, spring, and holidays. Check the peak travel time of your destination before booking your flight. You may not get a discount on your travel insurance, but at least your airfare and hotel room is cheaper.

3. Book your excursions early on

If you’re planning to avail excursion and activity package deals, make sure that you will take advantage of everything included. You should only buy a package if you join all the activities and go to all the spots. Don’t waste money on packages for just one of the activities.

4. Don’t get travel packages

If you have a financial advisor, they would probably tell you that travel packages are also more expensive. Since they save you from booking several times, there is an added fee, which is for convenience. Make an effort and book your flight as well as your accommodations separately.

5. Avoid check-in baggage

If you tend to travel with a carry-on, personal bag, and several check-in baggages, then you shouldn’t be surprised you’re already burning through your travel budget with airline fees. Most airlines have a fees for meals, choosing a seat, and check-in baggage. Reduce your expenses by packing everything in your carry-on. You’re lucky if you can book a flight that allows free check-in baggage.

6. Look for cashback websites to get discounts

Practice proper money management and buy from cashback websites like eBates. This way, you can save more money and get discounts for your flights and hotel rooms. Priceline, which is a discount travel website, uses eBates to help people find cheaper airfare and hotel rates while offering cashback.

7. Second-best is better than best

Don’t splurge on the best hotel room, flight, excursion package, and other travel expenses. Avoid bankruptcy by going for the second-best offer. This can help you save hundreds of dollars for the price of minor inconvenience. If you have the option to reach your destination by bus or train instead of flying, go for it! Don’t go broke by traveling in style. It’s better to return home without having to worry about multiple maxed-out credit cards.

Based on Materials from Forbes
Photo Sources: Travel Money OZ, Esther, Travel Hack