Here’s A Short List Of The World’s Best Beaches

I believe that more than half of the world’s population are beach people. And a good number of them take “beaching” to a way serious level. There are those who’d just be happy to take a jog on the shores, do laps, or just go for a weekend surf. And there are those who regularly go at least for the weekend to get that tan. However, some people would travel far and wide simply to enjoy that twenty-seven degree Celsius temperature the very least. Let me walk you through the top five beaches people voted best in the poll set by U.S. News.

#1 Fiji

An archipelago of 333 tropical and beautiful islands, secluded in the South Pacific Ocean, and surrounded with clear turquoise waters of beach fronts and lagoons, white sands, palm trees, and of course luxury resorts. It is also home to all kinds of lovebirds, having such quality of waves and coral reefs, which all adventurers, surfers, and divers would totally appreciate. Even lawyers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, royals, and of the likes would approve of the exclusivity that these islands afford their guests. Worthy to note also, is the unique way Fijians entertain and host merriments for their guests. This island is truly the best!

#2 Tahiti

This is the largest of the 118 islands of French Polynesia that flaunts a beautiful shoreline stretching miles away, as well as a trail of luxury resorts, and an ambiance screaming your honeymoon destination. This island also features the remote end of the island that stewards an uncorrupted natural beauty. Other guests would head to that direction for a taste of seclusion, but most travelers would swipe their credit cards for the warm waters, lush foresty feels, and luxe comfort the sophisticated resorts could bring.

#3 Bora Bora

Another island of French Polynesia made it to the voted list. This small island credits the beauty it emanates to the scenic view of a dormant volcano standing out in a sea of the lush jungle that meets the beautifully still and clear lagoons. A number of known men of influence actually released such good remarks about the island. Truly, this island could easily be the very picture of a perfect tropical getaway!

#4 Maldives

This island resort holds a picture-perfect view of villas spread about over the clear blue waters, white sand, and with a nice touch of sunset to finish. This island’s scenic view is definitely something to witness, something surreal until you see it for yourself. The island can be exclusive to those who want it to be, or it can also be a spot for divers to explore. Also, it’s perfect for both relaxation or your honeymoon. This island can be just about anything a beach island resort can be so long as for whatever purpose your trip is for, make sure to be ready with lots of cash. You can’t use your credit cards as much, as this island is so remote. Going cashless on this trip may not be a very good call.

#5 U.S. Virgin Islands

Known as the “America’s Caribbean Paradise,” it features three islands, each equally worthy of a short-period visit. The islands offer plenty of pampering, nature walk, and learning of colonial history all squeezed into your vacation. Each of the three islands has something unique to offer. St. Thomas is one for luxury stays, a yacht investment here can do a good business! St. John, however, emanates the ambiance for honeymooners and nature lovers. Meanwhile, the less-visited is St. Croix, which is an island with sugar cane plantations and rum distilleries. To add a bonus note: you can pay all U.S. dollars for everything in all three islands.

Based on Materials from U.S. News
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