How Does Angelina Jolie Travel? Here are 16 Ways This Now-Single Celebrity Does It

Famous actress Angelina Jolie hired a divorce lawyer back in 2016 to finalize her separation with actor Brad Pitt. It was hard to imagine that power couple Brangelina officially called it quits, especially since we’ve been shipping them for 11 years. The two share six children, who now have to spend their Christmases, Birthdays, and other events twice.

Even after the divorce, Angelina didn’t let it affect her career. In fact, she has even received credit for working as a director. She also started traveling more, now that she is no longer a married woman. Here are 16 ways how this gorgeous woman travels the world.

1. To Gain New and Different Experiences

Angelina makes sure to spend time with her children in the countries where they were adopted.

2. Adopting her children

When Angelina was with Brad, they travel to different countries and adopt their children. They have one from Cambodia, another from Vietnam, and a third from Ethiopia.

3. Spend time with her children

When Angelina needs to travel, she can bring one or all of her children. Recently, they went to Paris to celebrate her birthday.

4. To help people

Angelina is a humanitarian who has helped dozens of charities from all over the world. She has been to Sri Lanka, Kenya, Jordan, Costa Rica, Iraq, Syria, and more.

5. For her work

Her acting career sometimes requires her to travel. For work, Angelina has been to Australia, England, Italy, Iceland, Russia, and multiple wonderful destinations.

6. Luggage filled with fashionable clothes

As a fashion icon, it’s not surprising that Angelina packs fashionably. Not only does she bring them to her trips, but she also makes sure to wear something amazing, even at the airport.

7. To relax and unwind

Some people have a favorite local spa, but Angelina travels to Thailand to relax at the Sukantara Spa. This is her favorite place to unwind and pamper herself.

8. In a private jet

With her fame, it’s best if Angelina travels in her own jet. She also has a pilot’s license so she can travel alone and in her own time.

9. To teach her kids

When she takes part in different charities around the world, Angelina brings her children and teaches them about it. Recently, she took Shiloh to Namibia, and they opened a wildlife sanctuary.

10. On her own yacht

As one of the most successful celebrities, it’s not a surprise that she made an investment in a $322-million yacht, along with Brad.

11. With her skincare products

The stress of traveling and jet lag may cause blemishes, but Angelina still always looks perfect — thanks to her skincare routine. She makes sure only to wear makeup when it’s needed and always bring her go-to skincare products.

12. Keep herself hydrated

Our skin may get dry when flying, so Angelina keeps herself hydrated all the time.

13. Eat healthily

Angeline goes to Whole Foods when she has a grocery list, which is probably why she effortlessly stays in shape.

14. Wearing comfy shoes

She makes an investment in comfortable shoes so she can travel without worrying about painful feet and legs. Not only is it comfy, but they will surely last for years.

15. Similar to ordinary people

Angelina may have a yacht and a jet, but she sometimes rides coach like a normal person. She teaches her children to be humble and live an ordinary life.

16. Frequent traveler

Angelina is an avid traveler, and it seems like she’s one of those who love to travel — whether it be for work, charity, or leisure.

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