How to Pick the Best Credit Card for Traveling

Credit cards have become an important part of our society. Most people are using them to pay all their expenses — from cars to candies from the convenience store.

If people are asked to think about credit card loving countries, one of the firsts ones that will pop in their heads is the United States. They have dozens of celebrities advertising credit cards, usually offering bonuses if you sign up for a new account.

Americans have so many unsolicited credit card offers in their mail that they can choose between dozens of travel rewards among credit cards. If you’re having a hard time deciding, here’s a guide so that you can choose a good card for traveling.

Before we begin, let us first discuss what you can get from travel credit cards. Some of the perks you can get are redeemable free points in exchange for hotels, airfares, or cash. To get more people to sign up, credit card companies partner with hundreds of travel brands to entice people with loyalty points, special discounts, welcome bonuses, and more.

You could easily collect a million points with sign-up bonuses, making you rich on mile points. It’s great to have points, but this doesn’t mean you should be cash poor or nearing bankruptcy. These points are here to help you travel cheaper — not to replace your travel budget.

Now that we’re clear on that, here’s how you can choose the best travel credit card.

Don’t look for the perfect credit card

Even if there are hundreds of options to choose from, there is no perfect travel credit card. People use different credit cards for different purposes based on the benefits that they want. You can choose between cash back or United miles, so to find the right card for you, determine your goal.

Do you want…
…free reward with no fees?
…plenty of rewards and bonuses for free flights?
…no-fee credit card when you eat at an international restaurant?
…get to elite status quicker?
…use points as cash?

For the last one, the best cards for this are Capital One Venture Card or Barclays Arrival Plus. If you want to use points for your travels, you should get American Express or Chase cards because they partnered with a variety of travel brands. If you want free hotel rooms, there are hotel cards for this goal.

To determine your goal and find the card that will benefit it and your spending habits.

5 Things Your Travel Rewards Credit Card Should Have

Here are five things you should look for in your travel rewards credit card:

1. Large sign-up bonus

Your card should have a huge sign-up bonus once you spend the minimum requirement to get it. This will help you easily avail of a free hotel room or flight.

2. Extra points

A great credit card should give your points on top of the point per dollar system when you buy from a specific brand. Don’t settle for one point per dollar — look for a credit card that offers more.

3. Low spending minimum requirement

Choose a card with a low spending minimum that fits your normal day-to-day spending. There are even credit cards where you can make one purchase and already get the bonus.

4. Bonus perks

Don’t forget the reason you want a travel credit card such as free flights, priority boarding, free checked baggage, no foreign transaction fees, and more. All of these should make your vacation cheaper and easier.

5. Low fees

Credit cards have annual fees, so it’s best to find one with a low annual fee. But don’t sacrifice a better rewards system for cheaper fees — that defeats the purpose of getting a great travel credit card.

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