Take A Look At This Euro Must-see Guide When Planning For Your Next Trip

One cannot go wrong in choosing Europe as their destination at any time, as it is a sure way to fall in love over and over again. Each city should be discovered and experienced. Truly, all are destinations worthy of every travel guide written about! From the modest to the grandest hotels, where to go and spots to see, or simply just knowing one’s way around the streets of cobblestones and bricks as flooring, all these could already complete the travel feat!

So here’s a short travel guide to the beautiful countries of Europe — devised to supplement helpful information for a fuss-free, better, and smarter Euro Trip for you.

1. Amsterdam

Think of the red lights, smoke-filled coffee shops, strolling in the cold streets of cobblestones as a lovely canal cruise awaits. You can just imagine the ambiance of a cool afternoon at an outdoor café in the center of Jordaan and Oost with the scenic view of art, music-making, and a crowd of engaging and friendly locals. That has got to be quite the experience, memorable as it can be. With an environment such as these, would locals still bother to worry about their home security? Definitely not as much as the others.

2. Barcelona

As Europe’s counterpart of a city that never sleeps, one would do well to prep-up for dinners and parties to last till dawn. This city, too, doesn’t know how to disappoint. It also offers not just the nightlife of a modern city but the antiquity of Roman times historical architecture as well as chills of a wonderful beach walk nearby.

3. Berlin

Aside from being a home to one of the best history museums across Europe, its capital cities are also known to have a lower cost of living than most European countries. This country has a vibrant touch of fashion, music, and the arts, as well as a developing taste for culinary wonders.

4. Oktoberfest

This is the most awaited beer festival, and traveling funfair in Germany as many people nearby and even far around the world gather to join for enjoyable music, wild fun, and beer party together. Nowhere else would they rather be! Yes, it’s extremely fun to that degree.

5. London

Definitely not the cheap country for most, but their museums, which are some of the bests in the world, are actually, for free. Experience the diversity of the English culture by trying out their food, pubs, and Sunday markets.

6. Scandinavia

This region in Europe is known for its historic cities, with Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gotland, Fjord and Lapland as personal favorites for their high quality of life and cleanliness. However, it’s probably not the cheapest city where one can be. Nevertheless, it’s really about the experience, culture, and the beautiful people one can meet — pretty much a good investment for an adult.

7. Prague

Home of the best historical architectures and structures, this city is like no other! It is one the cheapest weekend destination in Europe, as people usually enjoy the weekend bars, cheap bears and great food. This is definitely the best place to click your camera away! And don’t you dare forget the photo credits.

8. Rome

Another historic city where every 2 feet could possibly just be a ruin. Yes, and while it is the churches and its architectural structures are always a sight to see, good ol’ Rome also has a Trastevere area of bars and delicious food to taste.

9. Budapest

How cool is a bar in an abandoned building or lots? How cooler is the taste of art all over it? This city is Europe’s coolest nightlife, where people of all age flock-a great place to engage with locals.

10. Iceland

And Of course, magical Iceland, where there’s not a bad time to visit this place. It is truly a place of awe for all its natural wonders. One can go whale watching in the summer and visit all the majestic waterfalls, springs, and glaziers. Of course, one must experience the northern lights too.

Your European trip can be more than just a stay in the featured places but also worth the trip to explore the others, if not the whole of it. It could be your investment that you know would yield a return of a whole new perspective. I hope this guide maximizes your soon to happen Euro trip plans!

Based on Material taken from Nomadic Matt
Photo Sources: Pixabay, Liam Gant, Pixabay