Why It Took This Pregnant Dog a Long Time To Give Birth Will Shock You

What appeared on the ultrasound seemed impossible. The veterinarian double-checked to see if there was anything wrong. In disbelief, she counted a second time. The number turned out to be the same and she was in complete shock. She immediately talked to the owners of the dog to inform them what was happening.

Time to make a choice

Chris and Mariesa were hoping to adopt a dog to join their family. Perhaps after dog-proofing their home and flooring, they headed to a shelter to look for one that would be the best companion for them. Mariesa only wanted to take one home, but she had a hard time choosing among all the dogs that were available for adoption. Each dog wanted to be adopted and go home to a loving family, and Mariesa had a difficult choice to make. Ultimately, after taking many factors into consideration, she finally saw the dog that they were looking for.

A bun in the oven

The dog that caught Mariesa’s attention approached the couple and licked their hands. They also found out that she was very pregnant. The dog had the sweetest eyes, almost as if asking them to take her into their warm, loving insurance-covered home. While it may have been love at first sight for Mariesa and the pregnant dog, there was something that made Mariesa and Chris think long and hard about the final decision they were going to make. Is this really the dog they wanted to introduce to their family? Is this dog really suitable for the lifestyle that they follow? Many questions brewed in the couple’s mind.

The dog was bred and then surrendered to the shelter

The dog, as loving and sweet as she appears, actually had a sad backstory. Mariesa grew emotional after hearing the story of the dog, which was named Storie. When she was still a puppy, Storie lived with a backyard breeder. However, the breeder decided to abandon her and her puppies after realizing how expensive it would be to take care of them all. Credit cards would be used up for medication, food, and other things the dog and her puppies might need. The breeder probably realized how costly it would be to raise that many dogs at once.

Bringing Storie into their home

Eventually, Mariesa and Chris knew it would be the right thing to do to take back Storie to their home and shower her and her puppies with the love and comfort they deserve. Storie and her puppies would be delighted to be cared for in a good home with proper roofing, where they can sleep soundly and play safely. However, the transition wouldn’t be that easy for everyone and Storie’s sad tale did not end there. The couple was astounded to hear what the veterinarian told them next. It was the kind of news that would change their lives forever.

The couple was a lover of pit bulls

Chris and Mariesa are fans of the pit bull breed. As a matter of fact, they were already proud parents of several pit bulls. Back in their home, ten of this lovely breed were waiting for them to come home with Storie. They also had other dog breeds in their home, but a majority of those were pit bulls. Being the owners of a lot of dogs, Chris and Mariesa probably had a large home with a spacious backyard for these large dog breeds to run around. Also, it is quite possible that they have installed home security to check on their dogs when they’re away.

The dog “megabed”

Seeing that they have a lot of dogs, Chris and Mariesa also thought that it was better to have a large bed where all their dogs can sleep soundly together. In an interview with TODAY, Chris said that all of their dogs want to sleep on the bed and at times, because of their number, it can get messy. “We end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch. So we built the mega bed,” Chris said during the interview. Instead of spending their investment money on separate beds, they built this custom bed that is 14 feet long and 7 feet wide.

Loving parents to their dogs

Chris and Mariesa were passionate about their love for animals, especially dogs. In an interview, Mariesa shared that she broke up with her previous boyfriends because they did not understand her love for dogs and her dream of having a lot of dogs as part of her family. Having pets, especially large dog breeds, is a huge responsibility for any dog owner. It may entail serious money management just to be able to cover all the necessary expenses from food to grooming to healthcare. Other people may think its too much, but Mariesa didn’t care as long she’s able to give the best life to her dogs.

Here comes Chris

Chris proved to be different from the other men Mariesa dated in the past. Chris shared her passion and love for dogs and he considered himself to be a dog person himself. Their mutual love and respect for dogs strengthened their relationship over the years. They immediately clicked and they both agree that they wanted a lot of dogs in their family. Home insurance and mortgage rates for a large home wouldn’t be an issue as both shared the same passion for caring for this furry breed. Look at that sweet photo of the couple and their dogs.

Friendly faces in rescue homes

A lot of rescue centers and animal shelters are taking care of a lot of dogs but have too little resources to rely on. As much as they want to care for every dog that is sent their way and give them the best possible care they need, oftentimes, they do not have the means to do so. Although some generous hearts make investments to fund these centers, not all get the resources they need. When Chris and Mariesa were in search of a new dog to adopt, they stopped by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue and noticed a common trend among the dogs at the center.

Life-changing experience

The couple was overwhelmed with so much joy when they arrived at Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, it was almost as if they were taken to the perfect place. They immediately noticed that a great number of the dogs in the shelter were from one breed: pit bulls. As mentioned earlier, Chris and Mariesa were fans of the said breed, so the shelter was a dream come true. They had a lot of fun interacting with the dogs at the shelter. To their credit, the dogs were well-mannered and friendly, defeating the common misconception that pit bulls are an aggressive breed.

Pit bulls do not deserve this mistaken reputation

Pit bulls have earned a bad reputation for allegedly being an aggressive breed. As a matter of fact, several states and cities ban pit bulls, such as Ohio. To a certain degree, the breed is just misunderstood and they aren’t bad dogs at all. The pit bull is a large breed that has a very muscular physique, but they are absolutely the sweetest creatures. People like Chris and Mariesa are committing themselves to challenge this stigma by making it known that pit bulls are easy to train and care for and can be the best companions for any person and family.

Changing the stigma

Chris and Mariesa are aware of the misconception surrounding this dog breed. As lovers of pit bulls themselves, they are doing their part in spreading awareness and educating others about the breed. For this very reason, the couple has decided to adopt a lot of pit bulls to show others that they are as loving and gentle as any pet out there. Despite having a lot of pit bulls, they have never experienced any violence from their pack nor have they needed treatment and health insurance from an attack. The couple wants to prove that the bad reputation the pit bulls are given is completely misplaced.

Loving and loyal pets

Because of their size, their history of being used for dogfighting, combined with the incidents reported about attacks, many people have come to think that pit bulls are dangerous dog breeds. However, there is actually no science behind such a claim. Like other dog breeds, they can be loving and loyal companions if treated right and trained properly. With proper care and guidance, they can grow up to be well-behaved dogs. Give them some credit. Pit bulls can be the most charming pets out there, and they can win anyone over with their adorable and sweet behavior.

Storie should have given birth already

The staff at the shelter told the couple that Storie should have given birth around the time they met her. They don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet. The normal gestation period for dogs is around 63 days from conception, although this may vary. However, the delay in Storie’s case has reached a certain degree that the staff already grew concerned about her condition and thought she might be in some medical trouble. It was already a matter of life and death for Storie and her puppies. The staff had to make a decision about what to do with her, and so do Chris and Mariesa.

Life and death

Chris and Mariesa were genuinely animal lovers, and they could not bear leaving this mother pit bull to suffer alone. They had to decide, then and there, if they wanted to adopt Storie as it was a matter of life and death for her and her puppies. The reality is that a lot of dogs from the shelter are well taken care of. They have to be brought to full health before they can be put up for adoption. However, due to limited resources and difficult money management in the shelters, some cases might not be as easy to resolve, such as Storie’s.

Helping out Storie

Time was running out for Storie. She was due to give birth, but for some reason, she still hasn’t done so. She needed to receive proper care and medication as soon as possible, and it appeared that only a loving family, such as Chris and Mariesa, can give this to her. Setting thoughts of expenses and bills for credit cards aside, Mariesa took one look at Storie who had placed her head on Mariesa’s knees and looked at her with pleading, eyes. Should they take her in? Can they manage to shoulder such a huge responsibility? Mariesa had to answer these questions.

Bringing in a pregnant dog into their big dog family

Bringing in a new dog into their already large dog family is one thing. Bringing in a new dog that is pregnant with several puppies is a whole different ordeal. Mariesa wanted to adopt Storie, but it still wasn’t clear to her if it was the right thing to do, given that she has other full-grown dogs to take care of. While there are companies that offer insurance that cover dog pregnancy, Mariesa still had other things to worry about on top of the expenses that caring for a pregnant dog and her puppies would entail. Still, Mariesa was adamant that she wanted to give Storie and her puppies the best life possible.

Chris came up with the perfect solution

Taking care of a pregnant dog and her future puppies would take a toll on the couple and it would be an added responsibility since they already have other dogs that they are accountable for. However, Mariesa wanted to give the mother-to-be a safe place to rear her puppies and raise them. As to the expenses and other problems, Chris came up with the perfect solution for this. Like a lawyer analyzing a case, Chris thought of a solution that would benefit all parties involved—that includes his own family as well as Storie and her puppies.

Chris’s bright idea

The couple went back and forth before arriving at their final decision. They weighed the pros and cons, but a lot of their ideas weren’t practical or sustainable enough. Finally, Chris thought of the perfect solution that would be best for both of their families. He suggested that they would become foster parents to Storie and her puppies in the meantime while the shelter looked for suitable homes for them. That way they could provide a comfortable home with good roofing for Storie while she gave birth and raised her puppies.

The problem didn’t end there

Chris’s idea was welcomed by everyone. However, they have to deal with Storie’s pregnancy first. As mentioned before, she should have already given birth at the time they met but for some reason, she still hasn’t. What really was going on inside Storie’s womb? What was wrong with her pregnancy? This remained a huge obstacle for them, but they were determined to get to the bottom of it so that they can give Storie the care she needed as soon as possible. Like students with pending student loans, Chris and Mariesa did their own research on Storie’s possible condition.

They went online to find answers

Storie’s medical case was almost unheard of and they’ve never seen a problem like that before. What was causing the delay in Storie giving birth? The couple had begun to worry so much so they decided to go online and look for the answer themselves. They did not have a degree in veterinary or animal sciences, but they were determined to understand what was going on with Storie so that they can help her in the best way possible. They knew whatever the problem was, it wasn’t going to be easy, and they wanted to prepare themselves for it when the time comes.

Chris and Mariesa were terrified

Chris and Mariesa were terrified to read the things they found online. That’s usually what happens when you resort to Google to answer your own questions instead of personally seeking help from an expert or a doctor. They probably read about many things, including worst-case scenarios that might even get them bankrupt if they did not prepare for it financially. The couple grew more anxious about their whole situation and became even more unsure about how they would help out Storie and her puppies. Then again, the question is asked: are they really ready for this?

Getting to the bottom of the problem: trauma

Oftentimes, humans tend to underestimate how smart animals are and that just like us, they can experience and remember trauma as well. For humans, trauma can be caused by various things—from relationship problems, insurmountable stress, physical attacks, bankruptcy, and others. For dogs, it’s usually neglect, stress, and battery. When Mariesa and Chris did their research online, they found many possible reasons as to why this might be happening to Storie. However, they came upon one solid article that seemed to fit Storie’s current condition and the past she lived. Now the couple has an idea as to why this must be happening.

Stressful living conditions

The article Chris and Mariesa read said that animals often experience a high degree of stress and trauma while living in rescue shelters. Of course, most of this stem from the harsh life they lived before they were rescued as most of them were abandoned and neglected by their previous owners or forced to live in unhealthy environments. Pregnant dogs like Storie are particularly vulnerable to experiencing this kind of stress and even these pregnant dogs understand that shelters, packed with many other dogs, both adults and puppies, are not a good place to raise their babies.

The couple realize how dangerous Storie’s situation is

Give the couple some credit. They did their research well. Now that they know the potential reason behind why Storie isn’t giving birth yet, they dug deeper to know what possible harm to her and her puppies’ lives may come if immediate care is not given to them. They found out that not only could Storie lose her puppies, but her condition could be fatal to her as well. Apparently, pregnant dogs experience trauma during pregnancy. In humans, trauma complicates one in 12 pregnancies and may even cause the death of the mother. The same can be said for dogs.

Experiencing trauma

Mariesa discovered that pregnant dogs who’ve experienced trauma in the past may end up worrying so much about that their puppies to the point that they can’t give birth to them physically. This takes place when they fear that their babies may come face to face with danger in the outside world. This is the case for Storie whose current living situation at the shelter might expose her babies to danger especially since they are surrounded by other dogs. Stalled labor can cause many problems and if it reaches a certain degree may even cause the deaths of the puppies. Thus, Mariesa and Chris had to take action.

Seeing the vet

After doing intense research, the couple was very much aware of the risk that comes with Storie’s stalled pregnancy. They wanted to save her and the puppies she was carrying. They wasted no time, hit the gas pedal, and rushed her to the vet as soon as possible. They expected every possibility but were hopeful that there was still time to help Storie and her puppies. They wanted nothing but to see her deliver her babies safely and watch them grow healthily. So, what was really going inside Storie’s belly? What popped up on the ultrasound was shocking to the couple.

The shocking ultrasound findings

When the vet checked the ultrasound, she was astounded by what she discovered. She first shook her head in disbelief. There must have been something wrong with the ultrasound, she thought. At this point, Chris and Mariesa must have been extremely worried by the vet’s reaction to the ultrasound. They did not expect any happy news immediately, but they could only hope that things weren’t as bad as they expected. To Chris and Mariesa’s credit, they remained strong for Storie and for one another. They wanted so badly to help this mother-to-be and her babies.

Something didn’t seem right

When the first ultrasound came out, the vet couldn’t believe her eyes. She did another ultrasound test again, and the result came out the same. The shapes, the numbers—it remained the same the whole time. The outlines that appeared on the ultrasound appeared to be impossible at first. Mariesa did not have a degree in veterinary medicine, but by the look on the vet’s face, she knew something was not right. What could be wrong? Was Storie terminally ill? Were the puppies at greater risk than what was expected? The couple was aching to know the result of the scan.

The surprise that changed their lives forever

The vet approached the couple and began to explain what she found in Storie’s womb. Perhaps by the size of her belly, they were expecting that she was carrying six puppies. The scan, however, showed them a completely different picture. The ultrasound did not reveal the outlines of just six puppies. The couple was frozen in shock by the news. You didn’t need to be a lawyer to fully understand what was happening to Storie and what would possibly happen thereafter, but the couple was in complete shock nonetheless.

The news no one expected

Chris and Mariesa were aware that Storie was heavily pregnant. However, they did not expect the news that came with the ultrasound. Like a financial advisor making sure to give the best advice, she counted again to make sure that what she was seeing was correct. It didn’t seem right, but the result of the ultrasound came back the same each time. After running through the scans several times, the vet informed the nervous dog owners about her findings. What she found out would then surprise the couple. This was the development they didn’t expect.

The biggest news of their lives

The vet did not expect this, nor did Chris and Mariesa. They were completely frozen in shock by what they found out, as shocked as they would be if they found out that their mortgage rates had fluctuated too high. The vet then informed the parents that she found not just six puppies inside Storie’s womb, but 12! Can you imagine the surprise on Chris and Mariesa’s faces when they found out Storie was expected to have 12 puppies? The couple was both excited and nervous because Storie’s pregnancy might come with various complications. Can you believe that Storie’s been holding that many puppies inside her belly for so long?

The couple was in disbelief

Chris and Mariesa couldn’t believe it. They were in complete shock. It was way too much and they had no idea what could happen to Storie and her puppies. Would she be able to survive giving birth? Would every puppy in the litter grow up to be happy and healthy? They didn’t know for sure. Nevertheless, the couple remained positive. With proper money management, they will be able to cover the expenses of the pregnancy. Now they just have to hope that Storie remains strong throughout the procedure and that the puppies come out healthy as well.

The waiting game

After finding out how many puppies were inside Storie’s belly, they still couldn’t find answers as to why she still has not given birth yet. Even the vet did not have a definite answer for this. The ultrasound, however, showed that all the puppies were doing well inside the womb and that there was no health risk to them yet. The vet then advised the couple to bring back Storie to the clinic if she still hasn’t given birth naturally in two days. Thus, the couple brought back Storie to their probably insurance-covered home so that she can rest well.

Preparing for the big day

The vet instructed Mariesa and Chris to go home and prepare for the birth of the puppies. This probably meant that they should prepare all the necessary gear. It can be presumed that the couple took out all their credit cards for everything that Storie and her puppies might need. Most importantly, if Storie still didn’t give birth in the next 48 years, she should be sent back to the clinic for another examination. Much later, however, they will find out that Storie had a good reason for stalling her labor.

Chris and Mariesa grew anxious

As much as they were happy to know that the puppies are okay and that there is no immediate harm to Storie, the couple was still stressed out upon arriving home. They wanted to ensure that Storie survives the pregnancy and that all the puppies come out of the womb alive. They were afraid of losing all 12 puppies and, quite possibly, Storie as well. Thankfully, like a lawyer with quick thinking, Mariesa thought of a great that would help Storie out.

A bright idea

The situation was bad, but there was nothing more they could do. All they can offer Storie is to give her a comfortable home where she can relax and give her the best care that she needs. Mariesa felt hopeless until an idea popped into her head when they hit the gas pedal and made their way back home from the shelter. Thankfully, Chris and Mariesa had educated themselves about Storie’s condition. Hence, they already had various ideas about how to help Storie cope with her sensitive pregnancy. Carrying 12 puppies isn’t easy, and the couple knew how difficult it must be for Storie.

Giving Storie her own space

Mariesa and Chris already had a lot of dogs inside their home and the crowd could be an additional burden for Storie. They didn’t want the pregnant dog to get stressed out even more than she already is. They tried to make the transition into her new home as comfortable as possible. Thus, they prepared a bedroom for Storie and her soon-to-be babies. They filled the room with lots of blankets and pillows and probably even cushioned the flooring so that Storie can be as comfortable as possible.

Entering her new home

The couple introduced Storie to her new sanctuary, which has been prepped up to hopefully meet her needs. Mariesa and Chris worked as hard as they could to make sure that everything in their home and Storie’s bedroom to be perfect. Even the temperature in the room was adjusted to a degree that would give the pregnant dog relief. It was even made sound-proof, and the materials used for the room were top grade. They wanted the pregnancy to go as comfortably as possible for Storie and her upcoming pups because puppy birth is already hard enough as it is.

Expect the unexpected

The couple was completely unaware of what was going to come and how it would change their lives forever. Like lawyers preparing to defend their cases, the couple did extensive research on every possibility, but they still don’t know for sure what was going to happen since this was a rare occurrence. Anything can happen, both good and bad. They went to bed that night and woke up bright and early the next day to check up on Storie. At this point, they had hoped that Storie had properly settled in and has become comfortable inside her own personal sanctuary.

They woke up to a tremendous surprise

When Chris and Mariesa made their way to Storie’s room, they suddenly heard strange noises. They probably thought something bad had happened so they quickened their pace and opened the door to Storie’s room. What they saw was the most beautiful thing they’ve seen in their entire lives—probably even more beautiful than a picture of them living in a grand mansion cover by insurance in the poshest village in town. They didn’t expect to wake up to it, but the couple was delighted to be receiving such great news early in the morning.

As if time slowed down

It was as if time slowed down when Chris and Mariesa tiptoed their way to Storie’s room. They didn’t want to make unnecessary noises that would frighten the pregnant mom and potentially cause her stress. They deliberately placed her in a room that was comfortable and away from any ruckus so as not to disturb her on her first night in her new home. Hence, the couple tiptoed towards Storie’s room to check on her and see if she needs anything like water or food. The electricity was rising and their hearts were pounding. What would they end up seeing when they opened the door?

Storie gives them the surprise of their life

Upon entering Storie’s room, they were immediately filled with so much joy. They saw Storie and 12 of her puppies inside the room. It appeared that Storie gave birth all by herself overnight. Seeing Storie taking care of her puppies was such a beautiful sight to see. The couple was extremely happy for Storie and proud of her for braving through such an ordeal on her own. Storie seemed happy as well, and to a certain degree, relieved that she was able to give birth safely. It must have been such an amazing sight to see the puppies and hear their little noises as they crawled around the room.

Happy tears

Chris and Mariesa were thrilled to see 12 healthy puppies crawling on the floor. Together, the couple broke down in tears of joy. They were proud of Storie and were happy to see the puppies alive and kicking. After many boggling nights, they finally found the answer to why Storie waited so long to give birth to her 12 puppies. If you were a lawyer trying to find an answer to this case, what would you think is the answer to this billion-dollar question? Did Storie just really need to be in a comfortable home before she gave birth?

Caring for a dozen puppies

After less than a day of being with Chris and Mariesa, Storie became comfortable and felt secure enough to give birth inside their home. It was truly a miracle! Nobody, not even the vet, could figure out why she was delaying her pregnancy for so long. As it turned out, all that Storie needed was to make sure that she was in a safe environment before she gave birth to her puppies, free from any degree of danger. A mother’s instinct, they would say! If Chris and Mariesa did not meet Storie, things would have gone very differently for the mother dog.

The best dog mother

Storie was absolutely the best dog mother in the world. This sweet mother of 12 took amazing care of her puppies. While it was fun to see them all together like a big happy family, the adoption requests soon started to pour in from the rescue center. Chris and Mariesa knew that they couldn’t keep the puppies forever, and it was hard for them to let the puppies go. They couldn’t even begin to imagine how Storie would feel when she would be separated from her kids. To a certain degree, dog mothers and human mothers really are alike!

Puppies were up for adoption

A couple of weeks later, the puppies finally began to open their eyes. They’ve grown to become healthy and playful puppies. Chris and Mariesa enjoyed the time they spent with the entire litter. Storie was excited to see them in the loving arms of the couple who kindly offered them a comfortable home. However, they had to come to the sad part. Being with each other’s moving company, the couple and all their dogs, including Storie and her puppies, was already one big family. But it’s now time to send the puppies to their new families. They now have to face the pain of separation.

Waiting for some tender loving care

Giving birth inside an animal shelter is typically stressful for any dog. She is exposed to various degrees of risk and dangers. For Storie, who has experienced trauma in her past, this was more pressing for her. Storie was such a smart dog and loving mom to have thought of stalling labor and wait to be taken into a loving home where she can safely deliver her puppies. She knew it was the right thing to do to wait for the right people and it was brave of her to remain hopeful all this time. Once Storie met Chris and Mariesa, she knew she’d found the right people.

The right people at the right time

Storie only spent less than a day with Chris and Mariesa, but she quickly grew comfortable around them. She knew, deep in her heart, that these people were kind and compassionate and would stop at nothing to give her the love and care that she and her puppies needed. Storie didn’t have to spend on student loans to go to school, but she was one smart dog. Chris and Mariesa were great adoptive parents, too! They did their research and prepared themselves for anything that could happen. They worked as a great team and together they formed a loving family.

Preparing the puppies for adoption

A few weeks since their birth, the puppies can now see perfectly. They’ve grown to a certain degree that they were ready for adoption. Mariesa and Chris clearly loved seeing the big litter of pit bulls run around their lawn. They played as much as they can and enjoyed each other’s company as Storie lovingly watched them. All 12 puppies were healthy and happy. Despite staying inside their mother’s womb for a really long time, even way past their due date, they did not suffer from any birth-related complications or illnesses. Storie, too, quickly recovered from undergoing labor and giving birth to her puppies.

Great dog mama

Storie was not only good at delivering her babies, but she was also good at rearing them. She loved them so much and constantly looked after them. Chris and Mariesa, too, were very affectionate towards the puppies and Storie. Many were interested in adopting Storie’s babies and adoption requests flooded into the rescue center. In a perfect world, Storie and her puppies would live happily together under one loving home with good roofing over their heads. However, having them adopted was necessary and it had to be done. It was the sad reality they would all have to face real soon.

Moving in with their new families

At 10 weeks old, the puppies were ready to make the transition into their new homes. Families that would adopt the puppies have been chosen. In a couple more weeks, Chris and Mariesa had to let them go even though they’ve already grown fond of them. Although it was sad, it was the best option for the puppies. With already more than 10 adult dogs to take care of, it wasn’t right for the couple to keep all the puppies. They might be forced into bankruptcy if they kept that many dogs under their care. It was hard to let them go, but it was necessary.

Turning 10 weeks old

Ten weeks after their birth, the puppies were introduced to their new families and brought to their new forever homes. The adoption papers for the puppies have been set, but the future of one dog still remains in question. Where would Storie go? Was she going back to the shelter? She, too, needed to live in a new environment where she can feel loved and taken care of. She needed to be in a proper home where she can rest well and perhaps sleep on a padded flooring at night. The big question remained: where will Storie go?

Forever home

The beautiful story of how Storie gave birth to her puppies went viral on Facebook. Everyone took notice and were moved by this courageous dog. She touched so many lives with her smart thinking and her love for her babies. Her story reached one man in particular who immediately grew fond of Storie. He soon contacted Chris and Mariesa because he wanted to meet Storie. This was the start of a beautiful friendship. Storie may be feeling six degrees of separation from her puppies, but things are now looking up for her. Will this man adopt Storie and give her forever home?

Storie gets adopted

Storie’s puppies have now settled in with their new families. Storie, too, was now on her way to her new home and new family. Finally, Storie no longer needed to spend her days at the rescue shelter. Instead, she can now run around and play in her new home. She also got spayed to prevent future pregnancies and avoid additional stress. This way, her new owner can save up on credit card bills and make sure Storie is in great health. Everyone was happy for Storie and her babies, especially Chris and Mariesa who were with her during her pregnancy.

Happy ending for the puppies

The couple was very proud of Storie for braving through such a huge ordeal and for doing such an amazing job at taking care of her babies. She nursed and cleaned the babies by herself and made sure they were safe. As much as she enjoyed the company of Storie and her puppies, they couldn’t keep them for much longer. Time has come for them to part ways. To their credit, Chris and Mariesa also did a good job themselves for being strong for Storie and making sure that she got the best care that she needed and as soon as she needed it.

If not for Chris and Mariesa

Chris and Mariesa deserve a lot of credit for swooping in and being the superheroes in Storie’s life. If not for them, who knows what could have happened to Storie and her puppies. Now, all 12 puppies are doing well in their new homes. Let us all hope that they receive the love and affection that they needed. We should all hope the same for Storie, too, as she lives with her new foster family. Storie was only with Chris and Mariesa for several weeks, but it is evident that they have nothing but love for each other.

Crucial decision

If Chris and Mariesa did not take a chance on Storie and didn’t decide on temporarily taking her in, Storie would have lost all of her 12 puppies. Even worse, she would have died as well. To a certain degree, it was a miracle how they all found each other at the right place and at the right time. Everyone was glad that Chris and Mariesa took her in. We bet the couple is also glad that they made that decision which has changed their lives forever. What they did for Storie has inspired many to adopt and even grow fonder of pit bulls.

Inspiring story

While Storie’s journey ended on a happy note, with her being welcomed into her new family, let us not forget the many dogs that are still in shelters and may never get adopted again. Everyone working hard to take care of the animals at shelters deserves credit for a job well done. It is not easy, especially given the limited resources that they have. Shelters, too, need a lot of help from others and there are so many ways for the community to chip in and make their contributions.

Choose to adopt

Of course, the best way to help these shelters is to adopt dogs. Every day, many families and individuals look into getting a dog or a puppy to join their families. While some may go to pet stores and use their credit cards to buy cute puppies, it is good to know that adoption is an excellent option as well. Sometimes, shelters get packed because they take in a lot of rescue animals but only a few get adopted. You can help by advocating for the adoption of these dogs so as to lessen the burden for the amazing people working at the shelters.

The Mr. Mo Project

Chris and Mariesa have founded a non-profit organization called “The Mr. Mo Project”. The organization helps out animal shelters by taking sick and elderly dogs and bringing them to homes where they can feel more comfortable and at ease. Sometimes, all these dogs really need is to sleep on a warm bed or a cushioned flooring after months of sleeping in packed shelters. If they remain unadopted for a long time, they face the risk of euthanasia. Thus, the couple helps them find families that may be interested in taking them in. This makes it easier for the shelter to connect the dogs to their new homes.

A community effort

“The Mr. Mo Project” covers logistics, as well as living and medical expenses. If you’re like Chris and Mariesa who love animals and decide to adopt or become foster parents to dogs, you may want to connect with the couple. If you want to adopt but feel like you don’t have extra investment money to buy a bigger bed for dogs, there are still other options and Chris and Mariesa are willing to help you out with. They have a lot of dogs under their care so you can say that they are experts on what pets need on a daily basis.

Every day must feel like the holidays

Although the holiday season had recently ended, it’s no excuse to spread love and happiness to others, including dogs in shelters. Chris and Mariesa’s project is a year-round effort and they educate others through their Instagram page called “The Mr. Mo. Project”. They upload photos of their dogs on the page as well as other dogs that need new foster families to take care of them. From their humble beginnings as simple fur parents, Chris and Mariesa have grown to champion the welfare of dogs in shelters. They deserve every credit for their generous work!

One kind deed a time

Storie’s condition wasn’t easy to fathom. There were so many things to consider, and Chris and Mariesa had a very difficult decision to make. Ultimately, their kind hearts showed, and they gave Storie a chance to give birth in a safe environment and give her puppies a happy home to grow in. This degree of teamwork turned out perfectly well for Chris, Mariesa, and Storie. We are so grateful for this lovely couple for taking Storie out of her misery and inspiring others to do the same for the other dogs who are still at the shelters.

What you need to know

Adoption may seem like an easy task, but there are many things to consider and prepare for before taking this big step. First, you must ensure if your home is ready to take in a new dog. Is your home a good place to raise a dog? Do you need a roof repair or other things before you bring the new dog into your home? Will you need a larger lawn? You’ll have to consider these things first before you start looking at shelters in search of a dog to adopt.


Another thing that you must consider is the lifestyle that you live. Most of these shelter dogs used to have unhappy lives. Some were abandoned and some, like Storie, suffered through traumatic experiences. Unlike puppies bought from pet stores, they may need extra care and attention. If you’re a lawyer or a financial consultant with a very busy schedule, you may not have enough time to give foster dogs the attention they need to adjust to their new environment. Your schedule and lifestyle are two things you need to consider before adopting.


Like taking care of most pets, bringing a dog from the shelter will also lead to several expenses. Before you bring the dog home, make sure you’ve already bought all the necessary gear with your credit cards—from food, bed, medication, and toys. All of these must be prepared beforehand to make the transition easier for the adopted dog. At least, when they arrive, then you will have something to entertain them with, and you also have food ready in case they get hungry from time to time. You want to make sure they are comfortable as soon as they step into the home.


You may also want to consider what your family needs and want before you decide on adopting a dog. Families with young children may do well with taking care of a smaller breed. Couples without children, however, may be able to take care of larger dog breeds. As mentioned earlier, some shelter dogs may have had traumatic experiences in the past, so it is best to tell your family to exercise a particular degree of care especially when the new dog is still just settling into his or her new home. No sudden noises or surprises that may freak the dog out just yet!

Other pets

It is also necessary to consider if the pets that are already in your household are welcoming of a new dog. You do not want your dogs to get into fights with them. This may pose a serious threat to your dogs and your family. You can avoid having to get healthcare insurance for serious injuries if you prevent quarrels or attacks from your dogs. It is important to keep the peace and allow them to associate well with one another. This is very important for adult dogs who may not be comfortable in certain environments.

Keep yourself informed

Keep yourself informed about the breed that you are planning to adopt as well as the possible health risks that come with the breed. Like Chris and Mariesa, you need to do your research about the health condition that your new adopted pet has. It is best to know the risks that are involved so that you can give them the proper care that they need. You do not need to have a degree in veterinary to know the basic health care your pets need on a day to day basis, including regular health checks.

Give them a loving home

Sometimes, dogs from shelters may seem shy and may not be interactive at first. All they really need is some tender, loving care for them to warm up. You’ll never know, just like Storie, it will only take a few hours for the dog to reach a degree of comfort to feel safe and loved inside your home. It may take time so be patient with yourself and with your dog. Getting a new pet, whether from the shelter or not, takes a lot of effort so that in the end you can all live happily and be each other’s family.

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