Bride’s Mother Had An Odd Feeling About Her Son-In-Law Until She Saw a Photograph


Most couples tend to take everything slowly in a relationship. However, this was not the case for this young couple. Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt knew from the very start they were meant to be together, and so, they decided to make an investment of their time and spend it together that ultimately led to marriage. Everyone was so supportive of them.

However, even though her mother, Kay Parker, wasn’t against the relationship, she had an odd feeling about her future son-in-law. She felt something might not be right. She just couldn’t figure out what it was. That’s when she discovered an old photograph that confirmed her feeling.


Heidi had a comfortable life growing up. She was surrounded by a happy family. They even went on summer vacations for most of her childhood. Heidi was doing well in school, also played sports then went to college.

Even before meeting Ed, Heidi started college at New Castle University. She was aiming for a dual-degree in Economics and Management. She was so focused on her studies and became one of the best students, but she couldn’t afford to live in the expensive college dorms. Hence, she had to go on her own way and look for an apartment.


No matter how much Heidi tried to find ways to earn money and continue living in dorms, she eventually had to find a place of her own due to money management issues. So she moved in with a few close friends.

After a few years, Heidi was able to afford and move into her own small, one-bedroom apartment. However, it didn’t last long when she had to move again. Heidi met with her old apartment’s new tenants to give them the keys. She had no idea that one of them would become such an important part of her life.


With everything that’s going on with Heidi at the time, she didn’t have the chance to know the new tenants of her old apartment. They were too busy even to ask each other’s names. Once the key was turned over, they bid each other goodbye.

Heidi was so excited about moving into her new place. It was everything she ever dreamed of –paying a mortgage that’s totally worth its value. However, even when everything seems to be falling into its right places, something felt missing. Heidi has been living on her own for a long time and felt lonely. So, she decided to look for love.


Only a few weeks after settling in her new apartment, Heidi got an unexpected call. It turned out one of the men she met from her old apartment had to ask her a question. As hilarious as it seemed, he called Heidi, credit to their landlord for having her number, to ask how to use her old washing machine.

It was already old, so they needed to do something to get it started. She knew it was difficult to explain the entire process over the phone, so she decided to go to the apartment and help him out.


When she got to her old apartment, the man felt terrible and said to Heidi he’d tried multiple times to get it started, but it still wouldn’t work. Heidi didn’t mind; she had to go all the way just to teach the man the trick on getting the washing machine working.

The man offered Heidi a cup of coffee to thank her for going the extra miles to help him. They started talking and realized they had quite a lot in common, so they decided to meet again. This time they planned something more fun than running a washing machine! Who knows, it could be about roof repair this time (kidding).


This is where Ed comes in. The man Heidi met was Ed, and he also studied at the New Castle University, even though neither of them knew this at the time. Besides attending the same college, they were both double-degree majors, which was quite a coincidence. Unlike Heidi, Ed studied Psychology and Business.

Heidi fell for Ed during their short talk over a cup of coffee, but it seemed like Ed also couldn’t help but fall for Heidi the moment she came into the apartment. They planned a new date and a lot of meetings followed after that.


Heidi was very close to her mother, so she shared the news with her immediately. She told her everything about Ed. As a supportive mom, Kay was so happy and looking forward to seeing her daughter fall in love.

However, credit to her maternal instincts, Kay was also aware of Heidi’s tendency to get attached too quickly. She began to worry that her daughter would end up being hurt, but she couldn’t stand in her way. As any mother would, Kay wanted to make sure that Ed was the right partner for Heidi.


Heidi and Ed then went on to continue dating, and they found out they actually had a lot in common. Aside from being double-degree majors, they shared the same interests. Soon, they started doing things that they both loved, like hiking and skiing.

Both of them loved sports and despised art and literature. Not only did they have the same interests, but they also disliked the same things. It seemed like they were, indeed, a perfect match. They soon decided to go public about their relationship and tell their friends that they are dating.


Heidi and Ed were both finishing college at the time, so their friends started to call them college sweethearts. They both lived up to the title, and in a matter of months, they were inseparable. They both made an investment of their time to each other and spent every chance together. They both did well in their courses, however.

They enjoyed their time with one another so much; little did they know the entire year of college already passed. Eventually, they had to focus on their careers and work for their future. But even if challenges were inevitable, the two knew they could make it together.