These Hilarious Wedding Photos Will Spare You From A Lot Of Trouble In Your Own Wedding

For almost all people here on earth, their wedding is the most memorable day of their lives. Some even have simulated this event on their head thousands of times just to make sure it would turn out perfectly on the day itself. This is the main reason why some resort to getting loans in the bank just so they can have their dream wedding come into place. Well, this is very understandable given the social pressure they get from their peers, right?

However, no matter how much effort you put into this event, things will not go as smoothly as what you expect them to be, just like these photos below. Nevertheless, you still are left with an option to find a silver lining out of these, anyway.


This bride and her groomsmen are undeniably fans of Dragonball Z as they Kamehameha wave this fun wedding photo. This creative pose wouldn’t be possible without friends who agree to do it with you, so we need to give credit to their groomsmen for being so game just to create this iconic photo.


To some degree, fuchsia pink flowers showered in the water while you walk down the “aisle” carrying your bouquet is something unique for a wedding, but whatever happened in this photo surely makes Everything unforgettable. Maybe it’s not a really good idea to walk on water, though. So choose wisely, ladies.


Although it’s been more than a decade since Where’s Waldo became a hit, this couple took Waldo to their wedding day. They might have had a happy memory completing the puzzles together at home or in school just to find where Waldo is. Interestingly, whoever this idea is from is brilliant. Credits to whoever made it even a thing in the first place.


Call the attorney, I’m getting a divorce! Definitely not what the groom thought he was going to find on his wedding day. This hilarious photo did not only make everyone laugh on their wedding day but made rounds online too. Who would expect to find huge grandma panties from your oh-so-hot bride? Definitely not this guy.


Please don’t get my money management wrong but, I bet all our money, it took him a while to figure out whose leg that was. This photo shows there are so many ways to prank your husband on your wedding day. Bring the whole family into the plan, and you’re ready to go. Just don’t forget to make sure every moment is captured and make this hilarious photo a remembrance of a lifetime.


For sure, not all couples would say yes to walking down a muddy aisle, but this couple did, and it looks like it’s not just them who went on with the plan. Their bridesmaids at the back are sure having a lot of fun. Make sure to make an investment in a lot of whitening and dry cleaning at the end of the ceremony, though.


Fore! Make sure to hit the ball, honey. In the meantime, this couple is definitely the perfect match for their wedding photo at the golf course. We do think this photo is hilarious, but if anything goes wrong, we hope they don’t call their lawyer or go to the hospital. Nevertheless, couples never run out of unique ideas to do for their wedding.


This Jurassic Park inspired photo was one of the best. Whether the couples were both avid dinosaur fans or are just looking for something memorable to add to their wedding memento, who would’ve thought a huge T-rex would photobomb your wedding photo? Credit to their mad photoshop skills, this an epic photo anyone could ever ask for.


That feeling when you’re the only single one in the group. Anyone who sees this photo can’t help but laugh. But of course, this photo is important too when he finally finds the love of his life. No pressure at all. Being single and waiting for the right person is a good investment for your time anyway, so take your time for the wedding bells soon.


He just unlocked a new level and beat his personal best. If you’re an avid Xbox gamer, then this Xbox achievement is the best custom achievement you will ever see. It also spurred dozens of other weddings who used this as part of their own. While nothing can top the original, you can still make an Xbox achievement to a certain degree and make it your own.


Wedding doves on a budget. This couple wasn’t able to find a dove to free during their wedding, so they opt for a whole chicken instead. It’s a good investment, though. After the wedding, you can either roast, grill or bake it; however this couple wants it. They have an additional menu at the reception. That isn’t so bad, right?


This bride created the perfect and fun optical illusion by making it look like she’s stepping on her groomsmen a la Gulliver’s Travels. It feels as if the bride arrives in her wedding dress on the island of Lilliput, a land of small people. This creative optical illusion was the first of the many, and we should also give credit to whoever thought of this brilliant idea. Kudos also to the photographer!


Careful where to put your hands guys. This hilarious photo of the groom and his groomsmen seems like the bachelor party ain’t done yet. These groomsmen can’t get enough of themselves to some degree. It turns out the groom, and his groomsmen love showing off their assets too. It’s always fun to be around guys who’ve definitely known you for life.


Apparently, planking is still a thing. After almost a decade when planking became a trend, this couple has the most hilarious photobomb ever. Family and friends never run out of ideas on how to make every special moment fun, just like this photo. Indeed, having them around makes everything all the more special. Amazing friends and family are a good investment to make and be around.


As they say, it’s never too late to take a dive into marriage. This groomsman who hilariously went for a plunge to the beautiful ocean was caught on cam. The wedding photographer should be given credit for that quick snap, though. Whatever happened after, it’s so easy to say this wedding was beautiful and fun, at the same time — best wishes to the bride and groom.


She literally grew up and now she’s marrying the love of her life. This is no optical illusion nor a camera trick. The bride is just so tall that her bridesmaids can only look up to her. I wish we can all gas up and just be as tall as her.


We are guessing that’s a Jabba The Hutt cake. If you’ve made an investment most of your time sitting on your couch or lying in bed just watching Star Wars, then this wedding cake is for you. This couple let the force flow through them as they chose a chocolate Jabba The Hutt cake for their wedding banquet.


Just another ordinary day for this bride shaving her underarm. This shows the things you do to look good on your wedding day, and that includes putting on a wedding dress, drinking wine, and oh, don’t forget your underarm. Every bride should make an investment in a razor on their wedding day. Hands up, it’s your wedding day!


This groom and his groomsmen are in awe of that gorgeous ring! This hilarious photo shows it’s not just the ladies who go loco over that precious wedding ring. The whole gang should be given credit for this fun and hilarious wedding photo! After all, most of us only get married once, right?


Uh-oh! Careful with the cake! This photo captured by their photographer makes their wedding banquet all the more memorable. That’s why it’s good to make an investment in an expensive wedding cake (and cake table) or else it’ll turn out like this. Who would’ve expected that three-tier cake will fall off just in time for the slicing of the cake?


On one, two, three! Look out for the ceiling! This wedding photo looks as fun as it was in real life, but we hope the groom didn’t hit his head so hard he forgets all about the wedding. Good luck to the wedding venue, which is going to deal with roof repair after the fun!


Oops, coming through. This hilarious photo caught in action makes us feel sorry for the bride. We hope her veil is still good as new all throughout her wedding vows or else the whole wedding becomes a disaster. You know, little things matter during weddings — big credit to the photographer for snapping this pic.


Meanwhile, another wedding fail coming through. Who would’ve thought this wooden flooring wasn’t checked for repairs before the wedding photo? The bride must have not expected that her best day would turn out like this. If you’re having your wedding anytime soon, please make it a must to check all wedding venues.


How about getting a loader to send you off to the reception? This couple chose a backhoe loader as their wedding car because why not? Not everyone has enough credit to afford lavish and expensive weddings. As long as it’s fun, memorable, and sweet, that would be enough.


A super successful wreck-the-dress photoshoot! This bride redefines the norm from a clean and white wedding dress. We’ve all seen it, so to make her statement, this bride chose to ride an ATV Off-Road for her wedding photo. Let’s talk about an off-road girl! Gas up that ATV and achieve this one-of-a-kind photo!


Last chance to be together! Brilliant wedding photos are not given enough credit, just like this fun photo of groomsmen and bridesmaids separating these two couples. If this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. Here’s to everyone for pulling off this hilarious but cute wedding photo that is surely for keeps.


The last day on the beach before a busy married life. This couple looks like they are enjoying the beach. As they say, enjoy it until it lasts because they can’t laugh like this ten years down the road when they’re facing loans and plumbing problems. Married life sure doesn’t look like this most of the time.


When it’s too much love to handle. Look at how cute this photo is of a flower girl and her reaction to the couple kissing. To some degree, she wasn’t covering her eyes, so this giggle is out of love for the two. This little girl made this wedding much cuter and all the more memorable.


When you’re both living the rural life, the tractor should never miss the wedding photo. This couple is really living that life and has made quite an investment out of town. A countryside wedding will not only get tractors but backhoe loaders as wedding cars! And mud wrestling for reception games, too. How fun is that?


Ah, the look of love. It’s undeniable that the bride is excited over her wedding. That look on her face says it all. Kidding aside, this couple had the most hilarious wedding venue in the world. These two decided not to make an investment in a church wedding and decided to get married in a roller coaster — hence, the look. Marriage does have its ups and downs, and this couple surely got themselves ready to face any challenge head-on and with their hands up.


The true meaning of married life. This funny wedding cake topper features a bride carrying her groom for a difference. Because when the wedding vow said to have and to hold, it didn’t say who! This will surely get a few laughs and spark conversations come reception time. Hilarious cake toppers are indeed good investments!


This wedding photo sums up the reality of marriage. You know, right after the fun wedding is a reality you’ll be tied to forever. Nevertheless, with a groom and bride as fun as this, they’ll surely navigate their way to a fun marriage. The bridesmaids on the background should also be given credit for this hilarious wedding photo.


You know what they say, a military wife has this military life. This couple surely turned heads when they were on their way to the wedding banquet riding their own version of a wedding car — this white military tank. So brides, remember to never settle for less. Make sure your future groom is willing to invest in an appropriate vehicle!


When he promised to take you to a white castle for your wedding. Who would’ve expected this bride’s fairytale has finally come true? White Castle style that is. More and more wedding couples go to this fast-food chain post-wedding, and it’s not just cute, it’s also cost-efficient. Gas up the car, and when you’re finally married, go to the nearest White Castle, and they might get you a surprise.


It’s never too late for practicing popping bottles on your wedding day. This hilarious photo was taken right on time as the couple is just unto the next part of the program. Their wedding photographer should be given credit for the quick snap! Despite this shot, this couple sure had the best time of their life.


Meanwhile, be careful where you put your hands, mister. This cheeky and hilarious wedding photo made rounds online. The look on the bride’s face made it all the more iconic. Indeed, there isn’t a shortage of funny photos during weddings. Couples who are getting married today should invest their time in making their wedding photos unique.


This silly moment of a husband ugly crying knowing he’s with one person forever is just one of the funny moments you’ll see on wedding photos. This couple might be dealing with lots of problems, from mortgage to home loans!


This man is not very happy with this dove releasing situation. While the couple looks so lovely with this tradition, this hilarious photobomb isn’t. The wedding photographer should be given credit for taking this meme-worthy photo. This man in the photo must have become famous for his iconic reaction.


Another hilarious cake topper to take note of future brides! While others may not agree, men also have the right to play video games and not just do roof repairs. Still, this easily becomes a fun way to make guests laugh during the wedding banquet.


Looks like the bridesmaids’ dress stereotype is alive and well. Florals, anyone? Unfortunately, this ridiculous outfit really outshone the bride. While this may also be the bride’s idea, we can’t help but laugh and at the same time feel sorry at how funny they look with those floral vintage dresses on.


When Bigfoot photobombs your intimate wedding session. This is why they tell you to always inspect the location for your most awaited wedding photoshoot and make an investment in a beautiful venue to avoid photobombers like Bigfoot appearing behind-the-scenes.


Uh-oh, if you’ve seen it, things tend to get a little sloppy after the wedding ceremony. The bride must have not expected her after-party to be wet and dirty, and this guest must have miscalculated the fun. Whatever happened after this, I hope the wedding banquet was still as fun as expected and that the bride had an extra wardrobe to enjoy the rest of the night. The photographer should be given credit for this hilarious capture.


Rock n’ roll photobombers. This wedding was surely fun as it looked in this photo. Credits to the bridesmaids at the back, this couple looked like they have rocker friends who listen to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin their whole lives. Who knows? They may have become friends while headbanging to a rock music concert together!


When your Uncle Jerry has too many drinks while the entourage is trying to take a serious photo. We’ve all been there, it’s either we’re the people at the back or Uncle Jerry. Admit it, credits should also go to those people who take up much courage to try and make solemn ceremonies as fun as possible. We can only blame the alcohol, though, for the out-of-this-world liquid courage and shameless photobombing.


When you and your bridesmaids are ready to take a photo, but it’s hump day for your dogs. Make sure to say cheese. This hilarious photo looks familiar to wedding couples who have dogs to some degree. They would either be cute, adorable little pets, or hilarious additions to a wedding photo. Whatever they will be, this bride surely had the best time of her life, knowing her pets are in for the action.


We bet somebody shouted, “Run Forrest, run!” For couples who opt for outdoor venues, please deal with your financial adviser later. Focus on investing in a wedding coordinator who would do crowd control during the most-awaited wedding photos. Nevertheless, this photobomb made it all the more fun and memorable. Whoever that anonymous, topless, running man is, I hope you achieved your daily goal for the day! You ran into a wedding, for starters.


Look how short that girl in a white dress is. This is another case where the bridesmaid outshined the bride — not with the dress, but with her height. Maybe it’s time to make a thorough investment in making friends with the same size as you are. This hilarious photo looks awkward for the bride, but she’s surely one of her most prized friends.


You should’ve let her sign a prenup. Call your attorney now! This hilarious and cheeky photo of the bride kissing one of her guests has made rounds online. This could have been a friendly kiss, though. Well, we thought they looked better kissing than the groom. Sorry not sorry, but life is too short not to kiss the ones you want to lock lips with.


We just hope that the rest of the bride’s day was not as bad as it looked. It’s supposed to be the best time of her life, but this photo looks like she’s not having it. Whether it’s bad weather or just a slight mishap, this kind of events that make weddings memorable and unforgettable is still a good investment.


Time for the new couple to cut the cake! Oh, nevermind! Whoever took this photo should be given credit for capturing this sad but, at the same time, hilarious moment. I hope they still had a decent cake left to slice and enjoy. To newly engaged couples, please make sure the flooring won’t be as slippery. You don’t want this to happen to you.


I’ve never witnessed a wedding as casual and unique as this. This couple has probably spent all their money on reception food rather than pampering themselves and the entourage. They were probably too pre-occupied worrying about their wedding photos that they forgot to consult a financial advisor on budgeting their wedding expenses.


Everyone staring at this photo must have wondered why all these men looked so disheartened and uncomfortable during the ceremony. Perhaps, they were thinking of hiring a lawyer to back themselves up to demand a better set of attire. We cannot blame them. Maybe they just want a decent top to keep them warm.


The chef must have been so disheartened upon seeing this couple ruin his masterpiece. Who would want this to happen during their wedding anyway? Nobody would expect their wedding cake to collapse during its slicing. A sturdy cake stand is one investment engaged couples shouldn’t neglect.


This groom must be so tired the other night ruminating on the future marriage, bills, and mortgages he’ll be bound to for the rest of his life. Not to sound so pessimistic, but it seemed that it was only the wife who showed excitement for this ceremony. Sleep tight, poor little groom!


While wedding photos should look romantic and special, this one is kind of leaning on to Halloween. We just hope the couple had better jump shots if they really wanted it for a photo. Any wonderful celebration must have the right investment allotted on photography and videography. Weddings only happen once for most people, so might as well make yours the best!


The favorite photo-bomber of all ages! The weather was too good for the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding. It was also too good to go for a swim for Mr. Grandpa. This may be annoying for the photographer and the couple, but to some degree, this grandpa is just so adorable to look at.


Weddings are there to celebrate, but events like these become more meaningful when bloopers are captured, too. This groom just had the most memorable night of his life. For the first time, he had become the center of attention. Forget all the loans and mortgages first, and just get drunk!


The wife must have felt helpless and wanted to call her divorce lawyer after seeing this. They just got married and right there and then, her husband seemed to want a honeymoon with someone else. What a great way to start a marriage, indeed!


That derping face just spiced up a beautiful picture! Aside from the fun he brought, he might have reminded the couple to have their home security ready for unprecedented gatecrashers. Now, that’s one good wedding advice!


Maids-of-honor should be there to make the bride look beautiful, right? Well, here it is. This MOH just fulfilled her only job. Forget about getting personal loans for surgeries before the wedding. All you need to have is a real friend who’s willing to be less attractive during the event!


Any couple wouldn’t want lost spirits on their wedding picture. There has to be a story behind this. Otherwise, this poor couple just wasted a thousand worth of investment on the photographer who didn’t even know how to capture the real subjects. Well, at least, he aced the ‘rule of space’ part.


Who needs four-wheels if you are made with four feet each? This couple just made an impression that they remain cool despite all the pressure they are getting from their friends and families. Pretty sure, they will handle their marriage well and will stay positive when all the bills like mortgage arise.


This woman just showed how thrilled and excited she was to get married as well. She scared all the other brides’ maids with her unforgettable twerk just to catch the bouquet she ever wanted. At some degree, she amuses the audience with her quirkiness and bravery. If I were the bride, I would just give her the bouquet right away.


This woman might have missed her chance on getting the magenta outfit to be a bridesmaid, so she found a way to be part of her friend’s photo op in her own creative means. Not to mention, she nailed it that even the photographer was amused to some degree! Who needs a classy dress if you have a beautiful smile, right?


Anyone in an entourage could relate that photo taking is one of the most dragging parts. This man just showed how enormously bored he was while waiting for these ladies to perfect a particular shot. Despite being impatient, he still managed to show desirable humor to some degree!


The couple in this wedding must have made a huge investment on a very hyped photographer just to take unscripted poses for their keeps. These three women in the event would surely be furious when all these memories are retrieved in a few years’ time! Good job, Bride and Groom, for making your wedding a blast!


Who needs an underwater wedding when you can just have a ceremony in front of the aquarium? I swear, this couple did not pay a single penny for this manatee to be part of it. They were just probably interesting enough to make this wonderful animal participate to some degree!


“No matter what you do, I am going to find you!” This man, for sure, was an uninvited guest to the wedding. However, he made sure that he would still appear in the ceremony, no matter what the circumstances were. Such bravery he had! Let’s just hope that this investment on a risky ride was all worth it!


They say weddings are too pricey. However, this bride just proved that everything is possible if only you think outside the box. Despite the norms and social pressure, the wife had her first photo taken on a dollar store for some reason. Let’s just hope that whatever her reason is, it’s connected at some degree to why she got married in the first place.


Every person looking at this picture must have unending questions about the thoughts the groom was having while this photo was taken. Was he thinking of a horse companion, or what? Or was he only trying to be funny at some degree? Whatever they were, this photo’s just hilariously awful.


Anything could fail except the entourage, they say. These women in the picture must have gone to a party before the wedding day, for sure. All their make-ups were poorly done, and their outfits were ridiculously awful. Let’s just cross our fingers that the couple made an investment on a wedding planner who had sorted this problem out.


All the brides-to-be out there, please be reminded that on your wedding day, things will be so fast and tiring. Make sure that you have some snacks in hand so you could take a bite any time you need it. Don’t worry about the loans you are going to pay after yet; think about how you are going to survive the day first!


At some degree, this photo showed how passionately in love the groom is and how practically anxious the wife was about how the wedding would turn out. All couples should know that the ceremonies would not be the same as what they expected them to be. Hence, they should just let every moment count and enjoy.


Your bestest friends are the funniest as well. If you are a woman, you should seek friends who won’t only be there when things get rough, but absolutely keep the ones who always find something to laugh about when things are getting serious. This investment is for a lifetime, that’s a guarantee!


Weddings usually end late. This poor kid right here must have been so hungry that he really went out of bed to look for his mom at the party. Whoever the mom of this kid was sure had a great time that she forgot to feed his son! Credits to the photographer who helped this kid search for his missing mom!


Aside from the mortgages this couple needs to pay together, this groom also made sure that he would give everything he owned to his wife—including his butt. Good thing he was well-supported of his idea that even this old man was in for the fun.

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