Top Fake-Reality Shows On TV

So we all love a good show. Especially ones that give us access to the actual life of some people we know or interesting people or family the public will be curious to watch on screen. With the growth of this fad, more and more are willing to open their lives to the public for different and various reasons they have. Sometimes though, while claiming they’re real, some feel the need to spice up the show to stir up the drama; hence it becomes scripted. As some become to a great degree.

South Beach Tow

A famous cultural icon, Bernice, gives us boisterous fun in this show by doing just everything extreme on the streets. She has pulled car doors off with bare hands and even fell out of parking structure and survived only to apprehend a violator minutes later. But we know, there’s no way these could be real for someone to just be extremely reckless and get away with it. Nah-uh, even if its recklessness not exactly to this show’s degree, no one gets by circumstances like that free and entertaining.

Duck Dynasty

This wholesome Robertson family, who are based in Louisiana, are famous for their skill in making ‘duck call’ tools. It is claimed that almost all Robertson relatives have assumed character credits in this show. But, a concern has sprouted about how the producers manipulate the show by drumming up storylines and how they empower the team to add ‘bleeps’ when family members aren’t even swearing.

Undercover Boss

Now is the time where most companies are developing the culture of giving all their under-the-radar workers or employees credit for their excellent efforts in the workplace. In this show, bosses of various companies go undercover to see how their workers do at the work front. They also take the opportunity as a learning process for them to see how their systems go and what needs to be changed in the way they carry out their operations and business. However, reports of the show being scripted sprouted and that promises of bosses made to various workers weren’t actually kept.

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is a family-run business in Detroit’s rough 8 Mile. When they featured running the shop in a reality show, it has focused more on the drama of the life of the Gold family running the business. In the show, you’ll see a good amount of strange clients coming to the shop daily. Also, it features some of the instances where clients’ arguments seemed too unbelievable. Because some of the people featured in the show did claim that they are! A lot of those featured client’s confessed that their concerns were staged, and for a short show credit, I guess some of them didn’t mind being casted in. After all, who doesn’t want to be on T.V., right?

Project Runway

The popular show, Project Runway, despite the degree of popularity, is not exempted from being labeled “fake.” There have been multiple contestants who have publicly spoken about falsified information as a basis for judging. Included were contestants who took concerns to the public were Jack Mackenroth and Daniel Esquivel. One concern mainly refers to Esquivel’s, who claims that the producers have somewhat allegedly set up the show to dramatize contestants to appear extreme.

Cake Boss

Cake Boss, celebrity chef Buddy Valastro’s very own baking show, has quickly grown to become a reality show sensation of some degree in the U.S. His viewers enjoyed so much the elaborate cake designs created by his team. However, stories circulated that the things shown on T.V. weren’t as dramatic as portrayed. There are even accounts saying how, Valastro, himself, is reportedly not actually in the cake shop when they aren’t filming. Also, some of the ‘reality’ show’s events aren’t also real.

Ghost Hunters

A phenomenal show called Ghost Hunters broke out over the last few years and got millions of viewers hooked. In fact, this show takes the credit, especially for some successful shows that were spawned from its initial creation. Although, many accuse the show as being scripted. As in the case of manager Donna Lacroix, who went public through an interview and essentially stripped the show of its authenticity.

The Jerry Springer Show

The popular outlandish show, The Jerry Springer Show has been one of the most outrageous programs to ever grace television. It’s a bit too much for a show featuring situations that may be too personal and overly confrontational for the public to be a part of. However, many are entertained and just hooked. However, the storylines of the guests were issued to be somehow exaggerated and completely untruthful by any means. Who would ever sign-up to be interviewed in that show? We mean, maybe one would, but not the degree the show goes.

Storage Wars

When former Storage Wars star David Hester got fired, he completely blew fans’ minds by divulging how the show is scripted. Based on Hester’s public admission, the items found in the lockers were actually set up. Also, many of the show’s auction was actually staged acts as ordered by the producers. So also are the interviews conducted with cast members being scripted. Well, we feel sorry for Hester, it does sound like a bad show to be credited for anyway.

Jersey Shore

When Jersey Shore first hit the screens in the year 2009, it has bedazzled and became a highly influential show in America. It featured eight tanned males and females who are self-confessed Italian Americans. Although even before they were casted in for credits to the show, the casts were friends in real life already before they are on screen. Being friend off cam though doesn’t necessarily mean that the show will be clear of falsehood. Just like the other fake-reality shows, this show’s production team plans what will happen in the next episodes. Oh well, what is that they say, better come prepared, right?

Say Yes to the Dress

The show, Say Yes To The Dress, is a famous bridal reality show based in New York, in which every episode features a bride-to-be trying to find her dream wedding dress at the Kleinfeld boutique. However, the show’s production team, make sure to examine the staff who will be attending to the bride’s appointment in the boutique. For sure, that is for them to maintain a good show credit, of course, and part of entertainment to be able to show individuals who are outspoken to repeat or stress a comment, thus making every scenario dramatic. In reality, also, the bridal boutique appears much smaller and crowded than being shown on T.V., which misleads others who would go and visit the boutique. We mean, we know, we would.

Fixer Upper

This real estate buying show is mostly staged already, although with some degree of truth in it. For example, most of the house shows were already a done deal way before the house show per se; in fact, the homeowners have already bought the house even before the filming even begins. So they’re not picking out anymore between the three houses even at the beginning of each episode. Also, the furniture or decor that is being arranged and set up by the show’s host, Joanna Gaines, are not included in the budget, so if the homeowners decide to keep them, then they’ll have to pay extra for the amount. Rumors circulated about not all the rooms in the house get redone, and how Chip only works on the house when the cameras are rolling. Oh well.

Long Island Medium

In this show, Theresa Caputo connects people with their loved ones who have already gone ahead, and she makes a living out of it. But no matter how T.V. presents her to be real, it’s not just the case for her. Caputo may seem to get information right from the other side. However, people questioned why there’s a need for them to be handed to her. According to claims, her Producers were the ones giving information to her, and they obtain them from social media and the questionnaires they have the guests filled out, and also from their background checks. Wow, quite a research team to give credit there!

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars is a baking competition show that starts with four contestants from different bakeries across the U.S. The competition has three rounds of baking cupcakes where the winner emerges to win the featured event where he/she can display 1,000 cupcakes. It is a circulating rumor, though, that in the first round where it is about the challenge of having the contestants use ingredients on their cupcake, which most people usually would not think of. However, they say the contestants already know the ingredients they will use beforehand, and it’s just not exactly as they present in the show. Well, okay. It’s not really a degree of a letdown. We mean, at least the competition is still on.

Naked And Afraid

This survival reality tv show, Naked And Afraid, is a show that takes the participants to an exotic location where they are stripped off of their garments and just sent to live in the land, naked. Some of the former contestants revealed how the show is not as upfront as they present to be. Also, they are supposed to be left with nothing on the island, and they are to survive for the next 21 days. However, production crew off cam supplies them with prescription medication, tampons, and even vitamin B supplements as they are not available in the wilderness. For the show’s credit, though, it is by far the closest to reality. Just not the to the dot one, though.

Basketball Wives

Here is finally a T.V. show which features the lives of women married to well-known professional basketball players called Basketball Wives. However, a lot of its cast members were not happy with their involvement in the show. For shows credit sake, it wasn’t worth it for Matt Barnes and his wife Tanya Young, who took publicly and revealed how the entire show was staged and scripted. His wife supported his statements by revealing further how the management sowed strife and discord among the group. And that’s just not right.

The Hills

The Hills is a spin-off show of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, and it just has a great and massive mix of everything you’d hope in a reality show: relationship dramas and teenage angst. However, there’s more to the issues caused by human issues in the show, as there’s a whole lot of issues that the producers stir and actually put in the script. For the benefit of those who couldn’t tell if the show is scripted or not, it is, and it is scripted to a good measure of degree. It was actually in the news when Spencer Pratt revealed how he and Heidi Montag had one too many takes for the scene where she thought she was “pregnant,” and the whole time he was made to pretend to be outraged. Now that we know, that’s just uncool and pretty low.

Last Comic Standing

This talent competition show claims to have found untapped talents and has given them the exposure they needed plus the cash prize for being part of the competition series. However, it has come to public’s knowledge that the results of judging didn’t just come from the judges but that the producers also casted their votes. As a result, on one occasion, an unexpected winner was called out where everyone, including the judges, were left confused and cheated. It then became common knowledge of how they would edit good performances to give them bad credits, and that’s just awful!

Love Island

Just like the reality tv shows, The Bachelor and Survivor, some media fans also got hooked with Love Island. The show is essentially about a mix of singles men and women who were thrown into a tropical island for the summer. Naturally, the set up entices each one to pair off for a chance of winning the competition and also scoring some romance and money while on it. While the show claims it is reality, Reddit has the show is completely scripted to the degree that the dialogues and arguments are from the script and the sensual scenes are also being staged. The filming of the show has also been reported to accumulate many takes before the most realistic shots were picked out.

Breaking Amish

This American reality T.V. show, Breaking Amish, is, unfortunately, not the most real of reality T.V. shows. This show presents the lives of young men and women who left their Amish traditions to try out a different life in New York City, one actually using electricity and wear city outfits. However, there have been various official documents to show proving that the supposed to be Amish characters in the show were actually people who have already decamped from their community thus refuting the show’s claim that the casts are actually first-timers out of their own world. It’s quite an interesting turn of events.

Britain’s Got Talent

This diverse talent show across Britain, like its U.S. counterpart, showcases all talents and in all ages. From children’s cutest talents and skills to magicians and dancers across the country are qualified candidates. But in 2015, the dog who won the championship almost killed the show for an act called “Jules and Matisse.” The act turned out to be completely rigged, and this little dog gave it away when the original dog was swapped with a similar-looking one for Matisse, because the original one chickened out for the high-wired stunt credits.

Restaurant Stakeout

Willie Degel, is a restaurateur who got in a contract with the Food Network for a reality tv feature of his eatery. Soon after, cameras were installed in his eatery to see what seemed to be the problem of his business, which was at that point not doing so well. The set up of the show is entirely about catching what seemed to be wrong, the likes of a slacking employee or one who is rude to a customer, and so forth. However, the show was arranged and scripted in a way that the employees were actually casted and that the customers were actually given a role to play. So there, if there is something good that comes out of this, it’s how Mr. Degel’s restaurant became famous after being featured on tv, which is, by the way, quite an investment on his part as a restauranteur.

Dance Moms

Abby Miller runs a dance company since she was 14 and in 2011 they took it on screen in a reality tv show, Dance Moms. And while most are assuming to see more dancing, this show has put on more fighting and drama than could be guessed. But we found it that they’re actually fake and for entertainment credits. So here it from the adorable youngster Maddie Ziegler revealed when she said exactly this in her USA Today interview back in 2015, “It’s hard to do a reality show when there’s so much crying and drama. The producers set it up to make us all yell at each other…The moms have a fake fight sometimes. Afterward, they just start talking and laugh about it.”

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking show competition intensely hosted by celebrity-chef, Gordon Ramsay. With an intense host, also comes a whole run of episodes which is just as intense for the competitors. As very entertaining the show maybe, we hate to break it to you though, this show is labelled “fake.” The show is a whole set of paid actors with scripts and credit roles to play. We know, that’s just sad.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Who can keep up with the Kardshians, we bet no one can! Since the series aired in 2007, international tv has been rocked by this family’s life. With the Kardashian/Jenner’s family life, many people’s week spiced up in every episode. The huge ensemble of the family’s cast and with many significant moments to cover for each cast, the production team are ready to get into filming of some degree. Also, editing is anticipated to be of slightly even higher degree, and that’s just to make sense of all that’s happening and put things in theme, the slightly higher degree is for those that should have never made it in the cut as the Kardashians are heavily involved in the editing process, too.

Toddlers and Tiaras

Like many reality TV shows, this show is also staged and scripted. While there are others who wince when they find themselves accidentally watching the show, there are those who are hooked and love it. But, yeah, like we said, they’re not real, they reword what should be said and they stir up the dramas to get all sorts of reactions from you, the viewers. For entertainment’s sake, carry on though, this it’s really the kids benefitting exposure and opportunities from the show, as well as from the investment of resources, time and effort put in by others.


This adventure competition reality show, Survivor, is just the same as Hunger Games in real life only fake in real life. Sorry, did we confuse you? Because yes, this show is labelled “fake.” This show though captures your attention and lures you back for another episode and more episodes after that. The competition is about contestants who are led into the wilderness and are split into teams and forced to live off the land. In the show, it follows not just the casts’ dramas but each one’s ability to survive while competing against one another in their challenges. Don’t be fooled though, even the producers have admitted to the extra hires for body doubles. Also, there exists some scene that need to be re-enacted for some degree footage, while Stacey Stillman kept repeating herself that her removal was part of the big picture or should we say, storyline?

American Idol

Did you see this coming? Not for us, we never thought this would get labelled as such. Since it first aired back in 2001, this series’ auditions were actually staged. You see, not all young hopefuls get their chance in the show as scouts are sent and all about to find the best singers they could only reach before they even hold the auditions, so it’s not really for all to score credits from.


This MTV hit show with hosts, Nev and Max, get people hooked by these hosts trying to prove whether their online relationship is real or not and who is really behind their profiles. Crazy as it may sound, but there quite a surprising number of people out there who catfish. However, most of what’s in the show are already researched and even staged and hired. It’s like, the ones who are actually caught catfishing are the ones who are actually hired by show. It really is quite a subtle way to get into the show’s credits. Isn’t it?

The Voice

A potential competitor has it that, The Voice, is not as fair as it seems. They say that Rock singer Adam Wiener put it on his Facebook post that the management courted him but that he declined the offer. He claimed that the whole show is actually pre-casted for the competition, and that the producers are actually the ones who decide both the style of music the performing competitor will sing. So Wiener’s revelation has raised questions up-front for the The Voice and it’s degree of integrity as a popular singing competition show.

Property Brothers

So Property Brothers, Canadian brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott had worked together to broker the dream house of a couple wanting an ideal home. However, many of the show’s cut are staged and scripted as the brothers don’t actually renovate the entire house and only just a select few of some rooms. Also the stars and production team prepare to reshoot some scenes to feed on drama credits for the show. Lastly, many of the couples opt only for a renovation projects over the more expensive option all because the couples are shown a home way out of their price range.

Pawn Stars

So in real life, the store and the business actually exist and they are also legally owned by the Harrisons. However, in the show, it is mostly scripted. Anyhow, the pawnshop have become quite a tourist spot as of late, and those feature to man the shop are no longer allowed to work the counter during the regular hours thanks to Nevada privacy laws! Also, best to let you guys know that they also have agreed on the price points of the items before hand. And we bet, with the increase of people dropping by the shop, the owners must’ve also increased their insurance coverage of the items and the shop too. Just rightly so Mr. Harrison.

The Real Housewives

Although the truth bomb we’ll be dropping here doesn’t necessarily mean the same for The Real Housewives, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey however has Theresa Guidice to confirm that the show is scripted and that she reveals this truth sworn under oath in court that it was. Oh, boy. The producers in this show do have a way of creating something fresh and relevant but even special are they way of creating what should be relevant on TV today. So yes, you can say all the dramas are scripted and planned by the producers way before the set of episodes are finished. Aren’t they just brilliant in being able to thread such a good story? Oh well, they are what they are, after all, biggest monetary credits goes to them!

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

The Bachelor and Bachelorette are reality tv shows that will get you really hooked. They are incredibly entertaining, that your officemates talk about them just about anywhere, also to the degree that people wait for their latest episodes in girlie groups. However, this show is planned way ahead. Rumors also circulate that their lines are fed and that the producers cooks up the stir the drama most especially from the girls. So if you want a casting credit in the show, know for sure that they’ll be thorough on checking you out.

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