These Celebrities Believe That Marriage Is Not For Everyone

Some people are simply not cut out for marriage. Let’s face it, holy matrimony is not for everyone, some people are better off being single, and quite a few of them have no regrets about it whatsoever. This is especially true for Hollywood. Marriage and celebrity seem to be two things that don’t go well together, just like lawyers and, well, criminals. So for this listicle, we’ve mined the internet for celebrities who’ve either remained single or have gotten married once (or twice) and have vowed to never make the same mistake again. Of course, one never knows what the future holds, and they may very well pull a Clooney, but for the time being, these are the celebrities for whose marriages seem to be a curse.


Owen Wilson is a self-proclaimed troublemaker yet a very successful actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter. He found himself in a series of big budget films, such as  Breakfast of Champions, The Haunting, Anaconda, and Cable Guy. When it comes to his endeavors, you will never worry about crashing his wedding for the reason that he will probably never having one.

Owen dated several high-profile personalities but has never tied a knot and have no intention of doing so. Even in that case, he is a father considering that he is known as an eternal bachelor. He had a first son while in a relationship with Jade Duell. After that, Owen had a second child during his relationship with fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist. Four years later, he had a daughter from Varunie Vongsvirates. It is still possible that we get to see Owen married but let us not hold our hopes up. As long as he makes investments, we cannot surely hear him struggle with money in the future.


After eleven years and two kids together, people were heartbroken about Naomi Watts and Liv Schreiber’s news about their relationship. But we suppose it perfectly encapsulates our point about marriage—that it is not for everyone. Naomi and Liv did not actually tie the knot, but they could have been, and if they did and it did come to an end, then it would have been worse.

After all, at least they did not have to go through the process of separation, which would have meant having to appoint lawyers, putting a strain on their finances, career, their children, fans, and each other. As of 2017, Naomi’s life partner is her fellow actor Billy Crudup. Both met together on the set of Gypsy and started dating ever since. However, there are no plans yet whether both she and Billy Crudup will be married in the future but let us keep our fingers crossed on that.


If there ever were a template for female singlehood, this 74-year-old actress would be it. We are talking about Diane Keaton, the actress, and filmmaker. She insists she is happier that she did not tie the knot. Diane Keaton has dated Hollywood heavyweights such as Woody Allen, Al Pacino, and Warren Beatty. Yet, after all these years, she never got a ring, and she went not to get one, either, saying that marriage never appeared like a good idea.

Along with her successful career in Hollywood, they have undoubtedly given her the purpose and meaning that she often argues a marriage could not provide. Today, she is free from any form of loans and contented with her actual status in life. Although unmarried, she stated that she has crushes on her life, and one of them was the vocalist of the British band Coldplay, Chris Martin and said he was gorgeous.


This news might surprise you to know that Shakira is not married and has zero plans of getting married soon. Even in her ongoing 10-year relationship with Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two children, Shakira was quite clear in one interview that she is not thinking about getting married at the moment. “I do not find marriage a necessary step in a couple’s life,” the singer said. And, she is right; I mean, why must she complicate things by hiring lawyers and signing papers when Shakira already has everything she needs?

It certainly makes little awareness to her, and with marriage being so insubstantial in Hollywood, nobody can blame her for feeling that way. According to Shakira’s interview on 60 Minutes, marriage scares her, and she does not want to be considered by Gerard Pique to be her wife and instead wanted him to treat her as a friend and lover.


Chelsea Handler is one crazy woman, and she will never stop surprising us with her antics. Indeed, people take life and celebrity too seriously, but not Handler, who’s the last one who will get hold of herself. So when it comes to marriage, we do not expect her to any different. She will treat marriage, like anything, like a joke—like something amusing to be laughed at in a conversation.

After a few relationships, Handler still is not wearing a ring, and we think that’s just the way she wants it because she’s a woman who does not need to tie a knot and the services of an attorney to feel secure about herself. Her relationship started with the former Comcast Chief Executive Officer Ted Harbert, and they split in 2010.  We also saw her dating rapper 50 Cent, but they did not have a relationship. We wish Chelsea Handler the best of luck in finding a permanent partner in life in the future.


I think many desired Scott Disick and  Kourtney Kardashian to work out. They have been together for nine years and share three unbelievably cute and adorable children. After all, they were reality television’s hottest couple, only to lose that accounted after breaking up. But as anyone who is following Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that they remain close friends despite dating other people, they deserve credit for managing that feat.

So we are crossing our fingers that a reunion is on the horizon, but I guess that’s something we can never really tell. She started dating Scott Disick in 2006, but many speculations about their wedding circulated among fans throughout the years. They were not done as planned despite their emerging relationship in these past years, but they split in 2015. Regardless of their split, let us keep our fingers crossed for whoever captures Kourtney’s heart in the future.


She is not a stranger to the limelight. Still, Queen Latifah is the fiercest woman in Hollywood. She is one of those personalities who spend a lot of effort to keep their life away from the exciting eyes of the general public even if she is known as a singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer. Little can be said about Latifah’s private life because she’s so successful in keeping it confidential.

What we do know is that Latifah is not married. In recent years, rumors have been circulating about Latifah’s sexuality, and she is said to be in a long-term relationship with Eboni Michaels, with whom she plans to have kids. But whatever the case may be, the Queen quite clearly does not need a marriage to be happy. She is loved and well-surrounded by profitable investments. Besides Michaels, Latifa also dated fitness instructor Jeanette Jenkins and that both of them bought a home at Hollywood Hills, California, back in 2010.


Tyra Banks is the host of American’s Next Top Model and one of the hottest supermodels ever to grace the cover of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has graced the cover of more magazines than we can think of, so let us say that she is one of the hottest people in Hollywood.

Tyra Banks is not against tying knots, but Tyra Banks is certainly not looking for it, and she is not holding back for someone to sweep her off her feet and offer marriage. In that matter, we are not sure of the degree of how Tyra Bank’s love life is going at the moment, but conforming to some sources, she is dating a Canadian businessman by the name of Louis Bélanger-Martin. On that score, we wish her the best. The renowned TV personality had a relationship with Erik Asia, and they both had children.


Despite the roles he has been in, those of sentimental suitors, like Lloyd Dobler and Rob Gordon in Say Anything and High Fidelity, respectively—John Cusack has never been blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with a fairy tale marriage. Despite having dated quite many high-profile Hollywood women, Cusack, to some degree, has not given marriage any thought.

In fact, for an interview with Elle Magazine, he was asked to describe in five words why he never got married, and the actor wittily responded that he could do it in seven and that is society doesn’t tell him what to do. Despite not getting married, he had a history where he dated women, including Baywatch star Brooke Burns and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and was seen together on the movie premiere of Identity last 2003. Although he is not lucky enough to have a permanent life partner, his career as a celebrity still shines through.


One of the most triumphant entertainers of our time, Sarah Silverman, wasn’t joking when she said how marriage made her feel. According to her, relationships are great, but weddings worst. Not that we haven’t seen Sarah serious, but she instead seemed to be about this one. A few years back, she called tying knots “barbaric,” and she did not want a bunch of lawyers to be involved in her life.

So while she explained that she’s happy to watch others tie the knot, Sarah Silverman does not think she will be doing such a thing any time soon. One of her significant relationships was with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and it lasted from the year 2002 up to 2009. Five years later, she dated Michael Sheen. Their relationship lasted for four years, citing their distance as the reason for the split because Michael Sheen prefers to reside in Britain while Silverman opted to stay in America.


Matt Dillon is one of those people in Hollywood that everyone knows, but everyone knows very little about her life. Living in the spotlight that is Hollywood can get messy, especially if you are a celebrity. So, Dillon keeps it that way to keep himself sane – and we don’t blame him. Indeed, to some degree, the man is so mysterious that nobody could distinguish where his love life went after his breakup with Cameron Diaz.

In that case, we know that Matt has not tied the knot, and he has no plan of doing it anytime soon. Before he and Cameron Diaz had a relationship, he dated Brooke Shields from 1980. The following year, they severed their ties, and seven years later after their relationship, he dated Heather Graham until 1989. After those years since his split with Cameron Diaz, Dillon found new love with Roberta Mastromichele in 2014, and hopefully, their relationship will last forever.


Leonardo DiCaprio is someone that we might reasonably call monogamously challenged. He dated many high-profile people and so many high-profile Victoria Secret Models that it will likely take a while before he decides to settle down.  After all, just like being required not to forget to pay a mortgage, committing to someone is serious, and Leo has more than just a precious life already, so there’s absolutely no reason for him to rush to save and settle down.

Also, when you have that many people throwing their arms at you, like I’m sure is Leo’s case, you have the right to be choosy. DiCaprio had so many past links, relationships, and encounters throughout his life. One of his significant past relationships was with Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, and he was accompanied by Rihanna back in 2016 in a nightclub in Paris, France. It was one of his known encounters that we cannot forget.


Oprah Winfrey was in show business for so long that it seems like the word marriage had never passed through her mind. She and her partner Stedman Graham have been together for so long, and things seem to have worked out entirely between them, which is why we think that there’s no need for them to consider marriage, given that everything’s been working out well thus far.

Indeed, for an interview, Oprah shared that, to some degree, she believes marriage would have been a disaster: she realized that Oprah does not want to be married because Oprah could not have the life that she made for herself. Although the famed television host did not choose to marry her longtime partner Stedman Graham,  Oprah does not regret or felt remorse for not doing so. Being unmarried fulfilled what suits herself, citing Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa was one of the goals she wanted.


We still can’t get over Kylie Minogue’s song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” because it is remarkable for the fans. It is a static vibration feeling that you can’t quickly move on once it gets to your head. Kylie, at 49 years old, told the public that marriage is not for her. It is not something she needed or wanted. This realization occurred after her painful breakup with her fiancé, Joshua Sasse.

Kylie further said during the interview that she now believes staying single is what is best for her. More power to her is all we can say. As of 2018, Kylie had a relationship with  Paul Solomons and is open to how her life is with the director, but she still opts not to have children despite being in a relationship, proving that motherhood was not her destiny. We also hope that she even has investments for future purposes with the happy relationship that she has now.


If you are from the ’90s, then indeed, Paris Hilton had a special place in your heart.  She made an impact on your childhood or to your youth.  She has done memorable things like appearances on TV, pink dresses she always wore, the perfume dynasty, and many more. Paris Hilton was a meme before the word “meme” even existed. We also hadn’t forgotten that time when she got engaged to a Greek billionaire, seemingly overnight, only for everything to fall apart just as fast.

She recently got engaged again, but that didn’t work out either. It seems that, like a lot on this list, marriage is not for Paris, and that’s ok! Back then, many personalities were linked and had a relationship with Paris Hilton and failed, but in 2019 she began her relationship with Carter Reum. We hope to have the best of their relationship while her financial advisors will get drowned with her investments and money plans.


We can’t believe this guy is single. Jake Gyllenhaal is probably used to women all over him as he steps into a room, so we’re assuming this little attack into being single won’t be very long. Whatever the situation, we know he has never tied a knot to anyone despite sharing at one point that he understands monogamy. And why should that be a conflict, anyway? When one can be entirely monogamous without the restriction of marriage.

You can also prevent losing your savings or bankruptcy by saving on the wedding expenses, not that it would be a problem for this successful actor. In 2002, he had a romantic relationship with actress Kirsten Dunst, and after their split years later, he dated Reese Witherspoon for two years. From 2010 until the following year, he dated Taylor Swift, and then three years later, he was with Alyssa Miller that lasted only for months. Currently, he has a relationship with Jeanne Cadieu. Hopefully, Jake and Jeanne will have a fruitful relationship.


Nobody thought Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to be together, but it happened. They’re both good-looking and wealthy, so why not. But if walking down the aisle is on the horizon for these two, well, you are sorely mistaken. After all, Jamie Foxx said that he’s not sure if he’s built for marriage, which is simply a more excellent way of telling that he has no plans of getting married at all.

Whatever the situation, we’re hoping they’ll have a better relationship than what Katie had with that guy from the Mission Impossible franchise. Let’s give some decent credit to their efforts in making their relationship work. One of his notable relationships was with Connie Kline, and he had one daughter named Corinne Foxx, who followed his celebrity path. In those past years, Jamie was with other celebrities like Olivia Munn, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, and Lil Kim. We are looking forward to the Django actor to find another woman that will stay on his side forever one day.


Jon Hamm, who is known for playing Don Draper’s role in the television series Mad Men, is very different in real life. Aside from giving himself a career deadline, he said that he planned to move back home and make investments if his acting career did not gain momentum by 30. He was never married, unlike his character that went on marriage issues twice. It is not unbelievable to think that Jon Hamm learned a thing or two from playing Don Draper and thought that tying a knot is never a great idea.

With that, regardless of what Jon Hamm has been in a long-term relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt, they never got married, and for all practical purposes have not given out any signs that they intend to. When he and Jennifer Westfeldt were partners, Hamm stated that he was not interested in getting married and making them as partners for life and that they parted ways last 2015.


Marissa Tomei is one hottie who does not get intimidated in working with men she has had a relationship with in the past. She is like a lawyer in that regard: no personal dramas, just direct work. Indeed, two of her old flames, Robert Downey Jr. and Logan Marshall-Green, interacted with her on the Spiderman’s Homecoming film, and she barely even show any shock or surprise. That is how professional Marissa Tomei is.

People say she is not interested in marriage because she is like the typical New Yorker, who is passionately independent. Tomei is indeed one woman who doesn’t have marriage on her mind, sharing for one interview that she’s “not that big a fan of marriage as an institution.” According to one of her friends, she did not dream of having family-like many people do and kept herself busy on whatever she is doing, citing that work was her life force.


For those people who still recognize Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder were once a loveteam. Johnny Depp has famously tattooed the name ‘Wynona’ on his arm and solidified a relationship that eventually failed. Wynona was devastated about how her relationship with Johnny Depp ended. To give Wynona credit, she managed to move on and let go, saying that it was all for the best in the end.

After many years and relationships that they had, including her relationship with Keannu Reeves and Matt Damon, Wynona is now doing fine in the relationship department, with her longtime partner Scott Mackinlay Hahn. And about the topic of her dating life, Wynona said that she had rather never have been married than be separated a few times. The Stranger Things star does not want to be married again, but it will surely change her opinion regarding that matter. on her longtime partner’s case


American actress and writer have known for her characters in films such as Fried Green Tomatoes, Grand Canyon, and The Client. Mary Louise Parker does not want your compassion. Despite that issue of the breakup with her long-time partner while pregnant, Parker says that it was all for the best. She is now made peace with what happened and is pushing forward with her life after adopting a child.

For Parker, marriage and the emotional investment required for it will have to wait because motherhood is what’s keeping her busy, and it’s what’s giving her meaning and purpose for the time being. Parker had a relationship with Billy Crudup and had one child with him. Their relationship lasted from 1996 until 2003. In 2008, she was engaged with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, popularly known as Negan from The Walking Dead, but their short-lived relationship. After that, she opted not to have a relationship or life partners ever since.


Sheryl Crow is delighted to have a simple life. Taking care of two sons and writing songs in-between, is a great life. But not like some people, she also shared that she has not entirely shut off the possibility of tying a knot in the future. Crow said that when the right man comes along, there will be a few things that she wants to skip, like the engagement part. Having experienced these already with Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist to whom she was at one point engaged.

The singer said that she would just go and do it if she were that close to getting married. We hope her decisiveness won’t get her into any more relationship woes that will require a lawyer’s services. Before she fell in love with Lance Armstrong, Sheryl had a relationship with veteran singer Eric Clapton which lasted from 1998 until 2002, and linked to fellow rock musician Kid Rock in the same year.


Lauren Graham had the most memorable wedding ever. It made all people in tears, and anyone who saw it would probably decide to tie the knot and thought of creating to be the kind of wedding they would want. Sadly, it was all for an episode of Gilmore Girls, a comedy-drama television series, because Lauren, in real life, seems to be not into marriage. Just think of how much trouble they both have to face with their respective attorneys if one is not interested at all?

She is in a relationship with actor Peter Krause for almost ten years now, but both have yet to say “I do.” Despite not being married, she had a beautiful moment with her current partner Peter Krause and both seen together, whether in movie premieres or television or movies. They were featured together like the TV show Parenthood, for example, and it proves that their relationship is more romantic even though they did not tie their knot.


Lucy Liu is an actress and artist who has worked in both television and movies. She lives life on her phase, her own rules, and we think it is fantastic. Everyone should live like that, to the degree that they can. Even though Charlie’s Angel dated several men like  Will McCormack and George Clooney, she never got married. Lucy Liu recently became a mom and welcomed her son Rockwell through a gestational carrier.

Lucy Liu, unfortunately, is very secretive about her love life, so we don’t know if a wedding is anywhere in her near future. She was engaged once with film director Zach Helm back in 2002, and both parted ways two years later. She was with personalities linked to her in these past years, most notably with fellow celebrity Will McCormack and Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. Instead of searching for other life partners or love interests, Lucy Liu has chosen to become a single mom with her only child.

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