Celeb Kids Who Are Taking Over Their Parents’ Careers

Having a celebrity parent is no easy feat—not only do you have to live in their shadows and somehow live up to their status, but your life is also exposed to public scrutiny simply because of the association. Lucky for the kids on this list, they are making a name for themselves outside of their parents’ fame.


Having a model mom must be a tough thing to live with unless you happen to inherit both of your parent’s good genes – such is the case with Kristina Pimenova. This pint-sized cutie is already making waves in the fashion scene, snatching a Vogue Kids cover at just 8 years old! That’s something even the most tenured of models cannot say they’ve done. She’s also got her father’s sport-prowess and won her first gold medal at the age of 6 for rhythmic gymnastics.

Pimenova has also attracted a large number of followers and fans on social media platforms. According to reports, in an interview, she expressed her desire to become a full-time professional actress and director. She will also be a guest in the upcoming science fiction film Creator: the past. We definitely see a bright future ahead of her—whichever university degree she decides to go after.