These Tourist Attractions Can Be The Weirdest Places You Can See In The U.S.

Are you ever planning to go on a trip to the United States? What about visiting a weird tourist spot with a theme you don’t often see?
Sure, you have been in places with great tourist attractions, like the beach, parks, and buildings with great architecture, but what about the not-so-common ones? Have you ever heard of a place where unclaimed baggage goes? What about a pizza parlor that features the largest organ in the world?
These weird tourist spots can be found in some states in the U.S. to give you a different degree of the usual tourist experience. So without further ado, here are some of the weirdest tourist attractions you can find in the U.S.

1. Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama

Have you ever wondered where does the unclaimed baggage go? In Alabama, it goes to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Sure, almost all domestic airlines’ checked bags are picked up, but there is still a small percentage of people who forget or simply don’t pick up their stuff.
These baggage go to this tourist attraction. The center then sells, donates, and recycles whatever it can find. Don’t worry; they do not have to face a lawyer for doing this. The buyers are safe, too, as it has purchasing agreements with all the domestic airlines and other travel and transportation companies, where the luggage was left. It also seeks to help others, partnering with different charity organizations to donate the non-retail items to those in need.

2. Organ Stop Pizza in Arizona

Organ Stop Pizza doesn’t only offer the tastiest and most affordable pizza in town. It also features the most significant theatre pipe organ that you will ever see. With its communal-style tables, diners will enjoy the ambiance and musical shows this place offers. Add to that its sumptuous specialty pizzas, pasta, appetizers, and other meals and drinks; we hope you won’t max out your credit card!
Its main attraction, the pipe organ, was initially built for the Denver Theater and was installed in 1927. However, with the 1930s depression and the constant photo taking, the organ was rarely played. It was then completely silenced when a fire that busted out in the auditorium damaged its relay.

3. Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze in California

Have you ever been in a maze? What about a labyrinth of psychedelic mirrors? This is what Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze in California has to offer. You will find yourself lost in a dungeon of mirrors and columns, which will have you seeing yourself in every corner. You might even bump into other people! The black and flashing neon lights combined with rave music perfectly add to the tension. If you ever make it to the end, the purveyors will ask you to try again, but you have to do it backward this time.
Located on San Francisco’s Pier 39, to a certain degree, it may be the weirdest tourist attraction you can go to.

4. Swetsville Zoo in Colorado

Surely, you have been to a zoo, but what about the Swetsville Zoo in Colorado? Yes, it is called a zoo, but no, it doesn’t feature any animals. Here, you can see animals and even insects made out of recycled items, like old cars.
A huge spider made of metal and other odd but familiar characters will welcome the visitors. There are dragons, trains, aliens, dinosaurs, and more that you can see here. Built by Bill Swets in 1985, it only started as a hobby to keep him busy whenever he had insomnia. It quickly turned out to be a calling, to which he got credit from visitors and locals alike.

5. DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum in Delaware

DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum aims to recover and preserve maritime heritage. Built through years of hard work and research, it officially opened in 1995, thanks to the public donations and owner contributions.
With newly acquired artifacts and other important finds, visitors can expect the exhibit to continuously expand and diversify. In fact, it is the largest shipwreck museum in the Mid-Atlantic. If you don’t find it weird, wait till you see the Feejee mermaid it has on display. The mummified creature will send you chills down your spine, at it seems to look at you with its hollow eyes. Hopefully, they can also provide online classes for those who can’t personally visit.