Celebrity Homes: The Most  Insanely Luxurious Houses of Hollywood A-Listers

A large number of stars appear on our televisions every day, playing our favorite roles in our favorite shows. Interestingly, some of us spend more time trying to dig out the personal details of our favorite stars. The good news is that you can at least satisfy your curiosity by knowing more about its luxurious residence. Some of them will surely surprise you-it’s amazing to consider the scale of their investment in building houses. Therefore, without further ado, let us sneak into the homes of our beloved celebrities.

With our favourite celebrities going live on Instagram from their mansions, we are getting an insight into their lavish homes on the planet. And, we’re sure you won’t be surprised to know that these celebrities live like kings and queens in the best investment areas. These luxury homes come with the most awesome amenities you can think of, each with its distinctive features to match their famous owners.


Who wouldn’t recognize the face that starred in Rocky, The Expendables, and Rambo? Sylvester Stallone is a star everyone knows, mostly because of his impressive talent in acting. After Rocky, Stallone further cemented his name in the industry when he took on the movie Rambo as its titular character. To back up his shining success in the industry, Stallone made a $10-million – but can also be estimated to be as high as $26-million – purchase in Beverly Hills.

The home, which is expected to be 16,000 square feet, shows off Stallone’s priceless collections. Anchoring on an Italian-style theme, the glamorous home features nine bedrooms, more than enough for his loved ones to stay in. We’re truly glad to see how this A-list celebrity is giving his family nothing short of a fabulous lifestyle.


She is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Over the years, she has also taken on the role of director, ambassador, and humanitarian. Angelina Jolie, however, will always be best known as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses for featuring in numerous blockbuster movies. This will easily reflect on her credit score and investments. Recently, the actress bought a new property located in Laughlin Park, Los Feliz. The 2.1-acre estate includes a mansion, a pool, and stunning views of the city and the ocean.

The 7,500-square-foot main house has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Enter the house, you will see a large lounge with a stunning curved staircase. The whole house is covered with hardwood floors and will lead you into the living room, a large dining room with mahogany panelling, and a gourmet kitchen with newly renovated islands.


Leonardo Dicaprio is undoubtedly one of the most talented and passionate actors of all time. Throughout his rich acting career that now spans over decades, the actor has been nominated for numerous awards, including Academy Awards. It was only in 2016, however, that the actor finally won an Academy Award for his powerful performance in The Revenant. The actor has a wide range of interests and passions. In the past few years, he has become an advocate for environmental issues. Leonardo Dicaprio has also shown skills in real estate investment. He owns his own island in Belize.

He originally bought the 104-acre property for $1.75 million. The island is now listed at $5 million. The island will soon become a new resort called Blackadore Caye, which is a restorative island. DiCaprio helped design this ecological resort, which will be equipped with 36 holiday bungalows and 36 real estate houses, all of which are powered by 100% renewable energy. According to reports, the ecological haven may open in 2020.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s wrestling career kickstarted his fame, which he sustained through his undeniable talent in acting and producing. According to “Forbes” (Forbes) estimates, Rock’s net worth is $185 million. For a person who has entered the film and entertainment industry for 15th year , this is an amazing number. As amazing as this number, there are some houses in Dwayne’The Rock’Johnson.

An icon in the entertainment industry, Johnson, who has now bagged several wresting and acting awards, has made impressive real estate investments throughout the years. His 13,000 square-foot mansion in Florida is nothing short of fancy, with seven bathrooms, six bedrooms, and a home theatre. A jacuzzi and pool are also added for an extra lavish touch. Valued at $3.4 million, there’s no doubting that Johnson’s passion in both his sport and acting fields has definitely paid off!


Pop superstar Katy Perry has won the hearts of millions of fans with her catchy and relatable songs. In one of these chart-topping songs, Katy Perry expresses her love for the west coast. It’s no surprise then that she chose to make an investment in the sunny state. Where else would California Girls buy their mansions? Katy Perry bought this magnificent property in 2017.The house has an area of 4,410 square feet, with a spacious living room, a chef’s kitchen, a family room with a bar, a home office currently used as a music room, and four bedrooms, including a master suite with a balcony, and two walk-in kitchens in Closet and living room.

Katy refurbished it to her taste, including a whitewashed kitchen and blue-green walls. The walls are inlaid with wood panelling. The TV is wall-mounted above the fireplace, with integrated shelves and cabinets on both sides. Her property has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also features a swimming pool and a fireplace. It is tailored to the Californian lifestyle and is an ideal place to stay.


She made her name by making extravagant performances, and now, Lady Gaga yet again impresses us with a new lavish home she recently purchased. After she ventured into the acting industry with her film A Star Is Born, Gaga is all about making the right investments. The Grammy and Oscar-winning talent purchased a $5.25 million home in the fabulous Hollywood Hills. Apart from seven bathrooms, the home has room for staff and guests, nothing we wouldn’t expect from a star as big as Gaga.

With a 6,759-square-feet house, it seems Gaga is truly all about living the glamorous life she so deserves. Lady Gaga’s home is well decorated, luxurious but easy-to-use, plenty of warm wood elements and simple design. Entering the house through a stone entrance and tall hardwood doors leads to an open-plan living and dining area with high ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed beams and French doors.


Adele quickly rose to fame with her incredible voice and powerful songwriting. Her openness about her experiences with heartbreak and her down-to-earth personality won the hearts of fans around the world. Multiple Grammy awards and millions of record sales are further proof that Adele is one of the most successful artists of all time. Always one to maintain her privacy, Adele made a significant investment in a property in Hidden Valley.

The home security system of the exclusive community appealed to Adele, who is keen on keeping her private life away from the cameras. The house has a floor area of 6,500 square feet. It has four bedrooms, two baths, and two dining and living areas.The backyard includes a great tree house, a swimming pool, spa center, and an outdoor train. There are two formal living rooms inside, a formal dining room and a two-story foyer at the entrance of the house.


One half of former popular couple with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has had his share of crazy expensive investments. With both their careers on a stable rise, Pitt was more than willing to purchase properties at any price. Among their roster of insanely fabulous homes was their $60 million villa in France, which was leaning towards more on the castle side than an actual home. Complete with a vineyard, the property holds 35 bedrooms, include a brand new gym, spa, spacious wine cellar and a recording studio, which has been used by bands such as Pink Floyd.

We definitely more than enough for each of their children and extended family! These include a brand new gym, spa, spacious wine cellar and a recording studio, which has been used by bands such as Pink Floyd. The 1,200 acres of land surrounding this spectacular house include countless luxury items such as pine forests, olive trees, private lakes, multiple fountains and moats. The beautifully landscaped environment, various 17th-century buildings and the added helipad make this place worthy of royalties.


Jessica Alba started her career early at the age of 13. Later on, she starred in numerous box office hits. This established her as the beautiful and talented Hollywood actress that she is known for today. She is also business-minded, using her investment money to start a consumer goods company that sells baby products, household goods, and body care products. Another one of her wise investments is her property in Beverly Hills. The $9.95-million estate has seven bedrooms, eight baths, and a cottage for guests. On the outside, the property boasts an outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool, and a spa.

This 1.85-acre property includes an 8,829-foot main house, and a charming one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest cabin, so Alba, her husband, Cash Warren and their two The daughter has enough space to sprawl out. In the main building there is a formal two-story foyer with many fireplaces.


Britney Spears is one of the most successful pop stars. The global success of her albums earned her the title “Princess of Pop.” She used the lucrative sales of her albums to make an investment on a gorgeous property in Thousand Oaks, California. According to reports, the star bought the house for US$6.8 million (£5.1 million). This single-storey mansion was built in 2010. The mansion has a Spanish hacienda style.

It features multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, offices, and a cinema room. The living room has an open design that lets in plenty of natural light. The huge kitchen is equipped with top-line appliances. The grounds feature a swimming pool, which has a wide view of the Santa Monica mountains and is an ideal place to enjoy the California sunshine, a beautiful garden, a fountain, and a deck that offers a scenic view of the mountains.


The Australian actor is best known for playing Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2014, Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky bought a property in Byron Bay in his home country Australia. They paid $7 million for the original property, but they wanted to personalize their investment. They decided to tear down the existing mansion and applied for the construction of their own house.

The house includes eight bedrooms, a steam room, a media room, a gym, a games room, and an infinity pool on the rooftop. Outside, the property features a built-in wood pit, spacious lawns, and beautiful landscaping. Chris Hemsworth’s house was intentionally surrounded by various tall trees and landscaping, but he also made room for the manicured lawn. Here you will find a built-in fireplace. It may be a minor function, but it is still an essential function.


Bruce Willis has enjoyed success in acting and music. He started his career in Off-Broadway musical productions. He rose to fame when he landed the leading role in Moonlighting. He has since appeared in numerous films and television shows. He has also released solo albums. Taking money management and investment planning seriously, Bruce Willis also has business activities. He owns properties in Los Angeles and New Jersey. He also rents apartments in New York.

One of these properties is his 8,400-square-foot estate in Bedford, New York. Bruce Willis and his wife Emma were married in 2009 and have two daughters, Mabel and Evelyn, and they plan to move to the West Coast. Now they are selling their mansion in New York. It includes four separate houses, two garages, a saltwater swimming pool, and a tennis court. The main house is over 8,000 square feet and features open spaces.


The Hollywood icon has enjoyed a successful career as an actor, musician, rapper, musician, and producer. His films have grossed over 6 billion dollars in box offices around the world, and he has millions of records. It is said that Will Smith has a net worth of US$200 million. Even without a degree in finance, anyone can easily see that Will has a significant amount of investment money. One of his most famous investments is his property in Calabasas, California.

The 25,000-square-foot mansion has nine bedrooms. It started construction in 2003 and lasted 7 years. With the help of designer Stephen Samuelson and architect Harry Perez-Daple, it was finally completed in 2010. It also has many interesting features, like a meditation lounge and a recording studio. The mansion sits on a 150-acre property that features a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and a swimming pool.


Nicole Kidman has been listed multiple times as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Her numerous awards represent the recognition she receives for her spectacular performance in film and television. Nicole is involved in raising money and awareness for disadvantaged children around the world, cancer research, violence against women, and young performing artists. This shows her investment in important causes. Philanthropy is a significant part of her money management.

She also has personal investments in real estate. Together with her husband Keith Urban, she maintains properties in multiple locations in Australia, in Los Angeles, and Nashville. In 2008, the couple bought Bunya Hill Estate in Australia for A$4.1 million. The main living room is perfectly decorated, which includes two living rooms, a grand piano and a gorgeous kitchen. It also has a vast farm to relax with the family.


So, does the Hawaiian Eye star reside in Hawaii? No. She preferred her home to be in America’s largest wine-growing region—California. The actress, who is also credited as a singer. She sold her long-term real estate in the West End for $17 million, and now she has found a new house in Studio City. She bought a ranch-style house in the city for $2.036 million, named for the silent film era of the 1920s.

Connie’s crib is rustic by design and measures up to 5,300 square feet that boasts colossal wood-framed windows, beamed ceilings, a motor court, and even a fountain. The cozy interior is complemented by the equally stunning outdoor grounds designed by architect Stephen Ellberg, which features tall palms, a gorgeous garden, and old trees. With a net worth of $50 million, Connie sure chose to live in just the right amount of luxury and comfort!


More than two decades after she rose to fame for her character in the hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Jennifer Aniston continues to show incredible success in the film and television industry. In addition to acting, she clearly knows a thing or two about money management and the proper use of investment money. She is known to own multiple properties in highly ideal locations.

She admits that she enjoys the design process. She personally looks after the renovation of her homes. She shared that picking out fabrics and making sure the house is cozy feeds her soul. Jennifer Aniston really made sure that she seamlessly combined design and comfort in her house in Beverly Hills. Aniston said her favorite room is the kitchen, which has a pizza oven and a wine room. The master suite leads to a private garden with dense trees and beautiful landscapes.


Robert Downey Jr.’s past involving attorneys and legal issues is known to the public. More than that, however, he is known for his spot-on portrayal of well-loved pop fiction characters like Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. Perhaps his troubled past has provided the actor with an added dimension to his performance. He is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

Sharing his character Tony Stark’s preference for the finer things in life, Robert Downey Jr. owns a 4-acre property in the East Hamptons. In 2016, it was listed at a price of approximately US$11.9 million. The main house has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a movie room. The property features a guesthouse, a swimming pool, a tennis court and lovely gardens. The part of the windmill is the office and library. There is also a pergola for outdoor dining.


At the age of 22, most of us might have just graduated and are crawling through the new adventure of the corporate world. However, for Chloe Grace Moretz, it’s a different story. Chloe Grace Moretz is famous for movies such as The Equalizer and Kick-Ass. With her success, the young actress has invested in a $3.4 million home in Los Angeles, and it’s more lavish than we would all expect. The house was built in 1998 and occupies more than 5,500 square feet.

The impressive property features an outdoor pool, waterfalls, and a relaxing spa. Proving further that it’s fit for a huge party, Moretz’s home is a vast property with five bedrooms and six baths. Truly, Moretz only proves that you’re never too young to make a big investment!


Reese Witherspoon’s passionate performance in all her roles has earned her multiple awards. With such a successful career track record, the actress is more than capable of purchasing a multi-million dollar home. Recently, Reese bought a property in Los Angeles for $12.7 million. If you are one of the millions of people who follow her on Instagram, you might have seen her feature this investment in her posts.

The house has three guest suites, each with a private living room. It also features a screening room, a gym, and an infinity pool. It would seem that Reese Witherspoon is as good at living in style as she is at acting. It has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, enough to accommodate her three children and her husband Jim Toth. The master bedroom has a fireplace and a private balcony.


Alan Jackson is known for his traditional country music style. People also appreciate that he writes his own songs. This is a considerable feat considering he has recorded 16 studio albums. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Having such a commitment to country music, making his property investment in the home of country music — Tennessee — is more than fitting.

He built his mansion from scratch. It sits on a 135-acre estate beside the lake. It is said that Jackson is built based on the model of Gone With the Wind. When Alan Jackson listed the property for sale, it sold for $28 million. It is one of the most expensive homes ever sold in the area. The exterior of the mansion is spectacular, with swimming pool, manicured lawn, outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace.


Eva Mendes has appeared in numerous films. Using what she earned through acting as investment money, she started a makeup line. Aside from investing in a business, the actress also purchased an old mansion in San Gabriel Valley, San Marino, with her equally hot husband, actor Ryan Gosling. The couple now has two beautiful daughters, Esmeralda and Amada. Bet she couldn’t ask for more — their family is living the perfect life.

In 2018, the couple went to San Marino, 10 miles outside of Los Angeles, to inspect the house. The house they looked at was called Villa delle Favole, an Italian Revival manor house built in 1924 and sold for only nearly 8 million US dollars, which is impressive. Now it has undergone extensive renovation. It has six bedrooms, three full bathrooms and three suites. Now we don’t know if they finally bought the house.


Years after their debut, the Jonas brothers are trending again with great news from their lives. Each of them has enjoyed success in their careers as well as their personal lives. We are more than happy that they’ve decided to make a comeback. Joe Jonas has been wise in his money management. In 2016, he used his investment money to buy a 5,600-square-floor house that sits on a quarter-acre lot. From there you can reach Beverly Hills or Hollywood in less than 20 minutes while avoiding traffic congestion.

The estate features a carpeted movie theater, modern chandeliers, marble detailing, and a wet bar. The house has five bedrooms and five full baths. Other highlights of this property also include a pool and a spa. The spacious master suite has a fireplace, French doors, balcony and walk-in closet, is definitely suitable for this superstar.


It’s clear how much the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise is earning considering the number of Marvel actors included in this list. The success of these movies is contributing directly to the credit score of the actors who play these superheroes. Chris Evans is best known for his role as Captain America. The famous actor purchased a 4,599-square-foot home overlooking Los Angeles.

It has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, a pool, and a spa. The master bathroom of this newly renovated house is made of limestone and marble, while the kitchen features state-of-the-art equipment. Through the dining room, you can enjoy the expansive view from the window. The master suite also has a large window, allowing Chris to enjoy most of the daylight. The ‘Captain America’ Star is now single again and lives in this mansion with his dog, Dodger.


Ryan Lewis is a superstar in the music industry. He is a record producer, DJ, music video director, rapper, and songwriter. You can also add money management to this already impressive list of talents. He bought a massive mansion in Seattle in 2014 and did extensive remodeling of the property. Located on Magnolia Street in Seattle, this mansion is full of exquisite furnishings and decorations, but there is one unique room: the whiskey bar. It is located on the lower level of the house next to the media room, away from the main room.

The 7,000-square-foot house features gold-leaf ceilings, conversation and piano areas, a fireside lounge, and a formal dining space. It has five bedrooms, a library, and a home theater. Ryan bought the house for $3.3 million. It was then listed for $8 million when it hit the market. It would seem like whatever Ryan touches turns to gold.


Hayden Panettiere is an actress, model, and singer best known for appearing in numerous hit TV shows, such as Heroes and the musical drama series Nashville. As of 2020, Hayden Panettiere’s net worth is estimated at $17 million. One of her investments includes a property in the exclusive Green Hills neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. The mansion boasts many interesting features. With nearly 5,000 square feet of floor space, the house has four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

It is not only luxurious but smart as well, having hi-tech lighting, audio, and home security system. The house also features a heated pool and hot tub, and a fitness room. There is a pink nursery for Hayden Panettiere’s daughter Kaya. We believe that kaya will have a very happy childhood. The exterior features of the house include a deck, patio, and detached garage.


Kate Upton started her career as a cover model for various magazines. She has also appeared in several TV shows and movies. She is married to baseball player Justin Verlander. Making an investment not only in a property but also in privacy and exclusivity, the couple purchased a 5,500-square-foot house in Benedict Canyon. Kate Upton’s new home was formerly the residence of tennis player Pete Sampras.

The rooms on the ground floor feature French doors that open up to the yard, creating a seamless experience between the inside and the outside. This gorgeous mansion sits on a 1.5-acre lot that features a tennis court and a swimming pool. The master bedroom has double closets, bathroom and fireplace. The house has three other bedrooms, plus a maid’s room. Here is enough for her to live with her fiancé, Detroit Tiger Justin Verlander


Blake Shelton is a highly acclaimed country singer. He is also a television personality and has been a judge in multiple televised singing competitions. The Voice is probably the most famous of these singing competitions. Blake uses his investment money on other business ventures. He owns a franchise of restaurants and entertainment complexes in three locations across the United States.

The singer also makes investments in real estate. He has a multi-million-dollar property in Nashville. The design of the house is described as rustic. Shelton’s new mansion has three bedrooms, two cabins, and almost every room has a fireplace. Not only that, there is also a six-car garage. The living room has a huge stone fireplace surrounded by leather furniture. We can be sure that it will be no problem for the singer to share his luxurious country residence with his new girlfriend Gwen Stefani


Christina Aguilera is best known for her high notes and distinct singing style. A famous singer and performer, she has also appeared in films and TV productions. She is a judge on NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Christina has won five awards, four Grammy Awards and one Latin Grammy Award. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award. Christina has chosen to use her income from her successful career as investment money.

The singer owns an 11,500-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills. The mansion has a Mediterranean style. It features a gym, game room, movie room, beauty salon, and a recording studio. The exterior features of the estate include a pagoda, a spa, and a swimming pool with a waterslide. The mansion includes six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. In addition, there is an entertainment children’s room prepared by Christina for her son Max. But Christina sold it after breaking up with her husband Jordan Bratman.


Novak Djokovic is a professional tennis player — one of the best players of all time. Winning multiple awards and titles, he is the pride of Serbia. Novak openly expresses and makes an investment in his passions. In addition to tennis, he also enjoys learning and speaking languages. He speaks five international languages. When he’s not busy winning tennis tournaments, he enjoys life in his multi-million dollar residence at Miami Beach.

The stunning apartment is based at the beachfront boutique building Eighty-Seven Park. It has three bedrooms, offers scenic views of the oceans, and features a swimming pool, sun deck, and a private park. There he can spend time outdoors with his wife Jelena and their two children Stefan and Tara and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. With a healthy diet, Novak Djokovic runs a number of restaurants, and the dining area in the mansion has also been carefully designed.


This acting power couple has seen critical and commercial success in their individual careers. Krasinski is better known for playing Jim Halpert in the sitcom “The Office” from 2005 to 2013; Emily Blunt starred in The Devil Wears Prada. They’ve put their earnings together and made an investment in real estate in Brooklyn. The two are living the New York dream, enjoying a home in the trendy Park Slope neighborhood.

The house has a floor area of 5,200 square feet. It has seven bedrooms and three full baths. The couple spent thousands of dollars to restore and decorate the house. The property is located in a historic district, adding value to the investment. It also features a private courtyard with plants and tasty outdoor furniture. A courtyard with plants is a rare feature for properties in New York City.


Courtney Cox is best known for her role in the popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She also appears in many other productions. Her successful career has allowed her to maintain a good credit score and purchase investment pieces. Courtney’s choice of private retreat is her Malibu mansion. Courteney often goes shopping with her boyfriend Johnny, buying and collecting some items that can be placed in the room. She enjoys this process.

She hired architect Michael Kovac to renovate the oceanfront property, which features designer furniture, photographs, and art. Courtey clearly paid extra attention to make sure that the house exudes style. From the appearance, the actress seems to prefer neutral tones because it is full of gray. The property boasts private beach access, a saltwater pool, and a tennis court. It also has a lava-rock fire pit and an outdoor bar.


It is impossible to miss the incredible acting prowess of Jennifer Lawrence. This award-winning actress stands out in every single movie she appears in. Fans and critics alike have noticed her ability to give life to the characters that she plays. It also helps that she has maintained her approachable and charming personality through her fame. What’s changed, however, is her choice of residence and investments.

Jennifer Lawrence used her investment money to purchase a property in Beverly Hills that fellow actress Jessica Simpson sold. There are five and a half bathrooms in the house, enough to accommodate many guests. There is also a large walk-in closet that can double as a makeup and hair station, so she does not need to go to the salon for a haircut. The estate features a grand staircase, a wishing well, and a koi pond. French doors connect the bottom floors to the outdoors, creating larger spaces and easier access to the grounds.


He is a Hollywood legend. She is a barrister specializing in international law and human rights. The love story of George and Amal Clooney got the attention of the whole world, and we continue to follow the activities of this power couple. The international couple used their investment money to purchase a manor in the British countryside.

Reflecting the domestic life of the famous, the couple added features to the estate, including a cinema and a new pool house. Outside the villa-style house, the property features gorgeous landscaping. The properly-maintained gardens give the 4-acre plot a lush, green appearance. In 2016, due to weeks of continuous rain and strong winds, the Thames River overflowed its banks and the property suffered severe flood damage. In February 2020, the property was attacked for the second time and the tennis court and balcony were destroyed.


Sherryl Crow is an award-winning singer-songwriter who is known for incorporating different kinds of music genres. She has also appeared in television shows like 30 Rock, Cougar Town, and One Tree Hill. Sherryl Crow has shown an interest in investment planning on real estate. She owns a property in Florida. She also owned a loft apartment in New York City that she sold in 2017.

She now lives with her two adopted sons in a 10,264-square-foot mansion on a 50-acre plot of land in Nashville, Tennessee. This is an English manor house built in 2005 with rich wood panelling, multiple fireplaces and beautiful beams. The estate features a guesthouse, a swimming pool, and a spa. The singer loves old things and collects beautiful things in her big house. She also likes to shop on eBay and even bought a 1951 Chevy truck online.


Drake has enjoyed a colorful and successful career in music as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. If you listen to his songs, you can hear Drake admit through rap that he enjoys the finer things in life. This is evident in his multiple real estate investments in the exclusive Hidden Hills community. Drake bought his third home in the Hidden Hills community in Los Angeles, a $4.5 Million Ranch-Style House. The artist who recently won a Grammy Award has three properties in Hidden Hills totaling 6.7 acres.

The house features a game room, a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a huge wine cellar, a screening room, and a gym. Outside, the estate boasts a tennis court and other areas for outdoor games. The centerpiece of this property, however, is a massive pool that features caves and manmade grottos, which is one of the most luxurious swimming pools in the world.


Patrick Dempsey has enjoyed success even in the early years of his career. Having acted in front of the camera for over three decades now, his filmography is a long list of numerous involvements in film and television productions. He is perhaps best known for his role as a neurosurgeon in the medical TV series Grey’s Anatomy. His character in the fantasy film Enchanted is also among the most memorable.

In addition to acting, Patrick also has a strong passion for automotive and motorsports. He has made a significant investment in his sports car and vintage car collection. His other investments include businesses and real estate. He purchased a multi-million dollar property in Malibu. Actor Patrick Dempsey lives in this mansion with his wife Jillian, three children and their French bulldog Horton. Luxurious outdoor entertainment and play areas add elegance to the house.


Jared Leto is a rock star, actor, and fashion icon. He has a reputation for researching his roles intensely. He is even reported to stay in character for the duration of the shooting schedule. He is also selective about what roles to try out for, accept, and play. He treats selecting film roles as investment planning. This shows in the high quality of films under his filmography and his consistent praise-worthy performance. He also enjoys a successful career in music.

In 2006, the Academy-award winner purchased a residence in Hollywood Hills. The walled and gated property looks all set with its home security system. The 4,021-square-foot house has four bedrooms, three full baths, and one half bath. There is a spacious family room and a recording studio with several sound studios. The outdoor recreation area includes a fenced terrace and a separate two-car garage.


For those of us who liked staying up late to watch TV, Seth Meyers is a familiar face. The entertainment show host claimed his fame from his comedic appearances in films like New Year’s Eve and his very own show, LateNight with Seth Meyers. His career has been going very well, as evidenced by the new property purchase he made despite the unpredictable mortgages rates.

Meyers’ house stands in New York City, a few steps from Washington Square Park. The two-story home features two stories and boasts an incredible view of the Empire State Building. It seems that the $7 million property is nothing less of a good deal for Meyers. In addition to five spacious bedrooms, the house also has a study room and a spacious living room with a fireplace. The rooms are well-lit with a wide view.


The sweetheart we all loved from A Walk to Remember is venturing out and tapping the real estate world with a $2.5 million home purchase in Pasadena, California. The singer-actress’ career has been nonstop with her multiple projects, and she definitely fits for a more glamorous lifestyle. The Tangled voice actress set her home in a beautiful property with a fully-furnished kitchen, office, and pool.

She designed many parts of the house by herself, including how many fireplaces needed. And if that isn’t enough to spark envy, Moore’s worthy investment also includes a stunning backyard and pool. In 2018, she married Taylor Goldsmith of the indie rock band Dawes. She lives with her husband and their dogs Joni and Jackson. Chick flick lovers couldn’t be happier to see one of their favorites living the glam life!


Tommy Hilfiger is known for bringing American fashion to a worldwide audience. He founded his eponymous brand in 1985 when a businessman approached him and offered to make an investment in his goal of designing clothes. He has since sold his company but remains as its creative director. Knowing that investment is just making the most out of available opportunities, Tommy bought a beach home in Golden Beach, Florida for $17.25 million in 2013 and then redecorated the interior. There is no doubt that this mansion has a unique design.

The mansion is now available for $24.5 million, has 14,075 square feet of floor space. It has seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an infinity pool that faces the ocean, and private access to the beach. Outside, the infinity pool overlooks the sea. The grounds also include beach huts, lounge areas, bars, and barbecue facilities. The white sand beach is only a few steps away.


Coming from a well-off family, we would expect no less than a mansion for the Kardashian’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. After making billions from her cosmetics line Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner is flaunting her glamorous home in California. According to reports, her new mansion has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a theater room, a spa and a swimming pool, with a panoramic view of Los Angeles.

The $16 million property is the depository of her prized collections – expensive makeup, designer shoes, and luxury bags. We might even assume that vast land isn’t enough to hold her all her riches. Jenner’s investment planning and financial skills are extremely impressive for someone as young as 20years olds, and we’re excited to see where she’s headed with the success of her business venture.


Her charming character and song pieces in Lost Stars made us all love Keira Knightley even more. With an undeniable talent for acting and singing, Knightley has been on the limelight for most of her career. It’s no doubt that behind the success is a clean credit score, which might have backed up the purchase of her new $6 million home in Tribeca.

Nothing short of lavish, the property features a Bohemian style interior that’s reflected in the bedrooms and the patio. In fact, the apartment is also equipped with a chef’s kitchen, a dining bar that can accommodate 7 people, and two and a half bathrooms. Indeed, we expected Knightley to be adventurous when it came to styling her home, as she has always wowed us with her unique looks on the red carpet.


Ex-One Direction member Harry Styles has had his career going on for him since he was introduced as a part of the band. The singer’s international success has definitely earned him investment money, as he recently signed an $8.5 million home in the lavish Hollywood Hills. This mansion has a media room and a theater, as well as a spacious living room and high ceilings. The master suite has a private terrace with city views of Los Angeles.There is a swimming pool and many relaxation areas in the backyard.

With a pool and relaxing hot tubs that are a staple in every celebrity home, it seems that the glamorous lifestyle fits Styles well. We’re certain that his career still has a long way to go, as he scores more tours and chart-toppers as a solo artist and as he ventures into the acting industry.


With the Charlie’s Angels reboot making rounds on social media, we can’t help but remember the original trio that made the film famous. Cameron Diaz, who played Natalie Cook, is holding on to her success as she invests in multiple million-dollar properties. The apartment is located in Greenwich Village and occupies 1,400 square feet. Since 2008, it has been the residence of Cameron Diaz.

A few years ago, Diaz made the decision to renovate her lavish home with well-known interior designer Kelly Wearstler. This didn’t seem like a big deal then, but she had just recently sold this home for $4.25 million, showing off a worthy investment. With wise investment planning like what Diaz showed us, it’s no wonder Diaz is willing to go all out on a fabulous home for her and her family.


Jessica Chastain has proven to us time and time again why she’s worthy of the limelight. She is an excellent movie star and has appeared in many wonderful movies, including The Tree of Life, Take Shelter. Apart from being dubbed as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood, she’s also vocal about her advocacy for women’s rights. Her influence landed her on Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world, and rightfully so.

With all of these going on for her career, Jessica unsurprisingly purchased a home in Midtown, New York City, worth $5.1 million of her investment money. The fancy apartment holds 3,200 square feet and houses nine bedrooms. Indeed, the home is fitting for someone who has made numerous impressive appearances on screen. Jessica, 43 years old this year, deserves such a house.


Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in the music industry today, with countless awards and chart-topping songs. Since her first self-titled album in 2008, Taylor has been dominating the scene with her relatable songs. As she continues to grab our hearts with every lyric, her success is holding out for her pretty well.

Thanks to her investment money, she finally purchased a beach house on Watch Hill, Rhode Island. This mansion was built in 1930 and is located at the highest point of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. According to reports, she paid for it in cash. The property is 1,000 square feet in size, with an impressive interior and exterior. The singer has often held many parties with her celebrity friends to make the most of her mansion. With $40 million spent on real estate investments, the singer surely has a good eye for beautiful homes and estates!


Rihanna is a music icon we all love for her unique music styles and persona. With her looks and trendy songs, it’s no wonder that her career has been growing steadily over the past years. Now with a makeup line called Fenty Beauty, it seems that the cash flows are going great for the star, as she chose to invest in a $22 million Caribbean mansion on the island of Barbados.

Boasting a fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea, private docks, and her own private spa, Rihanna is no less than living the true glamorous life in her home. This residence is designed in a modern style. The spacious balcony enjoys manicured gardens and endless tropical scenery. The luxury apartment also includes a fully functional kitchen and a spacious living area. It looks like she won’t be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon!


Canadian actor and entrepreneur Drew Scott knew he was fit for the lavish lifestyle, especially with his knowledge and expertise in real estate. As someone who is known for his wise money management skills, Scott impressed us all when he and his wife Linda Phan showed off their $2.3 million home in Los Angeles.

The house is located near Windsor Square in Los Angeles. It has an area of approximately 3,300 square feet and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There are living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor. The beautiful house is no less than extravagant, with renovations carefully led by Scott himself. The Property Brothers star has proven to us again his exceptional eye for good housing, and while we’re still waiting to get a sneak peek, we’ll just have to trust his real estate background and skills!


Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the music industry’s most powerful and successful couples, with their individual careers making great milestones throughout the years. Because of their continued success, we expected no less than a $45 million home in Los Angeles, with their combined net worth of $1 billion to back them up. The mansion internal space is approximately 30,000 square feet.

Spacious terraces and terraces create 10,000 square feet of additional living space outdoors. The lavish property houses fourteen bedrooms, a bowling alley, and a tennis court. If that isn’t enough to make your eyes drop in envy, it also boasts a citrus orchard and swimming pools. The public area of the glass wall is open on both sides to access enjoy the panoramic view. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows are bulletproof. With their glamorous and unapologetic lifestyle, we’re certain they won’t be needing divorce lawyers anytime soon!


Nothing screams glamorous more than Beverly Hills, and we can only hint at the kind of lavish lifestyle Lionel Richie is living. Being a legend in the industry, Richie’s investment money is a fruit of his famous hits that we all love until today. His 17,000 square-foot property in Beverly Hills has been his home since 1991. This house has historical significance because it was built in 1929 by architects Harry Koerner and William J. Gage.

Nothing short of glamorous, the Italian-style house holds four garages, ten baths, six bedrooms, and a music studio for his creative outlet! As a singer, Lionel spent most of his career traveling the world, so the overall theme of his house was inspired. Truly, his contributions to the music industry, all known today as classics, make him deserving of the lifestyle he is now enjoying.


Morgan Freeman is a legend and icon in the film industry, with his voice and acting skills making films like The Bucket List, Bruce Almighty, and Now You See Me memorable. His current net worth, a jaw-dropping $200 million, is well deserved for the passion he pours into each of his films and projects. Additionally, he advocates for the environment, specifically beekeeping, and has even invested on a bee sanctuary.

Among his worthy investments, Freeman purchased a 124-acre property in Mississippi. While the amount remains undisclosed, we’re sure that Freeman will continue to reap the fruits of his successful career. According to Forbes, Morgan Freeman converted his 124-acre house in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary. He started with 26 beehives imported from Arkansas. He said that he only intends to feed bees, not honey. Bee-friendly vegetation has also been planted throughout his property.


Her performance as Gabriela Montez in the Disney trilogy High School Musical has definitely kickstarted Vanessa Hudgens’ career. Today, she continues to wow us with her performances both on-screen and on Broadway musicals. The Disney star is keeping bankruptcy lawyers at bay with her success, as evidenced by her $2.7 million California home in Studio City.

Indeed, the house, which holds six bedrooms and features a beautiful Mediterranean style, is enough to make anyone jealous. More than 5,000 square feet of houses are opened through carved wooden doors to enter the foyer, which goes through elaborate tent arches and leads directly to a huge spiral staircase. The open living space includes a living room with a fireplace, built-in benches and a large gap in the wall that can directly look at the adjacent dining room. Showing off a hint of Moroccan and Tuscan accents, Hudgens’ home is fit for a star whose career has been steadily growing since she was first introduced in the industry.


Who knew that athlete Carson Palmer would be living the life after he played as a quarterback? After his play for the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and Oakland Raiders, Palmer has been living a life of good credit scores and incredible investment planning. It seems that he is living a truly lavish life, as he shows us his 8,000 square-foot home in Del Mar, which was built in 2007, complete with a kitchen, six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms.

Located in the heart of the upscale Del Mar Village, this elegant residence combines sea views and lush gardens with the charm of craftsmen, allowing Carson Palmer to enjoy the sun and the breeze of the beach. His career as an athlete paid off incredibly. Although he spent a crazy amount of $24 million, we think the athlete is truly deserving to be lavishly comfortable.


Iconic supermodel, actress, and businesswoman Naomi Campbell have turned heads since she first entered the industry. Known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Naomi has been living the glamorous life – thanks to her success in her field. However, what’s more jaw-dropping than her physique is her boyfriend’s gift for her birthday: an impressive $390 million property in Isla Playa de Cleopatra, Turkey.

The Eco-House Horus designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido, who specializes in sustainable architecture, is fully self-sufficient in energy, water and food. Like other projects, he relies on careful bioclimatic design to solve efficiency challenges. The resulting dome-shaped house has no less than 25 bedrooms and 5 lounges.While it’s not meant to be her home, it surely is an incredible property to host parties and get-togethers. The vacation house, which is shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus, is too stunning that it won’t be wise to go without a good home security system.


NBA Superstar Stephen Curry has been on the limelight for years because of his impressive skills and talent. With his success, we’re sure the athlete is far from worrying about calling a bankruptcy attorney. In fact, he has been making wise investment choices. Just recently, he placed his $1.2 million mansion in the market for sale. Featuring a traditional European manor style, the Covers an area of 7,650 feet property is complete with high ceilings and décor.

The best part? It houses a movie theater perfect for night-ins with the family. The lower floor is set up for entertainment and is equipped with a wet bar, a billiard room and a media room. There is also a wine cellar. Two terrace balconies and various terraces create more living space for the outdoors. With his investment decisions, it seems Curry surely knows how to plan his cash flows right!


Midnight Sun actress-singer Bella Thorne is as successful as she is at the young age of 22. With ongoing projects and film appearances in line for her, it’s no wonder that the actress has heaps of investment money to spend on real estate properties. Her $2 million Sherman Oaks mansion in Los Angeles is impressively huge – at 4,500 square feet in total, with six bedrooms and bathrooms. Apart from that, the grand home features a wine room, pool, and spa.

There are many colourful decorations around the house. In addition to the brightly coloured exterior walls, the manor also has a two-storey foyer with rainbow stairs and floor-to-ceiling murals for Thorne and her record company, and a blue and green living room decorated with feather boas. The Disney star is someone to look up for the younger generation when it comes to early investment planning!


Blink-182 is one of the longest-running rock bands today, with hits like I Miss You, All the Small Things, What’s My Age Again, and First Date filling our childhood. Throughout their years in the music industry, it’s undeniable that the band has grown their fanbase to an incredible extent. Their success is truly admirable, which is why it comes as no surprise that the band’s drummer Travis Barker has been keen on tapping real estate.

As a testament to his effective money management skills, he invested in a massive property. Barker’s home in Calabasas California is valued at $2.8 million, complete with five bedrooms and six bedrooms. The living space on the main floor reaches the terrace through French doors. The terrace is surrounded by green plants, a pebble pool and spa, a built-in barbecue station and a built-in bench.


Meg Ryan has always been on the real estate scene, as she spent most of her free time from the industry flipping houses and repurchasing homes. Her unmistakable talent and passion for her work helped her sustain this hobby, as she continues to decorate her house in Soho. Showing off her elegant style, Ryan’s home features patterned tile floors, French doors, and exposed brick walls. Apart from the interiors, she keeps her house looking sleek by keeping it tidy. With the thought and effort she poured into making her house this pretty, we’re sure it features only the best home security system!

The transaction for Meg Ryan’s lovely Soho loft has broken public records, and the actress sold her house for a price much less than her ask price of $10.9 million. The 4,100-square-foot apartment sold for $9.85 million, which was $1.05 million less than Ryan’s bid.


You might recognize Bryce Dallas Howard in the top-grossing Jurassic Films reboot and her appearance in British fiction anthology series Black Mirror. As she slowly starts to make a name for herself in the industry, she’s making a few investments here and there in real estate. In 2006, Howard and her actor husband Seth Gabel purchased a $2.92 million home, which they later sold for $2.35 million.

The villa, which must be worth several payday loans, featured Mediterranean-style interiors with French doors, landscaped patios, and an outdoor fireplace. The magnificent master suite has a living room and luxurious bathroom, as well as a separate shower and bathtub. French doors lead to a landscaped terrace, courtyard, large pasture and loggia with fireplace. While the home seems dreamy to many of us, we’re sure the couple is looking to find a bigger, fancier home anytime soon!


English actress and singer-songwriter Minnie Driver’s career in the entertainment industry has been going well since she made her first appearance. Throughout her years in the limelight, the star has saved up enough to make a real estate investment – a $2.5 million gypsy-styled home in Hollywood Hills. Impressive interiors and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces fill the property, as Driver spent the most time in decorating.

Although Driver adds many delicate elements to the house, she emphasized that the house needs to be used as a multifunctional space. Driver said: “It must be because I have an eight-year-old son, which means there are often children running around. There’s no arguing that the property is definitely a dream home for any celebrity. Driver must have taken online classes in decorating and designing for her to pull off a cozy feel for such a massive house.


With hit songs and albums that dominated the music industry, singer and dancer Ciara stayed on the limelight for quite some time since her first performance. Thanks to her success and seemingly incredible credit score, the star had the means to purchase a glamorous mansion in Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue. The 10,700 square-foot home features a private dock and a breathtaking view of Lake Washington.

The house includes seven bedrooms, 6.75 bathrooms, five fireplaces and a wine cellar. Ciara and her family are truly living the high-end lifestyle, as the property also houses fancy spiral staircases and a grand entrance. Multiple skylights allow natural light throughout the room, and there are five fireplaces throughout the house. Once again, she proves that she is much deserving of her success not only because of her talent, but because of her well-planned investments for her and her family.


Julianne Hough is famous for her many talents – singing, dancing, acting, and her impeccable performance on Broadway shows like Grease, Rock of Ages, and Footloose. With a passion like hers, it’s no surprise that she earned enough investment money to purchase a $2 million home in Hollywood Hills. Showing off 2,101 square feet of living space, Hough’s property features a cozy and colorful interior, which she describes as a “symbol of pure joy.”

The pristine wood and the tree-lined garden view make her restaurant a snapshot of her decorative style. The living room furnishings include old-fashioned carpets, almost rusty metal feet on the table, logs and reclaimed wood, and armchairs covered with naked linen. Throughout the decorating process, she has been hands-on with finding unique pieces that fit the overall theme of her home. It looks like Hough will be adding “interior decorating” to her current roster of talents!


It’s impossible to go through a Spotify playlist without hearing at least one DJ Khaled song, and that’s how you know the artist has been dominating the music industry today. After continuous hit songs, the DJ, record executive, and producer has made a hobby out of collecting homes all over the world. His most iconic property, a 10,681 square-foot in Beverly Hills, includes seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen.

The backyard is equipped with a swimming pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, living area and two terraces. Inside, there is a spacious kitchen with two stoves and three ovens, a fully equipped gym and media room. Of course, no music personality’s home would be complete without a creative outlet. With a career like his, no one would spend a minute worrying about mortgage rates too!


Joaquin Phoenix’s name has been on everyone’s mouth, thanks to his new film project Joker. While Phoenix wowed us all with his stunning performance in the movie, it seems that the actor is juggling his career with his interest in real estate. Joaquin Phoenix bought the neighbor’s house next door for $1.3907 million on March 29, 2013. The house is located directly next to his existing property, on top of the Hollywood Hills in Mulholland and Laurel Canyon.

His mansion– a 2,511 square feet of land that features a charming vintage interior – is valued at $1.39 million. Apart from that, Phoenix has quite a number of properties under his and his sister’s name. Despite spending quite an amount of hard-earned money on homeowners insurance and mortgage rates, we’re sure Phoenix has a successful career ahead of him to back him up.


Jillian Michaels is a famous name for health enthusiasts. Apart from her incredible work as a fitness instructor, Michaels is also an author, business woman, and TV personality. With a career that seems to be generating incredible cash flow, it’s evident that Michaels is doing an excellent job at money management. The place she calls home is a 3,157 square-foot mansion in Malibu, with three bedrooms and four baths.

This three-storey house was built in 1990 and has a minimalist modern face. Its exterior walls are cement concrete and tile floors, and the exterior walls are glass walls. The soft exterior continues to extend inward, with a floating steel and glass staircase sandwiched between thick concrete columns. The highlight of the property is its incredible view of the beautiful oceans of Malibu, one that anyone would love to wake up to everyday. While she recently sold the massive house, it won’t be long before Michaels lands yet another glamorous property for herself.


Mark Wahlberg started his career in the music industry and transitioned to acting. In 2017, he was the world’s highest-paid actor. The successful actor displayed his money management skills when he diversified his assets, entering into business and television production. His property in Beverly Hills hit the market for $30 million. The property has an area of approximately 30,000 square feet and can accommodate a family of six.

The estate is accessible through a private gated road. The main house has seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a massive open kitchen, and a media room. The main house is a stone-built French manor with luxurious interior decoration. The compound also includes a gust house and entertainment center. You will also find swimming pools and pavilions, full-size basketball courts, stone swimming pools and spas, and wide lawns. Mark Wahlberg is reported to have requested for his home to feel like an actual home. To meet that request, the mansion’s interior has lush decorations.


The creative mind behind the songs we loved and danced to, like Happy and Freedom, is no other than singer-producer Pharrell Williams. Crediting much to his success and talent, Williams now lives in a 9,080 square-foot property in Miami that houses a massive garage fit for seven cars. The property also boasts seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, and a home theater.

Williams is truly embracing the lavish lifestyle, as the beautiful home is likewise highlighted more by its incredible outdoor kitchen, jacuzzi, and its own sauna. Imagine waking up every morning and looking out at the magnificent view of the Miami waterfront from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. When the sun goes down, swim in the rooftop pool while admiring the lights of Miami city at night. This is Williams’ day. After selling the house for $11 million, we’re certain that Williams is far away from filing bankruptcy.


Hilary Duff captured our hearts as Lizzie in the hit Disney series Lizzie Mcguire. After several Hollywood projects, the actress-singer’s comeback to the big screen as her famous Disney character is much awaited. With her undeniable talent and skills, we’re certain her $6.2 million home in Miami is backed up by the home finance money she must have saved from years of success in the industry.

The 9,277 square-foot home in Los Angeles features a classic Mediterranean flair with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an indoor gym. Like her character Lizzie, Duff is truly committed to giving her family the best life she can give. Duff said in an interview with AD that she wants her house not only to look beautiful, but also to make the children live in comfort. “This house is for children,” Duff said.


Considered as an icon in the world of sports, Michael Phelps has his Olympic medals as a testimony of his incredible skills and passion for swimming. After his continued success as a full-time athlete, Phelps is now comfortably living in his 6,000 square-foot mansion in Scottsdale. The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It is also equipped with all the fancy features required for a celebrity residence, including French oak floors, custom lighting, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, Carrara marble countertops, limestone fireplaces and 350 bottle wine storage areas.

The property, which holds high-tech home security systems and a lavish dining area, is valued at a jaw-dropping amount of $2.5 million. Of course, the famous competitive swimmer’s home wouldn’t be complete without an impressive swimming pool. We couldn’t be happier for Phelps, who is reaping the fruits of years of hard work and dedication!


Widely loved for his humor and entertaining appearances on-screen, Eddie Murphy gained his eye-popping net worth from his countless comedy films that are still on our favorites list today. With a net worth of $120 million, it’s no wonder that Murphy is investing a ton of investment money on real estate. His Hollywood Hills home, worth $20 million, is a lavish mansion with its own tennis court, outdoor pools, and indoor pools.

This 18,598 square foot Mediterranean-style house has 10 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. The lush landscape surrounding the property provides a lot of privacy and tropical scenery, adding to the visual appeal of the house. After countless renovations and decorations, the home is now valued at $85 million. Indeed, there’s no one more deserving of such a glamorous home than the man who gave us a few good laughs throughout the years.


Victoria’s Secret Angel Gigi Hadid gives credit to her charming face, and seemingly perfect physique for her continued success in the modelling industry. Alongside her sister Bella Hadid, Gigi has been on the front cover of countless fashion magazines all over the world. Fitting for a supermodel like herself, she is enjoying the glamorous life in her $4 million-dollar home in New York – a massive 2,085 square foot property that holds two bedrooms.

The house was designed by Selldorf, who took modern sophistication as the theme and followed the modern monochromatic black and white, beige and beige colour palette. The interiors are lined with modern furniture and mostly neutral colours and are a perfect cozy home for someone who frequently travels to walk on international runways. The building originally had a boutique lobby, concierge service, storage room and a fitness centre overlooking the sunken garden. Gigi knows where to put her investment money!


Pat Sajak films Wheel of Fortune only four days a month. So, where does the superstar game show host spend the rest of his days? In his Severna Park mansion on Bluff Point, the sailing capital of the world! Severna Park is bordered by the Severn River in the southwest and the Magothy River in the northeast. It has many waterfront properties and all residents can enjoy the beauty of the waterways.

Game show personalities sure need a top home security system in their area of residence, and Pat enjoys his safety in the exclusive gated community on the Severn River with security cameras all over the place. His brick home is a picturesque sight, which could inspire some artists to sit down and paint a picture of Pat’s gorgeous abode, with yachts and canoes in the foreground. A lot of celebrities reside in this part of the Baltimore, Washington Metropolitan Area, which is known for its water culture.


We’ve all spent a few minutes of our day watching the famous Rachel Ray work her kitchen and whip up mouthwatering dishes. But it seems like her talent in cooking isn’t the only thing admirable – Ray has proven that she has a skill for investment planning too! Just recently, she decided to sell her $4.69 million mansion located in Southampton. The impressive property boasts three bedrooms, baths, and a pool.

There is a dining area with a fireplace, a spare media room, and a more formal living room with another fireplace and floor-to-ceiling doors to the backyard. The master suite has direct access to the outdoor terrace, as well as a large bathroom with a glass enclosed shower and freestanding bathtub. As we would expect, the home’s kitchen is nothing original, with two high-end kitchens that are complete with equipment and utensils you’ll need to cook up a Rachel Ray dish.


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are no doubt one of the world’s wealthiest Hollywood couples; we can only imagine what it’s like to live under the combined success of their careers. The two must have taken online classes on finance when they were starting out, as they’ve been making impressive investment decisions in real estate. They currently own a penthouse worth $20.2 million, complete with world-class amenities that anyone would be envious of.

This penthouse has a large outdoor area, high ceilings, a large kitchen, and enough space to roam (decorate). Each unit in the building even has its own wine cellar. The public areas in the building are also very luxurious. Of course, there must be a fitness center and storage location. However, the building also provides various facilities, which are only suitable for the rich and famous. While the two are currently living alongside other A-list celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, we’re sure that they’re living the most lavish lifestyles!


Michael Jordan, wife Yvette Prieto, and their twin daughters Victoria and Isabel are enjoying their sunny residence in The Bear’s Club, an exclusive community in Jupiter, Florida. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team has two other properties in the US, but his Florida home is where his heart belongs. Built on three acres of land, the mansion boasts 28,000 square feet. The design of Michael’s grand home is credited to famous golfer Jack Nicklaus. It has so many bedrooms—11 total—that each family member can occupy two each.

It has a full-size basketball court (of course!), a media room, and a two-story guardhouse. It’s been the basketball star’s home since 2013. This property is lined with trees on both sides to protect personal privacy. It also includes three separate areas-guard room, guest house and pool house. After the renovation, Michael bought the property for a total of nearly $12.5 million. The Florida home is located on the luxurious Bear’s Club, a lush private community.


After being back in the limelight subtly this 2017, O.J. Simpson wanted to live in Florida to be close to family. Lawyers and certain circumstances prevented him from being able to do that. So “The Juice,” then, decided to stay in Nevada instead, where he acquired a Las Vegas mansion. Simpson’s mansion looks very similar to many other houses in the United States. It is both comfortable and livable. Although the walls are mostly bare, a few pieces of furniture or artwork can make the walls look shocking.

He now enjoys a private life near the Las Vegas Strip, in a gated community that comes with a private golf course. The former star athlete’s 5,000-square foot home has five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, the usual swimming pool, and a backyard putting green. Not everyone can get to live in this kind of luxury, though! Lucky guy.


Joanne Woodward is an award-winning actress whose career spans over six decades. Her accolades include an Academy Award, 3 Golden Globe awards, a BAFTA Film Award, and Primetime Emmy Awards. She appears in both film and television productions. Later in her career, she also tried her hand in directing and production. She married Paul Newman, and the two remained in the relationship until Paul Newman’s death from lung cancer.

He left Joanne Woodward with the estate in Westport, Connecticut, where they raised their daughters. The property costs $2.4 million. According to the web page on Zillow.com, the house has 6,442 square feet of internal space and covers an area of 7.34 acres. According to Zillow, it has a “big hotel” and a 200-year-old barn. A veteran actress of her generation, Joanne’s life is a testament that our greatest investments should be in our passions and relationships.


Guy Fieri co-owns multiple restaurants in California. There are also restaurants in New York and Las Vegas that are licensed under his name. He is also an award-winning TV presenter, known for hosting various food-themed television series. Capitalizing on his success in the food industry and the food television industry, he made a number of investments. This includes a property in Santa Rosa, California. The exact price of the property is undisclosed.

Based on its appearance, however, it must have cost him millions of dollars. He lives in this house with his wife and their two sons. Interestingly, he met his wife when she came into a restaurant he was managing. Guy Fieri really knows how to work with food. Guy affectionately calls his manor The Ranch. He has a huge outdoor kitchen with multiple gas stoves, a huge barbecue grill and a custom wood fire pizza oven. Guy is also a gardening fanatic and grows many vegetables and herbs at home.


Josh Hutcherson captured our hearts when he played a role in the famous film Bridge to Terabithia. Since then, Hutcherson’s career has been on a steady road to success, and he’s proving to be much more deserving because of his impressive money management skills. His current home is a $2.5 million Hollywood property that resembles a treehouse, complete with two bedrooms and a movie room.

In addition, the master suite has a walk-in cloakroom and direct access to the rear deck and terrace. This mansion has a lot of outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. While he’s living in what is arguable everyone’s dream home, we couldn’t be happier to see a childhood star living the lavish celebrity life that he deserves. It seems we weren’t the only ones who dreamt of living in a treehouse after watching his movie.


Drew Barrymore is best known for her roles in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates, and the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. In addition to her career in film and television that now spans over three decades, Drew Barrymore is also an author, director, and entrepreneur. These successful careers in various fields contribute to a very good credit score for the famous actress. In her personal life, she has gone through challenges in her health and her relationships. Drew Barrymore has experienced marriages end up in divorce.

She sold her home in California for $7.5 million. The main house that was sold was approximately 6,258 square feet and had five bedrooms, including five full bathrooms and two half-baths. In the main living room, you will see bookshelves and a fireplace. The study has more bookshelves and another fireplace, as well as French doors leading to the garden.


Acclaimed actor and director Clint Eastwood, who rose to fame during the 1960s Spaghetti Westerns era, is not just a cultural icon of masculinity— he’s also got some fantastic taste in homes and properties. He has a bunch of them, sure, but let’s focus on his 1920s Pebble Beach home, a hacienda-style house with six bedrooms.

The impressive architecture of the rustic and romantic Spanish house is credited to Clarence Tantau. Boasting Spanish-style wooden doors, a terracotta-tiled roof, and thick adobe walls, the 6,900-square foot spacious mansion is built around a central outdoor courtyard with a fountain in the middle and canopied by oak trees. Spanish inspiration enters the interior, and the rooms are around by intricate carvings, Moorish doors, high ceilings, exposed wooden beams and multiple fireplaces, as well as pictures of the property. In 2017, Clint had put the estate on the market, but he is rumoured to be still residing there.


The lovely Betty White, now 98, is credited to have the longest TV career of any existing entertainer: 80 years. So, where does The Golden Girls actress go home to enjoy the fruits of her hard work? Her sanctuary is in the celebrity residential area of Carmel Meadows in Carmel, California, which she bought in 1981.According to Mansion Global, this is an affluent area, where many holiday houses and other celebrities live there, including Clint Eastwood and Sammy Hagar.

Betty’s mansion is cozy and surrounded by greenery. The house has a perfect and romantic view of the Carmel coastline. In the midst of this pandemic, the celebrity legend remains in good health, keeping herself relaxed and isolated in quarantine. When you’ve got a home as cozy and spacious as hers, going through this period will surely be a breeze!


It’s only natural that the German supermodel, whose investment is on her style and appearance, would choose to live in a gorgeous home. Former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum owns an 8.5-acre property in Los Angeles. The house has spectacular ocean and mountain views and is built with the best materials.

Sitting on that property is a mansion with a classic Italian style. She renovated the property to add her personal touch. The house has eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It also features a domed library, a temperature-controlled wine room, and a projection room. The master room has great views and a separate living area with a cosy fireplace. Outside, the property features rose gardens, lawns, a koi pond, and an infinity pool. It also has a children’s playground to keep the kids happy.


Halle Berry is well-known for her striking beauty and incredible acting skills. The award-winning actress never fails to perform at the highest level whatever role she plays in. The legendary Hollywood star moved into a breathtaking property in Malibu while her house was undergoing repairs. Halle first purchased this more than 5,000 square feet house in 2004 and moved into the house when her previous Hollywood Hills house began to repair.

The luxurious beach house is a real investment. It offers incredible views of the ocean from almost anywhere in the house. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a jacuzzi, and an elevator. This is definitely not your ordinary beach house. It has a lot of space and looks very comfortable. The interior decoration is mainly white, with colorful details throughout the house. It is still an environment designed specifically for relaxation, with additional luxurious features perfect for an Oscar winner and her adorable daughter.


Since 1988, Tom Selleck and his wife Jillie are luxuriating—and raising a family— in a Spanish colonial-style ranch in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, California. His abode spans 60 acres, which was formerly owned by Dean Martin. The actor said: “I am a fairly private person. My relationships and the ranch make me sane.”

The ranch was previously a working avocado farm, and now it still houses more than 1,500 local trees, which he maintains by himself. It has eight bedrooms, a heliport, a tennis court, a swimming pool, stables, tack rooms, cabana, corrals, and even a golf course. It’s like living 24/7 in a luxury Hidden Valley resort. Tom, who credits himself as a private person, says the ranch keeps him sane and that he has planted about a thousand oak trees in his property. The Magnum, PI. Actor and California Army National Guard veteran is now 75.


It’s safe to say that the award-winning songstress has got a unique taste when it comes to houses. Diana Ross’s Greenwich mansion seems to have been lifted from a fairytale book. With its rolling hills and impeccably-manicured lawns, her estate evokes a great sense of charm, warmth, and magic. This 12,562-square-foot mansion, with 11 bedrooms, six bathrooms, and five fireplaces is spectacular. Other features of this 9.02-acre estate include a free-form swimming pool, a spa and a tennis court, a five-car garage, a guest cabin and another garage with apartments on it.

Diana, however, makes sure that her abode is not old-fashioned. It features state-of-the-art technology. Modern and livable, it’s sophisticated and elegant interior is fit for the lead singer of The Supremes. The exterior of her house boasts of supreme architecture: a brick exterior coupled with slate roofing, marble accents, and millwork. Admit it— at some point in our lives, we’ve all imagined our dream house to be something of this sort!


Vanna White has been hosting the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982. In addition to hosting, she has also appeared in film and television productions. In 1987, her autobiography was published, and it was a best-seller. Vanna White has shown considerable skills in investment planning, especially in real estate investing. She uses her income from these media appearances to buy investment houses and apartments and renovates them for reselling.

One of her most famous listings is her home in Beverly Hills that hit the market for $47.5 million. The estate includes a 14,554-square-foot mansion sitting on a 5-acre lot. The house has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a gym, a mini spa, and a wine cellar. The 3-acre merlot vineyards can produce up to 150 cases of wine each year, and you can enjoy unobstructed views of the vineyards in the backyard.


John Travolta has a net worth of $250 million. Did you know that John Travolta is a certified pilot? It adds a degree of awesomeness to his glowing career. This explains his ownership of five aircraft—and why his home has its own runways— two of them that meet right at his doorstep. Yes, he had an airport built into his property, and there’s also a Qantas Boeing 707 parked in his backyard. It is only a 10-minute flight from Orlando.

The 66-year-old Pulp Fiction actor, singer, and dancer shared that he designed his Florida home for his personal aviation purposes and chose a 550-acre community inhabited by people with airplanes as its location. Jumbolair Aviation Estate is a short drive outside of Orlando. By the way, his house also has 16 garages for his car collection.


Where do martial artists prefer to unwind? Well, in the case of famed actor Chuck Norris, he chose Texas to be his home. The Good Guys Wear Black actor, who inspired a gazillion Chuck Norris jokes that include plenty of attorney humor, practices his kicks and punches in a spacious Dallas home. Chuck’s abode has a Mediterranean style and is situated in Northwood Hills. It also served as a location for the series Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck, of course.

It’s his home, both on- and off-screen. The 7,362-square foot house was built in 1975, revamped, and boasts four colossal bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym, a large studio, a pool, garage, and a media room. It certainly fits a star! Norris’ brother Aaron Norris owns the property and is selling a house that was used to film the famous action TV series. The Dallas Central Appraisal District valued the property at nearly $1.1 million.


Former football hero turned media personality Michael Strahan sure lives like a king in his Los Angeles mansion. His 15,600 square feet of luxurious space is the ideal place for your fantasy staycation. His house looks pretty traditional, complete with French doors. But on the inside, the amenities are of a superior degree.

There’s a game room with a pool and poker table, there’s a chef’s kitchen, a gym, a Prohibition-style drinking lounge, a bank vault, and it boasts nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms— all inside 20 feet of high ceilings. One of its high-end features is the air filtration system specially designed for smoking cigars in the library. The glass installed for the 1,000-bottle wine cellar can also be used as a flat-screen TV. Oh, he’s got an elevator and a sophisticated home theater with a 15-foot screen. What more is there to say?


In 2014, ultra-rich celebrity couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen purchased a grand home in Brooklyn. Amounting to 10,000 square feet of living space, the hotel-like mansion sits in sprawling five acres of prime real estate. It’s right next to the super exclusive Brookline Country Club and is about half an hour’s drive to the Gillette Stadium.

This multi-million dollar property is adjacent to the country club and has a stone driveway to guide it. The driveway that can fit about two dozen vehicles. He also has a detached guest house, measuring 2,400 square feet, with its own yoga studio. Lucky guests! His crib includes a gym, a spa, a wine room, a recreation room, a play place, and a sophisticated herb and vegetable garden. Without a doubt, it also boasts a home security system that probably rivals that of a bank’s.


If one looks at Steve Harvey’s house, it might get described as a castle, and not just a mansion. Located in an ultra-wealthy neighborhood in Atlanta, the Family Feud host’s home is a staggering 35,000 square feet of splendor. You can certainly get lost in all that space. Steve’s palace is perched on 17 acres of land surrounded by lush vegetation and equipped with a 70,000-gallon infinity pool,.

The interior is jaw-dropping, screaming a degree of opulence one can only dream about in this lifetime. It features high ceilings, a massive walk-in wine cellar, a gym the size of a mini-mall, a private movie theater, a sauna, an indoor pool, and more amenities that can rival any luxurious resort. Harvey’s other properties include another large house in Atlanta, and a 6,500 square foot, 5-bedroom, 6.5-bath mansion in Little Elm, Texas which current price is close to $1.1 million.


Brooklyn-born comic Adam Sandler, with a bunch of hit comedies credited to his successful career, sleeps in a Pacific Palisades mansion. Interestingly, the 13,000-square feet abode has more bedrooms than a bed-and-breakfast. The Hollywood actor’s home features 14 spaces designed for sleeping and seven for bathing and using the toilet.

The house was constructed in 1990 and sat impressively in Los Angeles’ exclusive Brentwood area. His crib’s previous owners were actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. He also owns an adjoining house with an area of 3,971 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms”, which means “the value of these integrated properties is estimated at $28 million. Meanwhile, his neighbors are Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Matt Damon. One can only wonder if they all get together from time to time for a barbecue and to collaborate on movie projects.


Tiger Woods needs no introduction. Over the years, this golfing star has turned into a household name, and with good reason.  Woods turned professional in 1996 when he was only 20 years old. He then went on to win three PGA Tour events and won his first major award in the 1997 Masters. The following decade marked his steady climb to the top, winning 13 of golf’s major championships.

Considering the wealth he’s accumulated over the years; it is typical for Woods to buy the most expensive home in the most exclusive zip codes. Such is the case with his $54 million home in Jupiter Island, Florida, which he bought for $40 million back in 2006. Upon gaining ownership of the property, the athlete immediately made significant constructions. The estate has a 3.5-acre golf course, a gym, swimming pools, and a tennis court. Wood did make a considerable investment to make this feel like the home of a star.


If there is anything we learned from Mark Zuckerberg, it is to be persistent when you have a winning idea and, if possible, bring along your friends with it. Who would’ve thought that the simple Harvard student would one day launch the billion-dollar Facebook empire? So there really is no excuse for many of us to be successful in life. With his net worth to the north of $103 million, he is among the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

He could even afford the best luxury in life. He dresses simply, though, if you noticed. However, when it comes to houses, he does splurge, especially on the home security system side, to ensure his family’s safety. The media entrepreneur owns a $59 million compound composed of two side-by-side mansions on Lake Tahoe’s banks. Its total land area is about 10 acres and has a combined 15 bedrooms and multiple piers to house the different boats used in the lake.


Tucker Carlson’s career has evolved from being a print journalist in the 1990s to a primetime host today. He also became CNN’s commentator from 2000 to 2005 and a co-host for the debate program Crossfire. Since 2016, he has been giving political analysis for Fox News on Tucker Carlson Tonight and has appeared on various shows to share his views on many issues. The political analyst has also written two books, in 2003 and 2018.

He has had many houses in the past, and he is not one to hold on to them long. One example was a house he sold in Kent for $4 million back in 2011. The Fox news stalwart is yet again selling his house, this time in DC, and is asking $3.95 million for it. This luxurious home was acquired in 2017 for pretty much the same amount. Considering the house is in DC, it must also have a steep home insurance premium, but Carlson and the prospective buyer could surely afford it.


Popstar Miley Cyrus has been gracing us with her music for over a decade now. She has been regarded as one of the 21st century’s most famous music celebrities, with her life the constant subject of news. Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music singer.

Despite all her shortcomings, Cyrus has always loved her family and has been a good provider for them. When she started earning in the millions, the Wrecking Ball songstress also started making real estate investments, particularly in the Los Angeles Area. She owns an East Coast traditional-style estate in the San Fernando Valley region, which she bought for just under $5 million. It features six bedrooms and seven baths, a home theater, a formal dining room, and an office. When the family feels like relaxing, they can always dip in the grotto-style pool while preparing barbecue in the fire pit and eating in the outdoor dining area.


Giada at Home host Giada De Laurentis is also a contributor and guest co-host on the show Today from NBC. It appears that Giada excels in the food business as de Laurentiis also founded the catering firm GDL Foods. She has also been recognized and won the Daytime Emmy Award for being an outstanding lifestyle host, along with the Gracie Award. As a chef, we can only guess that the food she prepares is excellent.

Given she has a taste in food, we only expect De Laurentiis to have good taste in selecting houses, too. Her Pacific Palisades home was the perfect place to entertain guests. She has already sold it for $7 million, but the house is one magnificent space. It most likely has the latest home security system to protect the five bedrooms and open-layout living area. Its cabinetry is an artwork with its very sleek and modern designs. Outside, there is a patio, a grassy lawn, and an infinity pool.


Given credit for being a feminist rapper, Queen Latifah has been in the music industry since 1989 when she signed up with Tobby Boy Records. This label was responsible for releasing her first two albums and propelling Queen Latifah’s name to fame. She has since received a Grammy Award and garnered recognition for her film appearances. Some of these movies include Chicago, Last Holiday, and Girls Trip.

Not much information is available about Queen Latifah’s real estate portfolio, but we know that she sold a house back in 2014. The Colts Neck home was worth $2.399 million and had a floor area of 7,000 square feet. It also has an outdoor recreation area, a massive swimming pool, and other luxury amenities. The estate was obviously designed for entertaining, and it has been used as such since the singer bought it. Queen Latifah recalls that there were many memories in the house from friends and family members.


Rapper Kanye West, along with his former wife Kim Kardashian, has gained famed separately and as a couple. West has been a very influential name in the music industry and is influential in making hip-hop and popular music mainstream in the 21st century. He even tried to bring his influence to the White House, though he eventually withdrew from the US presidential elections.

When it comes to houses, West does not scrimp. He goes all out, and one example of that is his Los Angeles former McMansion. West and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian bought the house itself for $60 million, but they also spent a whopping $20 million to renovate the 15,000 square feet home to their liking. It has now transformed into a magnificent megamansion with soaring hallways and marvelous flooring. The couple chose neutral palettes for the overall themes, but all the fixtures were branded and luxurious.


McDonald’s All-American Tristan Thompson was drafted into the NBA in 2011 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The basketball star began developing an interest in the sport when he was in high school after joining the team at St. Benedict’s. When he entered college, he became part of the Texas Longhorns and received the MVP award. This potential allowed him to be the highest-drafted Canadian player in NBA history.

The NBA star has now settled in Los Angeles, where he bought a home. However, he has since listed the $8.5 million home, which boasts seven bedrooms and seven and a half baths. The property is a modern farmhouse with its sleek design and high ceiling. It was purchased by Thompson back in 2019 for $6.9 million. Once sold, he would have made $1.6 million in profit, making the house a worthy investment. The buyer would surely love the family room, which has oak floors. The yard, meanwhile, has a bar and a summer kitchen!


Comedy sketch has been Ben Stiller’s expertise after he wrote several mockumentaries and hosting and producing The Ben Stiller Show for the whole 13-episode run. The actor has starred, produced, or directed over 50 films, including There’s Something About Mary and The Cable Guy. His films have grossed over $2.6 billion in North America alone, and for that, he has won an Emmy, a Britannia, and multiple MTV Movie Awards.

As his work needs him to be in New York for most of the time, he purchased an apartment in the city’s West Village. The full-floor apartment overlooks the famous Hudson River. It sits on 3,400 square feet of flooring and has an inviting and modern living room. Stiller takes his breakfast in marble and walnut breakfast bar, in true celebrity fashion. Also, guess who also lives in the same 15-story complex? Irina Shayk and Jon Bon Jovi!


Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger served the state from 2003 to 2011. Before becoming a politician, however, Schwarzenegger was a well-known actor and body-builder. Despite being retired, he remains a prominent figure in the bodybuilding industry. He is also a well-regarded Hollywood action star with film credits in movies like Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, and The Running Man.

Right before he became elected as Governor, the actor bought a sprawling mansion in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. The estate boasts a 14,500 square-foot mansion atop a hill and a good view of the Pacific Ocean. The property’s value sat at $11.9 million at the time of purchase. With its seven bedrooms, a tennis court, and swimming pool, the family can certainly enjoy the stay.  The area is also home to some of the most famous Hollywood stars, with some of his neighbors being Jim Carrey and Steven Spielberg.


When Bill Maher talks, people listen. If you didn’t know, he is the HBO host for the show Real Time with Bill Maher since 2003, his venue to air his political comments. Maher is quite famous for his sociopolitical commentary on issues in the US. He has also supported animal rights and has been on the board of PETA since 1997. The host was also ranked 38 on the list of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time back in 2005.

Because of his stressful work, Maher would typically take a vacation near the water to relax. So he decided to purchase a $1 million Catalina Island condo as his vacation home. It is not that big, but this island in California is his sanctuary during the winter months. The high roofing and the unit’s two bedrooms are good enough for the host. Add the sea breeze to that, and Maher is in heaven.


Celine Dion is best known for her powerful and technical vocals. She also remains the best-selling Canadian music celebrity and among the highest-grossing worldwide. Her flair and interest in music started as a teen in the 1980s when the diva started releasing French-based songs. The 1990s saw her fame extend worldwide when she began making English songs like The Power of Love and It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

The singer has spent a good deal of her time in her former home, the five-and-a-half acre estate on Jupiter Island. Her mansion, measuring 11,000 square feet, has 13 bedrooms and 14 baths. She could virtually invite her friends and have space for all of them. However, Celine already sold the property for $38.5 million, so the new owner is most likely happy with the degree of sophistication the interior and exterior design showed. The outdoor water park is just a bonus.


In 2001, the satirical comedy Wet Hot American Summer made Bradley Cooper a famous name. In the years following his debut, his films have grossed over $11 billion worldwide, which has put him on the list of highest-paid celebrities four times. Some of his more notable movies include American Hustle, American Sniper, and Silver Linings Playbook. We do not see him in any MCU film, but we hear his voice–yes, that of Rocket Raccoon!

What is a must-have in his home? Well, the actor likes to keep his wine cellar close. He purchased this apartment unit in the posh Greenwich Village area of New York for $13.5 million under a trust. If this were under a mortgage, the monthly expenses would undoubtedly be huge. There are six bedrooms in this 4,000 square-foot property, along with a wet bar and 1,100 square feet of outdoor space. It does look like this space is more for entraining guests.


Celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi has been the host of the show, Top Chef, since 2006. With her excellent work in the program, Lakshmi earned the right to get a Daytime Emmy Award. She is a skilled cook and a talented writer with four books, three of which were cookbooks and one a memoir, under her name. She has also appeared in several Italian films before her break on Top Chef.

So what does a celebrated chef do after work? She goes home and cooks! Her expensive $10 million-worth apartment in New York has the best kitchen any cook could imagine. Lakshmi shares the home and the kitchen with her daughter. The kitchen boasts of top-of-the-line appliances, a large island, and a bar top. As expected, it also has massive storage for all her ingredients. We can say that Lakshmi poured in heavy investment money on this house.


Billy Dee Williams, born in New York City, was raised with his twin sister in Harlem. His mother, who also tried to make it in the opera industry, inspired Billy to pursue a career in entertainment. However, Williams also wanted to be a painter, so he enrolled and got a degree in arts, majoring in visual arts. Now that he has largely retired, he spends his time attending fan conventions for the Star Wars franchise.

Williams has also listed his luxurious home in Beverly Hills for $13 million. The Balinese-inspired house has a stunning view of the Los Angeles skyline. It has ample space at 6,000 square feet and also has a lovely garden with beautiful patios. The mansion is massive, with six bedrooms and seven and a half baths. Every inch of the house was also carefully designed, with only the best fixtures and appliances installed.


One way or another, we can all agree that music has become quite an integral part of our lives. Ever since we were infants, we’ve gotten exposed to various types of songs from different genres. Well, it’s the same case for Gwen Stefani. Introduced to folk music artists such as Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan during her childhood, Gwen eventually developed her own preference and even became a singer-songwriter herself.

Over the years, Gwen has released more than a few memorable tracks, including Hollaback Girl, The Sweet Escape, and Cool. Along with the fame she’s garnered, the singer also earned a fortune, more than enough to buy this Beverly Hills mansion. For a time, Gwen once called this place her home before selling it for $21.65 million. Even so, it’s safe to say the new owners will surely be proud of this investment: a 15,018-square-foot house with a private office, a movie theater, and even a 1,500-square-foot gym.


Many of our favorite music artists found their first shot to fame by competing in talent show competitions. One such name worth mentioning is Harry Styles, who began his career performing in The X Factor. Not long after, Harry landed a spot in the world-famous boy band One Direction. After releasing more than a few hit tracks with his newfound friends, the group eventually parted ways.

Since then, Harry has garnered widespread fame and recognition as a solo artist, releasing tracks such as Sign of the Times, Watermelon Sugar, and Kiwi. He’s also dabbled in other ventures and landed his first acting credit in 2017’s Dunkirk. With that said, the singer is also no stranger to the real-estate business. In 2019, Harry sold his Los Angeles home for approximately $6.7 million. This beautifully-designed abode provides its residents with amenities such as a lovely terrace with a just-as-lovely view and an outdoor area featuring its very own swimming pool.


Being a celebrity also means you’ll have millions of fans supporting you, but that fan base almost always begins with a small but significant number of people. For Howard Stern, his first supporter was his dad. After noticing his interest in becoming a radio show host, Howard’s father provided him with a microphone, among other recording equipment, which ultimately helped him hone his craft.

Nowadays, Howard is most known for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show. Along with the projects he’s done over the years, Howard also earned quite a fortune. In fact, in 2013, he spent a portion of his investment money on a beachfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida worth an astounding $52 million! Besides the wave’s soothing sounds, this 19,000-square-foot abode also features five bedrooms, 12.5 baths, plenty of lush green scenery, and a swimming pool.


More often than not, people realize their true calling during their years in school, which was quite apparent with Hugh Hefner. Along with spending some time working as a writer, Hugh eventually finished his college studies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology while minoring in art and creative writing. Since then, he has become a well-known figure in the publishing business.

Like many celebrities, a whopping amount of fortune came with Hugh’s fame, which became more apparent with the fun lad’s mansion. Located in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills area, the estate has been the venue for many events, ranging from social gatherings to charity programs. With that said, this 5.3-acre property featuring a  21,987-square-foot mansion includes plenty of amenities, including a screening room, a grotto, and a gorgeously-designed pool area, a perfect place for residents to spend afternoons at.


At a young age, Jason Derulo already showed a knack for singing, further fueled by his songwriting interest. After making his first composition when he was just eight years old, Jason eventually garnered public attention in his teens. Since then, he’s become one of the music industry’s most recognized figures, well-known for songs such as In My Head, Whatcha Say, and Trumpets.

Besides music, Jason has other hobbies he enjoys doing in his spare time. Recently, he’s been making more than a few videos on the social network site TikTok, where he also provides fans with glimpses of his mansion. Located in Tarzana, Los Angeles, the singer bought this humble abode for $3 million. Well, by the looks of it, it’s safe to say each penny spent on this investment surely hasn’t gone to waste. The house has a basketball court, a home theater, and a 75-foot outdoor pool with a built-in bar among its amenities.


Ever since we’ve made electricity a reliable energy source, technological advances have not slowed down. With that said, among the many people that have made full use of this discovery is, of course, Jeff Bezos. The billionaire already had a knack for all things computer-related, even at a young age – he even modified an alarm system for his room! Well, with what he has achieved over the years, it’s safe to say that the alarm system was just one of the first steps he took in his journey to success.

With his astounding net worth of $180.6 billion, it comes as no surprise that Jeff was more than willing to get his hands on this Beverly Hills haven. First owned by Jack Warner, followed by David Geffen, Jeff recently purchased this estate for an impressive price of $165 million! Besides its undoubtedly beautiful architecture, design, and many amenities, another reason behind buying this beauty would surely be its rich history.


A person can discover a lifelong goal at any point in time. For Jim Parsons, he realized his passion for acting when he was just six years old after performing in his school’s production of The Elephant’s Child. He eventually finished his studies with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting and landed his first official stints in stage plays. Since then, Jim has become most known for his role in titles such as The Normal Heart, The Boys in the Band, and of course, The Big Bang Theory.

Like other celebrities, this actor is no stranger to the real estate business. In 2018, Jim finally sold his Hollywood Hills mansion for $8.95 million, an impressive escalation from when he bought back in 2011 for $6.375 million. This stunning property sits on a 1.45-acre plot of land with more than enough to keep its residents cozy, including a dining terrace by the koi pond, a theater, an outdoor fireplace, and a lagoon-style pool.


Like music, comedy is something many of us look forward to every day. After all, everyone loves to have a good laugh every once and a while. Jimmy Fallon is no exception to this. He often listened to the radio throughout his childhood, where he found his love for comedy and music. Well, with his passion for the art amplified after watching Saturday Night Live, Jimmy has since received widespread recognition as the comedic/talk show host of The Tonight Show.

Along with the fame, Jimmy also accumulated quite a fortune, so he bought himself and his family a stylish house in New York. Originally just a one-bedroom pad, the comedian spent portions of his investment money to expand the property, making it into a 4,950-square-foot home with six bedrooms. After a few years of residency, though, Jimmy decided it was time to say goodbye to this lovely house and placed it on the market for $15 million.


Many of the entertainment industry’s well-known actors often began their journey performing stage productions. Jennifer Garner is one of them. While studying for her college degree, Jennifer not only acted on stage, but she also did behind-the-scenes work, selling tickets, setting up the sets, and cleaning the venue. Well, in one way or another, it’s safe to say the experience helped mold the work ethics and principles she follows today.

Thanks to her career under the Hollywood spotlight, Jennifer was able to own a couple of gorgeous homes along the way. One such example is her Pacific Palisades estate, which is reportedly available for leasing for $13 million. For the price, this humble abode’s well-designed architecture welcomes its residents with amenities such as a private office, a home theater, a craft room, a billiards room, and even a gym with its own sauna.


Although his father was a televised evangelist, Joel Osteen preferred behind-the-scenes work. However, this changed a few years later when he finally took over his father’s job. Since then, Joel has taken credit for garnering around 10 million viewers in the US alone. With that said, he’s also done a few writing gigs along the way, having released books such as Your Best Life Now and Become a Better You.

Thanks to his work as an author, Joel has bought himself and his family a lovely place they can call home. Located in Houston’s River Oaks suburbs, Joel bought the house for $10.5 million. The property is surrounded by lush greens, providing residents with both a lovely view and all-around privacy. It also features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, a pool house, and a separate guesthouse for whenever they have any friends or relatives staying over for the night.


At this point, the entertainment industry has introduced us to many celebrity couples already. One of those pairs that garnered a skyrocketing degree of recognition is none other than singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen. The couple’s love story began in 2006 when John was filming the music video for his song Stereo, which just so happened to have Chrissy appearing as his on-screen love interest.

That on-screen romance eventually manifested into a reality. Fast forward 15 years later, and the couple is now happily married and lives in a lovely Beverly Hills home. The house, which John and Chrissy purchased, measures 10,700 square feet and is designed with utmost beauty, apparent in every corner. Along with that, this humble abode also features a 500-square-foot home theater, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a pool house, and a saltwater infinity pool.


Seasoned Hollywood actor/singer Justin Timberlake started carving his name in the entertainment industry at a very young age. At 11 years old, Justin landed a part in the TV show The Search as Justin Randall. Not long after, he experienced his first shot to fame when he got an acting credit for The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, starring alongside future celebrities such as Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

Since high-profile celebrities typically receive an immense amount of media attention, it comes as no surprise that many settle for homes away from prying eyes. Well, Justin is no exception to that. In recent months, the actor-singer and his family have been residing in a private ski resort. Justin reportedly paid a $300,000 membership fee and yearly spending of $30,000 for the pad for the cozy-looking home. Despite the price, it’s safe to say it was worth it – just look at that breath-taking view of nature!


Before she made her way into the acting business, Kaley Cuoco spent most of her childhood in the world of sports, particularly in tennis. Beginning at three years old, Kaley played in more than a few competitions until she was 16 years old when she finally stopped and pursued a career under the Hollywood spotlight.

Since then, Kaley has worked on many projects such as Charmed, The Big Bang Theory, and, most recently, The Flight Attendant. Besides acting, she’s also made investments in the real estate business. Just recently, in 2020, the actress sold her Tarzana home for $3.95 million, although she initially placed it on the market for $6.9 million. This humble abode, which the actress bought in 2014 for $5.49 million, is nothing short of beautiful. Its six bedrooms and eight bathrooms also have a movie theater, a swimming pool, and 8,000 square feet of living space.


Over the years, the entertainment industry has spent significant investment money on various projects, including talent show programs. One of the most notable ones is American Idol, a competition that launched several talented artists, including its first season-winner, Kelly Clarkson. Since then, Kelly has released many chart-topping albums and records. Recently, the former AI winner had the chance to work alongside the other coaches in the TV show, The Voice.

With the fortune that comes with her work, it comes as no surprise the singer got herself a home in Tennessee back in 2013. After around seven years of residency, though, Kelly decided to put it on the market for $7.5 million – a discount from her initial $8.75 million asking price. The property sits on six acres worth of land and features many amenities, including a wet bar next to a pool table, a theater, two spas, and a saltwater pool.


Besides talent show programs, the entertainment industry has also produced more than a few reality shows. One such title that has brought its stars to skyrocketing degrees of fame is none other than Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which revolves around the Kardashian-Jenner family. Like her siblings, Kendall Jenner’s first exposure to fame was through the show, though she has since made a more prominent name for herself thanks to her modeling work and ventures in the fashion scene.

Since then, Kendall has earned quite a fortune thanks to her ever-blooming career. She has also spent a portion of it on her lovely Los Angeles home. Unlike the usual flashy designs celebrity houses often have, Kendall’s humble abode is more mellow. In fact, its overall aesthetic and atmosphere are quite relaxing, allowing this celebrity to just chill after a day’s worth of work.


Reality television star and socialite Khloe Kardashian rose to fame for her involvement in the show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Khloe dived into various business ventures along with her sisters, including a clothing line and many product endorsement deals.

In 2014, she purchased Justin Bieber’s house for $7.2 million. She bought the property after her marriage to basketball player Lamar Odom ended. Before Bieber, the house once belonged to Eddie Murphy and his former wife, Nicole. Situated on a 1.3-acre landscaped lot, the estate has a living area of 9,320 square feet. The Tuscan villa–style compound features six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a family room with a backlit bar, a screening room, a dining room, several patios for alfresco dining, a picturesque pool with a spa, and a home security system. Kardashian recently sold off her Calabasas mansion for $15.5 million, a fair price after several home modifications.


Kourtney Kardashian also has a place she calls home in Calabasas, California. She purchased the estate belonging to former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson in 2014. The sprawling 11,746-square-foot home worth $8.495 million has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Upon seeing the reasonable price and beautiful community, Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick swooped in and took the beautiful home off Johnson’s hands.

The house, which nestles inside the gated community, sits on a huge 1.86-acre lot. It features a game and children’s playroom, a chef’s kitchen, an elevator, a spa, a sauna, and a theater. There are also covered patios with a fireplace, a pool, sunken basketball/sports court, and expansive rolling lawns. Kardashian made numerous improvements when it comes to interior design. She installed fancy floorings, floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with her open clothing rails, a cabinet of accessories, and a vast shoe collection for her walk-in closet.


The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch certainly has got it all. Her success can’t only be seen in her kids but especially in her vast array of real estate investments. In fact, her former Hidden Hills property is one of the most breathtaking celebrity homes we’ve seen. Jenner purchased the modern farmhouse-style mansion in 2017 for just under $10 million. She hired acclaimed designers Waldo Fernandez and Tommy Clements to give the place an elegant touch. True enough, the impressive result speaks a lot about her personality— glitzy and glamorous!

The estate has 9,459 square feet of living space and features six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There’s a chic chef’s kitchen, a family room, formal living and dining rooms, a master suite with a walk-in closet, several guest suites, a swimming pool, and a gym. No wonder the German heiress Katharina Harf wanted to shell out $15 million for this beauty!


Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig used to work odd jobs to make ends meet while starting her stand-up comedy career. Now that she has made a name for herself, she uses her money management skills by flipping houses. For instance, she purchased a Los Angeles home for $1.4 million in 2014 and, four years later, sold it for $5.125 million.

Today, the actress resides in a home called Case Study House #10. She bought the property in 2017 for $2.96 million, and she most certainly has a knack for architecture given her choice of houses. The actress purposely designed the modern-style home for a case study program sponsored by the Arts & Architecture Magazine. The father-son architectural tandem Kemper Nomland and Kemper Nomland Jr. created the whole thing. The estate has 3,425 square feet of living space and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It sits on a one-third acre lot and boasts minimalist flourishes.


Kristin Cavallari skyrocketed to fame after being featured in the MTV reality show Laguna Beach and The Hills. With her dynamic television appearance attracting many audiences, she received her own show called Very Cavallari. In 2013, she tied the knot with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Five years later, the couple hired a moving company after selling their Nashville home to transfer into a nearby farmhouse worth $4.2 million.

The 10,000-square-foot mansion is a sight to behold. Just take a look at the rustic modern features that breathe a lot of comfort and coziness. The lovely abode has eight bedrooms, eight baths, a music room, an open kitchen, a dining area, and many other amenities for the family to enjoy. Of course, it wouldn’t be a farmhouse without horse stables, goat barn, and chicken coop. Their kids will definitely take delight in the many activities their huge house can offer.


If you have top-notch credit reports and a net worth of $700 million, how would you want to spend it? For young business mogul Kylie Jenner, she splurged it on a  $36.5 million brand-new Holmby Hills mansion. The jaw-dropping property is as glamorous as the Kylie Cosmetics owner is. She easily fell in love with the estate, and we can see why.

The modern compound includes a 15,350-square-foot main house and two separate apartments for guests. There are seven bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, a long, rectangular pool, a dining area, a game room, an outdoor theater area, a chef’s kitchen, a fire pit, and a sports court. Jenner’s compound also boasts 20 parking spaces, which makes us assume she probably owns a dozen of cars. If we only have a property like hers that looks like a perfect vacation home, we’d most likely stay in there all day and night!


Basketball royalty Lebron James used to own a Brentwood mansion worth a hefty $20.5 million. The gated traditional-style home features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a playroom, a media room, a paneled library, a gym, and an elevator. Highlights include a sweeping staircase, a marble kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, warm oak floors, and tall ceilings. There’s a grassy backyard outside with a lap pool, a poolside cabana, a spa, and loggia with heaters.

James purchased this property in 2015 for nearly $21 million, and we can see that he took a $400,000 loss after selling it. The Brentwood home was reportedly not utilized as his family’s primary residence. The basketball star probably wasn’t worried about the mortgage losses since he earns hundreds of millions in salary. By the way, he also owns another mansion in Brentwood worth $23 million.


Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson earned fame and fortune from making waves in the music scene. After the band’s hiatus, he pursued a solo career and gained further prominence. He partnered with Arista Records and released his music under the record label company. Later on, the musician spent his investment money on a $7.3 million Hollywood Hills mansion in October 2016. After almost four years, he sold the property for $6.4 million and yielded a $900,000 loss.

The 6,000-square-foot mansion has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Initially built in 1937, the structure is glamorously modern, with hardwood floors and expensive midcentury furniture. The master suite offers dual walk-in closets, a spacious bath with a tub, and a sitting area amid a black-and-white marble floor. The outdoors boasts an infinity-edged swimming pool, a concrete deck for al fresco dining and relaxation, and several gigantic palm trees. Tomlinson also owns a luxurious property in the London suburbs.


Mary Kate Olsen, half of the famous show business Olsen twins, has gone through a diverse and eclectic business venture that includes writing and fashion design. She carved her path in the fashion world and launched the luxury fashion brand The Row with her twin sister. Since gaining success with her investments and business ventures, she went on to buy a pair of Manhattan townhouses with her former husband, Olivier Sarkozy.

These posh residences hit the market for $8.3 million and $7.69 million, respectively. To sum it up, they’ve collected an amount of $15.99 million for the two abodes. These townhouses sit on 123 E. 10th St., and 125 E. 10th St. The first space is 4,200 square feet, has five stories, and a total of five bedrooms. The latter townhouse, just like its counterpart, has the same number of bedrooms and bears vintage 19th-century original moldings and fireplaces.


Matthew Perry’s days of living in an apartment as Chandler Bing is long gone. The Friends actor now owns several lavish properties, including this beachfront house in Malibu, California, worth $13.1 million. He initially listed the property for $14.95 million in August 2020 but adjusted the price, probably for a quick transaction.

Perry purchased the house in 2011 for $12 million and spent much of the first half of 2020 at the beachfront property. The 5,500-square-foot estate has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, an open loft-like living room, a state-of-the-art movie theater, a dual-sided fireplace, and an outdoor spa. What’s even more majestic is the glass walls that look out to the Pacific Ocean line the entire mansion. The main deck is undoubtedly a space anyone wants to have! If only we could all afford the home insurance fees.


Meghan Markle’s work on television may have been short-lived, as she only starred in the lawyer series Suits, but the former actress did gain further attention when she became a wife to Prince Harry. Markle then quit the Hollywood industry to raise their family.

As soon as the royal couple started their life together, they purchased a Mediterranean-style house in Montecito, California, for a whopping $14.7 million. The estate has 18,691 square feet of living space and boasts nine bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms. Initially built in 2003, the estate also features a library, an elevator, a game room, a home theater, a gym, separate wet and dry saunas, a lap-lane swimming pool, and a full-size tennis court. There’s also a detached house perfect for guests. The couple probably chose this neighborhood because of its laid-back and paparazzi-free atmosphere. Aside from them, many other celebrities have flocked to Montecito because of its privacy and security.


After becoming famous for her performance in The Office, Mindy Kaling became an unstoppable force in show business. She created her show titled The Mindy Project, which ran for five years. With the guidance of a financial advisor and real estate agent, the comedienne decided to settle down in her new home in Hancock Park.

She purchased the property in 2016 for $6.5 million and has restored and updated the 1923 Italianate residence. The elegant house, where modern meets comforts, has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large family room, a dining room table that can accommodate 12 persons, and plenty of traditional furniture. It has a living area of more than 5,000 square feet and a vast, resort-style backyard, which includes thick carpets of lawn, a swimming pool, expansive stone terraces, and a pool house with a bathroom and a kitchenette.


Screenwriter and television mogul Shonda Rhimes, whose scores of credits include How to Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy, recently sold her Hancock Park property for over $7.166 million. Rhimes initially listed the estate for $9.995 million but changed her mind and slashed down the price.

Owned by the TV producer since 2010, the 1920s traditional-style home sits on a half-acre lot and has a living space of 8,300 square feet. It has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, coffered ceilings, scaled formal rooms, a chef’s kitchen, fireplaces, a library, a family room, and a living room. The master suite has two walk-in closets, dual baths, and a separate study. There’s also an office where Rhimes reportedly wrote many of her screenplays. Outside, there’s a tiered backyard, a grassy lawn, a detached cabana, a swimming pool, a pool deck, and many sycamores and elm trees.


We believe Taylor Swift needs no introduction. As young as she is, Swift has achieved immense fame because of her exceptional singing and songwriting skills. To enjoy the many fruits of her labor, she opted to embark on real estate investments. How many houses does she own, you ask?  Well, we don’t know exactly. What we’re only sure of is she spent millions on her real estate portfolio.

The Lover singer recently sold one of her prized possessions — her Beverly Hills property, for a cool price of $2.65 million. The house features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, high ceilings, a cozy fireplace, a private courtyard, and a garden. For a personal touch, there’s a comfortable den where she probably writes most her songs. There’s also a gourmet kitchen, a 1000-bottle wine cellar, and an office. Outside, mountain views and lush greenery surround the house.


After putting his music career to a halt, Usher founded a record company called RBMG Records. In case you don’t know, he takes the credit for discovering Justin Bieber and launching his music career. Usher sure knows how to spend his money. The hit singer of My Boo and Love In This Club has owned a few houses throughout the years.

In 2018,  he decided to sell his Alpharetta property for $1.5 million. The house sits on a landscaped .87 acres inside the guarded gates of the community. The three-story suburban mansion also features contemporary interior spaces that speak so much style and luxury. It has a living area of 10,823 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. He reportedly bought this property for $1.2 million in 1999 when his recording career was headed to a steep upward swing.

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