Unbelievable Hollywood Set And Wardrobe Faux-Pas That Will Make You Hit Rewind

Cinema isn’t just about the story itself or the performances delivered by the actors and actresses. It also isn’t just about the lighting or the musical score. More often than not, the sets, the props, and even the clothes that actors wear can significantly influence how the movie might be received. From props used for the wrong time period, misappropriated cultural details, wrong costumes, or issues with continuity—there’s no shortage of filming blunders that you can find. With such huge investments put into the creation of movies, we’re surprised that these even got past the editing room! Here are our favorites:


This 2004 film was a success in the box-office but got a lukewarm reception when it came to the critics. Inspired by Homer’s epic, Iliad, there were high expectations long before it was even in the theatres. Given the period in which it was set—everything had to be grand in scale, yet grounded in realism. This is where the movie missed the mark; going so far as featuring a luxurious pink parasol in one scene, which didn’t really exist in Ancient Greece at the time. One need not have a degree to get this right, a simple online search would have cleared it up.

Another obvious mistake was when Ajax was fighting Hectors in front of Troy’s wall. He shoves his weapon towards Hector, and he falls back, part of the wall is then gone in the next shot. A bit of the crew’s scaffold could also be seen.