These Celebrities Believe That Marriage Is Not For Everyone

Some people are simply not cut out for marriage. Let’s face it, holy matrimony is not for everyone, some people are better off being single, and quite a few of them have no regrets about it whatsoever. This is especially true for Hollywood. Marriage and celebrity seem to be two things that don’t go well together, just like lawyers and, well, criminals. So for this listicle, we’ve mined the internet for celebrities who’ve either remained single or have gotten married once (or twice) and have vowed to never make the same mistake again. Of course, one never knows what the future holds, and they may very well pull a Clooney, but for the time being, these are the celebrities for whose marriages seem to be a curse.


Owen Wilson is a self-proclaimed troublemaker yet a very successful actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter. He found himself in a series of big budget films, such as  Breakfast of Champions, The Haunting, Anaconda, and Cable Guy. When it comes to his endeavors, you will never worry about crashing his wedding for the reason that he will probably never having one.

Owen dated several high-profile personalities but has never tied a knot and have no intention of doing so. Even in that case, he is a father considering that he is known as an eternal bachelor. He had a first son while in a relationship with Jade Duell. After that, Owen had a second child during his relationship with fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist. Four years later, he had a daughter from Varunie Vongsvirates. It is still possible that we get to see Owen married but let us not hold our hopes up. As long as he makes investments, we cannot surely hear him struggle with money in the future.


After eleven years and two kids together, people were heartbroken about Naomi Watts and Liv Schreiber’s news about their relationship. But we suppose it perfectly encapsulates our point about marriage—that it is not for everyone. Naomi and Liv did not actually tie the knot, but they could have been, and if they did and it did come to an end, then it would have been worse.

After all, at least they did not have to go through the process of separation, which would have meant having to appoint lawyers, putting a strain on their finances, career, their children, fans, and each other. As of 2017, Naomi’s life partner is her fellow actor Billy Crudup. Both met together on the set of Gypsy and started dating ever since. However, there are no plans yet whether both she and Billy Crudup will be married in the future but let us keep our fingers crossed on that.


If there ever were a template for female singlehood, this 74-year-old actress would be it. We are talking about Diane Keaton, the actress, and filmmaker. She insists she is happier that she did not tie the knot. Diane Keaton has dated Hollywood heavyweights such as Woody Allen, Al Pacino, and Warren Beatty. Yet, after all these years, she never got a ring, and she went not to get one, either, saying that marriage never appeared like a good idea.

Along with her successful career in Hollywood, they have undoubtedly given her the purpose and meaning that she often argues a marriage could not provide. Today, she is free from any form of loans and contented with her actual status in life. Although unmarried, she stated that she has crushes on her life, and one of them was the vocalist of the British band Coldplay, Chris Martin and said he was gorgeous.


This news might surprise you to know that Shakira is not married and has zero plans of getting married soon. Even in her ongoing 10-year relationship with Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two children, Shakira was quite clear in one interview that she is not thinking about getting married at the moment. “I do not find marriage a necessary step in a couple’s life,” the singer said. And, she is right; I mean, why must she complicate things by hiring lawyers and signing papers when Shakira already has everything she needs?

It certainly makes little awareness to her, and with marriage being so insubstantial in Hollywood, nobody can blame her for feeling that way. According to Shakira’s interview on 60 Minutes, marriage scares her, and she does not want to be considered by Gerard Pique to be her wife and instead wanted him to treat her as a friend and lover.


Chelsea Handler is one crazy woman, and she will never stop surprising us with her antics. Indeed, people take life and celebrity too seriously, but not Handler, who’s the last one who will get hold of herself. So when it comes to marriage, we do not expect her to any different. She will treat marriage, like anything, like a joke—like something amusing to be laughed at in a conversation.

After a few relationships, Handler still is not wearing a ring, and we think that’s just the way she wants it because she’s a woman who does not need to tie a knot and the services of an attorney to feel secure about herself. Her relationship started with the former Comcast Chief Executive Officer Ted Harbert, and they split in 2010.  We also saw her dating rapper 50 Cent, but they did not have a relationship. We wish Chelsea Handler the best of luck in finding a permanent partner in life in the future.


I think many desired Scott Disick and  Kourtney Kardashian to work out. They have been together for nine years and share three unbelievably cute and adorable children. After all, they were reality television’s hottest couple, only to lose that accounted after breaking up. But as anyone who is following Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that they remain close friends despite dating other people, they deserve credit for managing that feat.

So we are crossing our fingers that a reunion is on the horizon, but I guess that’s something we can never really tell. She started dating Scott Disick in 2006, but many speculations about their wedding circulated among fans throughout the years. They were not done as planned despite their emerging relationship in these past years, but they split in 2015. Regardless of their split, let us keep our fingers crossed for whoever captures Kourtney’s heart in the future.


She is not a stranger to the limelight. Still, Queen Latifah is the fiercest woman in Hollywood. She is one of those personalities who spend a lot of effort to keep their life away from the exciting eyes of the general public even if she is known as a singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer. Little can be said about Latifah’s private life because she’s so successful in keeping it confidential.

What we do know is that Latifah is not married. In recent years, rumors have been circulating about Latifah’s sexuality, and she is said to be in a long-term relationship with Eboni Michaels, with whom she plans to have kids. But whatever the case may be, the Queen quite clearly does not need a marriage to be happy. She is loved and well-surrounded by profitable investments. Besides Michaels, Latifa also dated fitness instructor Jeanette Jenkins and that both of them bought a home at Hollywood Hills, California, back in 2010.


Tyra Banks is the host of American’s Next Top Model and one of the hottest supermodels ever to grace the cover of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has graced the cover of more magazines than we can think of, so let us say that she is one of the hottest people in Hollywood.

Tyra Banks is not against tying knots, but Tyra Banks is certainly not looking for it, and she is not holding back for someone to sweep her off her feet and offer marriage. In that matter, we are not sure of the degree of how Tyra Bank’s love life is going at the moment, but conforming to some sources, she is dating a Canadian businessman by the name of Louis Bélanger-Martin. On that score, we wish her the best. The renowned TV personality had a relationship with Erik Asia, and they both had children.


Despite the roles he has been in, those of sentimental suitors, like Lloyd Dobler and Rob Gordon in Say Anything and High Fidelity, respectively—John Cusack has never been blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with a fairy tale marriage. Despite having dated quite many high-profile Hollywood women, Cusack, to some degree, has not given marriage any thought.

In fact, for an interview with Elle Magazine, he was asked to describe in five words why he never got married, and the actor wittily responded that he could do it in seven and that is society doesn’t tell him what to do. Despite not getting married, he had a history where he dated women, including Baywatch star Brooke Burns and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and was seen together on the movie premiere of Identity last 2003. Although he is not lucky enough to have a permanent life partner, his career as a celebrity still shines through.


One of the most triumphant entertainers of our time, Sarah Silverman, wasn’t joking when she said how marriage made her feel. According to her, relationships are great, but weddings worst. Not that we haven’t seen Sarah serious, but she instead seemed to be about this one. A few years back, she called tying knots “barbaric,” and she did not want a bunch of lawyers to be involved in her life.

So while she explained that she’s happy to watch others tie the knot, Sarah Silverman does not think she will be doing such a thing any time soon. One of her significant relationships was with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and it lasted from the year 2002 up to 2009. Five years later, she dated Michael Sheen. Their relationship lasted for four years, citing their distance as the reason for the split because Michael Sheen prefers to reside in Britain while Silverman opted to stay in America.


Matt Dillon is one of those people in Hollywood that everyone knows, but everyone knows very little about her life. Living in the spotlight that is Hollywood can get messy, especially if you are a celebrity. So, Dillon keeps it that way to keep himself sane – and we don’t blame him. Indeed, to some degree, the man is so mysterious that nobody could distinguish where his love life went after his breakup with Cameron Diaz.

In that case, we know that Matt has not tied the knot, and he has no plan of doing it anytime soon. Before he and Cameron Diaz had a relationship, he dated Brooke Shields from 1980. The following year, they severed their ties, and seven years later after their relationship, he dated Heather Graham until 1989. After those years since his split with Cameron Diaz, Dillon found new love with Roberta Mastromichele in 2014, and hopefully, their relationship will last forever.


Leonardo DiCaprio is someone that we might reasonably call monogamously challenged. He dated many high-profile people and so many high-profile Victoria Secret Models that it will likely take a while before he decides to settle down.  After all, just like being required not to forget to pay a mortgage, committing to someone is serious, and Leo has more than just a precious life already, so there’s absolutely no reason for him to rush to save and settle down.

Also, when you have that many people throwing their arms at you, like I’m sure is Leo’s case, you have the right to be choosy. DiCaprio had so many past links, relationships, and encounters throughout his life. One of his significant past relationships was with Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, and he was accompanied by Rihanna back in 2016 in a nightclub in Paris, France. It was one of his known encounters that we cannot forget.


Oprah Winfrey was in show business for so long that it seems like the word marriage had never passed through her mind. She and her partner Stedman Graham have been together for so long, and things seem to have worked out entirely between them, which is why we think that there’s no need for them to consider marriage, given that everything’s been working out well thus far.

Indeed, for an interview, Oprah shared that, to some degree, she believes marriage would have been a disaster: she realized that Oprah does not want to be married because Oprah could not have the life that she made for herself. Although the famed television host did not choose to marry her longtime partner Stedman Graham,  Oprah does not regret or felt remorse for not doing so. Being unmarried fulfilled what suits herself, citing Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa was one of the goals she wanted.


We still can’t get over Kylie Minogue’s song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” because it is remarkable for the fans. It is a static vibration feeling that you can’t quickly move on once it gets to your head. Kylie, at 49 years old, told the public that marriage is not for her. It is not something she needed or wanted. This realization occurred after her painful breakup with her fiancé, Joshua Sasse.

Kylie further said during the interview that she now believes staying single is what is best for her. More power to her is all we can say. As of 2018, Kylie had a relationship with  Paul Solomons and is open to how her life is with the director, but she still opts not to have children despite being in a relationship, proving that motherhood was not her destiny. We also hope that she even has investments for future purposes with the happy relationship that she has now.


If you are from the ’90s, then indeed, Paris Hilton had a special place in your heart.  She made an impact on your childhood or to your youth.  She has done memorable things like appearances on TV, pink dresses she always wore, the perfume dynasty, and many more. Paris Hilton was a meme before the word “meme” even existed. We also hadn’t forgotten that time when she got engaged to a Greek billionaire, seemingly overnight, only for everything to fall apart just as fast.

She recently got engaged again, but that didn’t work out either. It seems that, like a lot on this list, marriage is not for Paris, and that’s ok! Back then, many personalities were linked and had a relationship with Paris Hilton and failed, but in 2019 she began her relationship with Carter Reum. We hope to have the best of their relationship while her financial advisors will get drowned with her investments and money plans.


We can’t believe this guy is single. Jake Gyllenhaal is probably used to women all over him as he steps into a room, so we’re assuming this little attack into being single won’t be very long. Whatever the situation, we know he has never tied a knot to anyone despite sharing at one point that he understands monogamy. And why should that be a conflict, anyway? When one can be entirely monogamous without the restriction of marriage.

You can also prevent losing your savings or bankruptcy by saving on the wedding expenses, not that it would be a problem for this successful actor. In 2002, he had a romantic relationship with actress Kirsten Dunst, and after their split years later, he dated Reese Witherspoon for two years. From 2010 until the following year, he dated Taylor Swift, and then three years later, he was with Alyssa Miller that lasted only for months. Currently, he has a relationship with Jeanne Cadieu. Hopefully, Jake and Jeanne will have a fruitful relationship.


Nobody thought Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to be together, but it happened. They’re both good-looking and wealthy, so why not. But if walking down the aisle is on the horizon for these two, well, you are sorely mistaken. After all, Jamie Foxx said that he’s not sure if he’s built for marriage, which is simply a more excellent way of telling that he has no plans of getting married at all.

Whatever the situation, we’re hoping they’ll have a better relationship than what Katie had with that guy from the Mission Impossible franchise. Let’s give some decent credit to their efforts in making their relationship work. One of his notable relationships was with Connie Kline, and he had one daughter named Corinne Foxx, who followed his celebrity path. In those past years, Jamie was with other celebrities like Olivia Munn, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, and Lil Kim. We are looking forward to the Django actor to find another woman that will stay on his side forever one day.


Jon Hamm, who is known for playing Don Draper’s role in the television series Mad Men, is very different in real life. Aside from giving himself a career deadline, he said that he planned to move back home and make investments if his acting career did not gain momentum by 30. He was never married, unlike his character that went on marriage issues twice. It is not unbelievable to think that Jon Hamm learned a thing or two from playing Don Draper and thought that tying a knot is never a great idea.

With that, regardless of what Jon Hamm has been in a long-term relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt, they never got married, and for all practical purposes have not given out any signs that they intend to. When he and Jennifer Westfeldt were partners, Hamm stated that he was not interested in getting married and making them as partners for life and that they parted ways last 2015.


Marissa Tomei is one hottie who does not get intimidated in working with men she has had a relationship with in the past. She is like a lawyer in that regard: no personal dramas, just direct work. Indeed, two of her old flames, Robert Downey Jr. and Logan Marshall-Green, interacted with her on the Spiderman’s Homecoming film, and she barely even show any shock or surprise. That is how professional Marissa Tomei is.

People say she is not interested in marriage because she is like the typical New Yorker, who is passionately independent. Tomei is indeed one woman who doesn’t have marriage on her mind, sharing for one interview that she’s “not that big a fan of marriage as an institution.” According to one of her friends, she did not dream of having family-like many people do and kept herself busy on whatever she is doing, citing that work was her life force.


For those people who still recognize Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder were once a loveteam. Johnny Depp has famously tattooed the name ‘Wynona’ on his arm and solidified a relationship that eventually failed. Wynona was devastated about how her relationship with Johnny Depp ended. To give Wynona credit, she managed to move on and let go, saying that it was all for the best in the end.

After many years and relationships that they had, including her relationship with Keannu Reeves and Matt Damon, Wynona is now doing fine in the relationship department, with her longtime partner Scott Mackinlay Hahn. And about the topic of her dating life, Wynona said that she had rather never have been married than be separated a few times. The Stranger Things star does not want to be married again, but it will surely change her opinion regarding that matter. on her longtime partner’s case


American actress and writer have known for her characters in films such as Fried Green Tomatoes, Grand Canyon, and The Client. Mary Louise Parker does not want your compassion. Despite that issue of the breakup with her long-time partner while pregnant, Parker says that it was all for the best. She is now made peace with what happened and is pushing forward with her life after adopting a child.

For Parker, marriage and the emotional investment required for it will have to wait because motherhood is what’s keeping her busy, and it’s what’s giving her meaning and purpose for the time being. Parker had a relationship with Billy Crudup and had one child with him. Their relationship lasted from 1996 until 2003. In 2008, she was engaged with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, popularly known as Negan from The Walking Dead, but their short-lived relationship. After that, she opted not to have a relationship or life partners ever since.


Sheryl Crow is delighted to have a simple life. Taking care of two sons and writing songs in-between, is a great life. But not like some people, she also shared that she has not entirely shut off the possibility of tying a knot in the future. Crow said that when the right man comes along, there will be a few things that she wants to skip, like the engagement part. Having experienced these already with Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist to whom she was at one point engaged.

The singer said that she would just go and do it if she were that close to getting married. We hope her decisiveness won’t get her into any more relationship woes that will require a lawyer’s services. Before she fell in love with Lance Armstrong, Sheryl had a relationship with veteran singer Eric Clapton which lasted from 1998 until 2002, and linked to fellow rock musician Kid Rock in the same year.


Lauren Graham had the most memorable wedding ever. It made all people in tears, and anyone who saw it would probably decide to tie the knot and thought of creating to be the kind of wedding they would want. Sadly, it was all for an episode of Gilmore Girls, a comedy-drama television series, because Lauren, in real life, seems to be not into marriage. Just think of how much trouble they both have to face with their respective attorneys if one is not interested at all?

She is in a relationship with actor Peter Krause for almost ten years now, but both have yet to say “I do.” Despite not being married, she had a beautiful moment with her current partner Peter Krause and both seen together, whether in movie premieres or television or movies. They were featured together like the TV show Parenthood, for example, and it proves that their relationship is more romantic even though they did not tie their knot.


Lucy Liu is an actress and artist who has worked in both television and movies. She lives life on her phase, her own rules, and we think it is fantastic. Everyone should live like that, to the degree that they can. Even though Charlie’s Angel dated several men like  Will McCormack and George Clooney, she never got married. Lucy Liu recently became a mom and welcomed her son Rockwell through a gestational carrier.

Lucy Liu, unfortunately, is very secretive about her love life, so we don’t know if a wedding is anywhere in her near future. She was engaged once with film director Zach Helm back in 2002, and both parted ways two years later. She was with personalities linked to her in these past years, most notably with fellow celebrity Will McCormack and Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. Instead of searching for other life partners or love interests, Lucy Liu has chosen to become a single mom with her only child.


Not a lot of people are as lucky as Lenny Kravitz. Because of his appeal, he was able to win over very esteemed and beautiful women in the industry, including his former long-time partner, actress Lisa Bonet, and supermodel Adriana Lima. The last star he was known to be with was the gorgeous Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

Although his dating history sounds colorful and very impressive, he hasn’t been in any more exclusive relationships since 2004. After getting involved in a string of high-profile relationships, he decided that being single is just the best way for him. He didn’t consider marriage to be a part of his life. Being a big celebrity like him, he must really value privacy and home security on top of having personal time. Maybe these are just more challenging things to get when you’re in a relationship with another high-profile celebrity.


As one of the hottest bachelors in Hollywood, young Brad Pitt was known to almost always be in a relationship. In fact, he has been with several high-profile stars before he got married. With his great looks and exceptional talent, you would think he would someday become committed to just one lucky girl.

However, his marriages to Jennifer Aniston and then to Angelina Jolie both ended up in a trip to the lawyer’s office to legalize their separation. He may have kids with Angelina, but they both ended their relationship back in 2019. Since then, he hadn’t gotten involved in any serious relationships and instead zeroed in on his career. That might be a wise move, especially for someone who’s also a dad. He still has to make time for his six kids, and because he’s not fully committed to someone up until now, he has a lot of time to devote to his family and work.


Actor Jared Leto is one of the people who like to keep their dating life on the down-low. The talented performer is known for several of his film credits and very rarely for his personal dating life. However, that did not exempt him from Hollywood’s gossip train, although he was never really seriously linked with anyone. What is sure, though, is that Jared has never gotten married.

He is hailed as one of the hottest bachelors in the industry today, so don’t be surprised if you hear news of him going on dates here and there. He doesn’t seem to be in a rush to hear the wedding bells either, so we assume that he will give his all when the right person comes. On the other hand, it’s also possible that Jared just doesn’t want to get married because some people just don’t think of themselves as the marrying type.


Actor Milo Ventimiglia is probably most known for his memorable performance in the film; This Is Us. As one of the hottest leading men on TV, it is not surprising that he has gotten linked to several of his co-actors off-screen. In fact, Milo used to be in a relationship with Alexis Bledel when they were doing Gilmore Girls. Other than this, he also dated Hayden Panettiere when they were doing Heroes. However, despite getting involved in these two high-profile relationships, he never got married. It turned out well, financially, for him, though.

We are sure that all the income he got from being a celebrity helped grow his investments and made him ready for his future family. On the other hand, maybe he just hasn’t met the right person to be with yet. Either way, we hope he’s still enjoying his time.


Several people in the LGBT community may choose not to get married, but nowadays, seeing LGBTQ couples tying the knot is a fairly common scenario since same-sex marriage had become legal in several countries, including the US. Because of this, a lot of gay celebrity couples having been exchanging vows with their partners.

Popular CNN journalist Anderson Cooper, however, is not one of those people. He has been in many relationships, and though he was in a long and serious relationship before, it ended in 2018. Everyone thought Anderson and his partner would take their relationship a degree further, but it sadly never got there. After that, he has been single and dating on and off. He might find someone he wants to marry one day, but Anderson seems to be enjoying his single life for now. Who knows, maybe one of these days, the veteran broadcaster will shock us with newfound love.


Though the usual practice is to get engaged, get married, and then have kids, this isn’t always followed, especially in Hollywood. Many couples do their thing in varied orders, and they always just go with whatever works for them and their partners.

Colin Farrell, for example, has never gotten married but is a father to two sons. He has had a few relationships in the past that the public has followed, but none of them ended up in marriage. He’s had kids with two exes, and these women were not married to him. Though this is the case, having a celebrity like Colin for a father would mean a bright future for the boys. Student loans would be far from their parents’ minds when the time comes. They can surely afford to go to any school they like. His kids are going to grow up well, indeed.


While many celebrities choose to be single, others give marriage a try and end up in legal exchange. There are many separation cases like that in Hollywood, and Bradley Cooper’s previous relationships were not exceptions.

If you didn’t know, the actor used to be married to Jennifer Esposito but later called on their attorneys to help them end things in 2007. After that, he was in a relationship with a Russian model Irina Shayk, with whom he shares a kid. However, despite having a child together, the couple didn’t get married. They stopped seeing each other in the middle of 2019, and Bradley has been single ever since. We’re not sure if he still plans on marrying in the future, but when the right relationship comes his way, he may still give having a family a shot. Let’s just wait and see what else is in store for Bradley.


Though the limelight always looks so glitzy and glamorous to the rest of us, celebrities actually tend to keep their personal affairs out of it whenever they can. As privacy is something they value because they never seem to get enough of it, celebrities avoid the media when it comes to things they want to keep.

Tracee Ellis Ross, for one, preferred to stay private about her dating life. She has been in several relationships in the past, but she doesn’t share much about them. On top of that, Tracee openly said that she didn’t want to marry. Her mantra is “my life is mine,” and she believed that her choice of not committing to marriage is something that gave her control over her own life amidst all the pressures of Hollywood. The degree of firmness she has in her beliefs truly is inspiring.


Famous actor Jim Carrey has been married twice in his life. His relationships have been the fascination of the public on top of his impressive list of film credits. Thanks to his outstanding reputation as an actor and comedian, people became more interested in his dating life. It even got to the point where the media wanted to know who he really was and how he was in real life.

They even followed his marriages even until their separations. His latest relationship was with Ginger Gonzaga, who he did not marry but was with for quite a while. After they broke up, Jim has been single and is admittedly enjoying what he called an “isolated” life. We all know me-time is very important to anyone, even for a celebrity. Having time for yourself is essential for you to keep in touch with all that’s happening in your life and affect you, and that’s exactly what Jim is doing right now.


In Hollywood, it is usually the men who choose not to get married. They would rather date and not get committed to wedding vows and responsibilities. Sometimes, though, women also choose the same lifestyle. Actress Charlize Theron is one example of this. In October 2019, the actress did an interview with Glamour Magazine and said that she didn’t want to get married.

Her life choice to stay happily single proved to be very beneficial to her. She said that she is in a great place and that even her investments are growing. She has been in a few serious relationships in the past, but they all ended up failing at some point. Now finding herself through staying out of relationships, Charlize loves being single. It just really works that way for some people.


Seal is one of the most popular singers in the industry. He used to be in a very high-profile relationship and married model Heidi Klum, but unfortunately, as the public knows, it ended. Since then, he hasn’t married again and hasn’t even been seriously dating as well. Seal talked about his dating life back in 2017 in an interview with FAULT Magazine. He said that he found being in a relationship a degree harder to deal with than most things and found it better to stay single.

We know being in a relationship is not what gives meaning to other people’s lives and that some people choose to be without it. Like Seal, they find happiness in other things. They like to focus on other aspects of their life like their career, family, or even their assets.


Angelina Jolie has been in a relationship with actor Brad Pitt for many years. The two have caught the attention of the media since they met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It took them a while to get married, but they enjoyed being together before they decided to tie the knot. The couple has three adopted and three biological kids together, but in 2016, the world was devastated to find out they had hired lawyers to help them legalize their separation.

The divorce was finalized in 2019, and since then, she has not been in any other relationships. She said that she doesn’t plan on getting married again, probably choosing to focus on both her career and her six children. She already had her fill on the married life, and since she now has all the kids to take care of, dating might not be a priority as of now.


Singer Janet Jackson has been in many relationships in her life. In fact, she has been married a total of three times. The most recent marriage she has been in was with Wissam Al Mana, an entrepreneur from Qatar. They went their separate way in 2017, and ever since that split, she hasn’t been with anyone else.

Janet has been single for a while now, and because of this status that she has maintained, many people think she’s going to take it slow when it comes to dating. She is probably enjoying being single after coming from three relationships. Janet has a lot of time on her hands to spend with her child and on her career. With her many investments, she is financially secure too. There isn’t a reason she can’t keep thriving by herself.


Mariah Carey is one of the most popular singers in the industry. Her impressive vocal range and her sultry image have gotten her far in her career and because of her sheer talent and good looks, one would expect that she would be great in the dating game. In 2019, however, she admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she has only dated a total of five men ever! This already included her two marriages.

As we all know, both of her marriages did not end happily ever after. She has kids from her last marriage but she is now single. With a steady career like hers, she is financially secure to provide for herself and her children. Her home finance is well in place too, so she doesn’t need a husband for that. Let’s just wait and see if Mariah’s heart will open again some day.


One of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, Halle Berry has been impressing us with not only her stunning looks but also her long list of film credits. Her resume is truly admirable and all the performances she delivered never failed her audience. When it comes to her dating life, though, she is currently single. Like a lot of other celebrities, she, too, has been married quite several times. She tied the knot three times and went to court three times to have them undone.

As a strong independent woman, she rose from the failed relationships and came up strong with a lesson learned. She posted on her Instagram account how she learned to look for confidence in a man the next time she falls in love. It’s good to know that she has been spending time on her insights about her past relationships. She is taking good care of herself now. We hope that when she finds love again, she will be very happy.


Singer-songwriter Madonna, who’s had a vibrant entertainment career ever since, had a lot of admirers. Her suitors include Tony Ward, Alex Rodriguez, Warren Beatty, Lenny Kravitz, David Blaine, Vanilla Ice, and more. There’s one guy that stood out, however, and that is Guy Ritchie, whom the famed entertainer married in 2000. The two were blessed with two kids, but sadly, they decided to hire lawyers and went on separate ways in 2008.

Madonna once said, “Everyone should get married at least once, so you can see what a silly, outdated institution it is.” After going through a series of heartbreaks over the years, we can only assume the singer is not going to walk down the aisle the third time around (she was also married to actor Sean Penn in the ’80s.) What’s important is she’s happily living the solo life.


With someone as handsome as Tom Cruise, it’s almost unbelievable to see the actor being single for a long time since his separation with actress Katie Holmes in 2012. The Top Gun actor was married three times, and who would forget his short-lived marriage to actress Mimi Rogers (1987-1990) and nearly successful marriage to actress Nicole Kidman (1990-2001). Anyway, whatever caused him to stay single once again is unknown. Cruise is an extremely private person, and he doesn’t even share details of his separation from Holmes, although we have to him the credit for making top-notch films in the past few years.

His films Edge of Tomorrow, Mission: Impossible- Fallout, and Jack Reacher have wowed us recently. He’s also set to reprise his roles as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible 7 and Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick.


Leslie Jones gained widespread recognition as one of Saturday Night Live’s cast members. She is also famous for her appearance in Ghostbusters III. Jones first did stand-up comedy in the late ’80s after a friend signed her up for “the funniest person on campus” contest, for which she won. From there, Leslie decided to move to New York to hone her craft and showcase her talents. She worked as a writer on SNL in 2013, and since 2014, she has appeared on the show.

As for her personal life, the comedian took to social media her remarks on being single. She wrote, “I just feel like I might die alone.” Her fans showed a huge degree of love and support and commented on her post. For instance, fans wrote back, “No shame in flying solo,” and “You got to remember the best thing you can do is to love yourself.”


Looking at actor Alexander Skarsgård, it remains a mystery why he hasn’t tied the knot yet at age 44. We bet you’d agree with us that the Swedish actor looks pretty, and he could date anyone with his hunk appearance. He once dated model Alexa Chung in 2015, but they ended up parting ways. He also dated another model, Toni Garrn, formerly linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but they also didn’t end up together.

The actor admitted that he likes to keep his relationships out of the public eye. “I don’t talk about it much, and that’s a way to protect it,” he shared in an interview. Sources say that he’s currently single and enjoys his budding acting career. After his laudable performances in True Blood and Big Little Lies, it’s not surprising that his net worth and credit score are currently on the rise.


Although Mindy Kaling rose to stardom for her role in the sitcom The Office, she later launched herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy. Besides television, she has also appeared in various films such as The Night Before, Ocean’s 8, and Late Night. She was romantically linked to her The Office co-star B.J. Novak, whom she dated on and off while filming the show, but the pair split up and have announced that they remain close friends. Kaling gave birth to two kids, for which Novak became the godfather.

To date, she has not disclosed her kids’ biological father. As a single mom, she shared that it empowered her to put her happiness first. “It has been the biggest difference in my life. It’s brought me the most unadulterated joy,” she added.


Single, but not ready to mingle! Jennifer Aniston shared she’s happy with her solo status. The actress has been married twice, first to actor Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and then to actor-writer Justin Theroux from 2015 until they separated in 2017. She and The Leftovers star hired their attorneys and announced their breakup in a joint statement in February 2018. They said that they would like to maintain their cherished friendship despite their separation and are determined to keep the love and deep respect they have for one another, and since then, the actress has flown solo.

“My focus has been on the show (The Morning Show), so dating is not one of my priorities,” the Friends star revealed. Aniston may not be ready to mingle yet, but she also clarified that she would welcome love when it comes knocking on the door.


Cher is a singer and television personality who has a staggering net worth of $360 million and impressive credit reports. She is renowned as a cultural icon with a career spanning six decades. The singer-songwriter has sold over 100 million records, and her notable achievements include winning three Golden Globe Awards, an Emmy Award, and a Grammy Award, among many others. You might think that the Goddess of Pop has got it all, but when it comes to relationships, she hasn’t made a catch yet.

She was married to singer-songwriters Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman but ended up going solo. Love and marriage are not the things she worries about. In one of her iconic interviews, Cher said, “My mother said to me, ‘One day you should marry a rich man.’ I said, ‘I am a rich man.'”


A singer-songwriter of best-selling love and heartbreak songs, John Mayer, might have created his pieces through experience. Half of my Heart, Your Body is a Wonderland, and Love on the Weekend are some of our favorite tunes, and we wonder if Mayer also celebrates love on weekends. He’s unbelievably talented, handsome, and witty, but the 43-year-old musician is single as of the moment.

Mayer was romantically linked to a long list of celebrities, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Rashida Jones, Renee Zellweger, and more. Through all his relationships, he earned a degree of notoriety after publicly bashing his ex-girlfriends, as was the case with Swift and Simpson. Mayer is even aware of his flaws and mistakes and even said of himself, “Dating me at this point is just sort of a no-no.”


Andy Cohen is a television executive, media host, and blogger for Bravo. He also served as executive vice president for the company until 2013, developing innovative formats, creating original content, and identifying new talent. Now, Cohen works as a host of his eponymous show and as an executive producer of the Real Housewives series. He also hosted the dating show Love Connection. Ironically, the renowned host hasn’t found his love connection yet.

While reflecting on his biggest moments, including welcoming his son Benjamin Allen Cohen in 2019 via surrogacy, Cohen shared he is very much ready to raise his son, even if that means doing it independently. Of course, he has received a lot of support from his friends and a baby nurse with insurance probably. The new dad said he would wait for the right one to say, “Let’s do this together.”


Actor Liam Neeson is highly admired for his performance in the action thriller film series Taken, but he’s still not taken in real life. In the early ’90s, he met actress Natasha Richardson on the Broadway production of Anna Christie. They exchanged vows the following year and were blessed with two sons, Daniel and Micheál. However, in 2009, Richardson passed away, although we’re not quite sure if she had insurance.

Since her demise, the actor hasn’t involved himself in relationships. We can only assume that he’s still not ready to get hitched again. The actor has also done a great job raising his sons as a solo parent since other people often compliment him on how respectful they’ve grown to become. Today, Neeson continues to be active in the show business. He has three upcoming films set to appear this 2021.


Josh Duhamel is an American former fashion model who has branched out into both film and television. Some of his notable roles include the Transformers film franchise and the soap opera All My Children. After leaving the drama show in 2002 to pursue other acting opportunities, he starred in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!, Las Vegas, and several other romantic comedies. He also lent his voice to several characters in animated shows and launched a business investment in North Dakota, a restaurant called 10 North Main.

Duhamel met singer Fergie in 2004 and tied the knot after five years. They wed in Malibu, California, and have a son together. Unfortunately, they parted ways after eight years of marriage. Their separation was finalized in November 2019. Fresh from the breakup, the actor remains single for now.


Ron Perlman, an actor-comedian, attended the University of Minnesota, where he earned a master’s degree in theater arts. He is best known for the Hellboy movie franchise. Perlman is notable for his collaboration with director Guillermo del Toro, who worked with him in Pacific Rim, Cronos, and Blade II. Fans can also recognize the actor for his well-played supporting roles as villains in hit series like Star Trek: Nemesis.

The actor exchanged wedding vows with his jewelry designer wife, Opal Stone, on February 14, 1981. They have two kids: daughter Blake Amanda Perlman and son Brandon Avery Perlman. After their union of 38 years, they decided to go on separate ways. According to news, Perlman requests for the judges to declare him single. There were issues raised that he wants to remarry, but the actor hasn’t confirmed it yet.


Country music legend Kenny Chesney has released 19 studio albums throughout his career. He is a highly successful musician who has won several awards, including several Billboard Music Awards and a Triple Crown Award. Chesney has also enjoyed working as a director and producer of the football documentary titled The Boys of Fall. In touring years, he is easily one of the highest-paid music artists in the world. For instance, he earned $40 million between June 2017 and June 2018.

As victorious as he is in his various investments, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to his relationships. In 2005, he tied the knot with actress Renée Zellweger but separated after four months of marriage. Their short-lived romance led to an annulment, and the singer-songwriter commented about the situation and said that he didn’t understand what it was like to be married.


Adrian Grenier skyrocketed to fame after appearing in the HBO series Entourage. He then began a slow transition from acting to producing and directing when he launched Reckless Productions in 2001. Through this investment, his goal was to make socially-minded films. True enough, he was able to release the documentary Shot in the Dark, the environmental series Alter Eco, and another documentary titled Teenage Paparazzo. The latter premiered on 40 other outlets globally, and the director took it to college campuses nationwide.

In 2005, he dated model and actress Melissa Keller, but they broke up after three years. He also dated Isabel Lucas, Courtney Robertson, Emily Caldwell, and the list goes on. We have a piece of good news, though. To those who have a crush on the 44-year-old actor, rejoice! He’s currently single and revealed in an interview that he’s going to be single for the sake of his fans.


Stevie Nicks is one of the most admired vocalists of all time. She is known for her identifiable angelic voice and her poetic songwriting. She is the voice behind some of the most melodic songs we’ve heard in our lifetime. Before she became very famous by her band Fleetwood Mac with her former boyfriend, Stevie was first in another group.
She was a member of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. The band had quite the investment in music, and their leader was The Beatles’ one and only Ringo Starr.

Regarding her personal life, she entered the word of marriage once. Her marriage ended before it could reach a year span. Now, in her 70’s, the talented musician believed that she and marriage might not be the best match and that she’s contented going solo. She even has some pep talk to all the single ladies out there into counting all the reasons not to stay down when single.


Jason Nash is an entertainer and a YouTube personality. All credit to his aura and unique style that is clearly on trend, he has 518 million views on YouTube all in all. He is a part of a popular group on YouTube that gained a million views and counting, Vlog Squad. The 47-year-old actor and comedian also had a channel on Vine. He has produced a couple of movies and Hollywood projects. In 2010, he was a finalist in Last Comic Standing.

Personally, despite his charming personality and a good sense of humor, Josh has a different perspective when it comes to love and commitment. He tied the knot with former wife Marney Hochman, but unfortunately, the two decided to put a legal separation to their marriage. Now, Josh is single and seems to be having the time of his life being a father to his two kids.


Betty White is the true definition of a golden girl. She is the inspiration and role model of every grandma and every kids’ coolest grandparent. Her charming personality, funny aura, and natural radiant ambiance are to be given credits for that. In her personal life, this 99-year-old award-winning legend is that she does not believe so much in marriages after 1981.

If you are wondering what could be in 1981, it was the year when she last gave marriage a shot. She had three former spouses, and although all three remain friends with her, she had given it some thought that tying the knot was not for her. She also revealed in an interview that having kids also was not for her since she is bold enough to admit that she can not handle it. After her third attempt, she has never been married again. It might even be one of the reasons why she has such a long and happy life.


The 56 years old brunette beauty Mary-Louise Parker first rose to fame on Broadway. Now, she is an actress and a writer. She has published one book, and she has appeared on several TV shows and programs.
She has investments in philanthropy as well since she loves helping people and donating to charity. She is a veteran of all of the Red films. The actress is now in her 50’s, but she still looks like the same young-looking brunette with a slim figure that is almost unbelievable.

The single mom confessed that she makes room for creativity and joy. She and her former partner did not end up making things official even after living together for more than seven years. Maybe it was for the best since Parker now admits that she realized marriage is not the only way to commit to a person she loves. She is also in no rush to find that next person in her life for now.


Hugh Grant is one of the most successful and famous actors of all time. He can take on any role, but the award-winning actor is most famous for his romantic comedy films. All credit to Hugh’s natural charm, sultry accent, and beautiful blue eyes, he can be paired up with the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and the chemistry on screen would be perfect.

Recently, the 60-year-old English actor revealed why after all these years, he finally decided to marry. Hugh was anti-marriage before he met his now-wife, Anna Elisabet Eberstein, in 2018. The two have met years before, but it was only in 2018 that Hugh decided it was time for him to settle down. After all, he has five kids total, and his career was a huge success. Hugh is not only a good actor but also a great father. He missed his kids so much while filming that one time he couldn’t help but burst into tears. He had several names on his dating list, which is no surprise, but Hugh never had marriage in his mind. He even thought it would stay that way forever, but the only permanent thing in this world is change.


Seth Macfarlane is a handsome 47-year-old actor, writer, producer, and singer. He is the creator of the huge hit Family Guy, and he makes investments in his assets and determination in the production business. Most of the good-looking, charming, rich, and accomplished men his age are either married, having kids, getting engaged, or living with someone in a serious relationship, but Seth decided all of the above is not for him.

Some people are starting to wonder about his background or perhaps his sexuality. Then came the day when Seth finally explained why he never married or had plans to have kids in the future. He said he is more than willing to date, and that door in his life has never been closed, but celebrities are simply hard when it comes to dating. Many women are absolutely crushing on him. We can’t wait to surprise us with whom he’s going to end up with; kudos to Seth for not allowing the pressure to take over his decisions.


Winona Ryder is a very successful, famous, and beautiful actress. She has dominated the 80’s and 90’s era. Winona was hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world twice during her time. She recently spoke up about Depp’s challenges, and she was in total defense with the actor. The media even said that she is a very great advocate for the actor these days, and she should be given credits for standing in his favor, but there is something in life which the beautiful brunette is not into, and that is marriage.

The actress once shared that she was a monogamist, so she never tied the knot. She said she had stayed single for a while and had very few names on her dating record but long term and serious. She said she is also not great at thinking about long-term relationships leading to an official marriage.


Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time. He is known as the king of movies in some magazines, and to others, he is on the list for Hollywood’s finest actors. The award-winning actor received a ton of recognition and credits for all his hard work and contributions as a legendary film actor.

He had few controversies regarding his private life, although he had a long list of young lovers in his advanced years. Not so long ago, he and his 40-year-old Israeli girlfriend Meital Dohan split since Dohan said Al is somewhat frugal and tight when it comes to finances, plus the age gap was a bit hard to handle. The actor’s most famous relationship was with iconic actress Diane Keaton, like Al, who remained unmarried. In conclusion, the 80 years old actor is happy with his choice of not getting married, as he always says in interviews.


Ricky Gene Gervais is an actor, comedian, writer-producer, and director. He is a co-creator of the hit show The Office. He is always the most one of the most brutal hosts when it comes to award shows. The English host knows how to make banter with the nominees in a humorous way.

Credits to his continuous praises, Ricky is bound to host another awards show, and this time, he has some advice to celebrities – relax. There is one more thing in life in which Ricky is so fearless, and it was his love life. His point of view towards marriage stays the same over the years. The actor firmly believes that it’s purely ceremonial, and there’s no difference at all when you love and commit to someone without it. He’s proven that since 1984 when he and his long-time partner Jane Fallon have been together up to now.


Edie Falco is an award-winning actress known for her prominent role in HBO’s The Sopranos. She also has investments in the production area. She started producing right when she believed in her talents in acting enough and decided that she wanted to take her career to the next level.
The 57-year-old New Yorker and gorgeous mother of two have proved to the world just how independent she is. One way of expressing just how she doesn’t want or need anyone is her status.

Edie revealed that marriage makes her own eyes roll, and she couldn’t even stop them herself. She has no commitment issues, but she lacks understanding when it comes to all the ceremonies and paper works. There had been some questions about her sexuality, but if there’s one person in the world who would always give us the straight answer – it’s Edie. She doesn’t want to get married.


George Richard Chamberlain is an amazing actor and singer. He has taken the best of both worlds by storm. Credits to his natural charm, he became a teen idol in his role in the television show Dr. Kildare. Richard ended his marriage with his former wife almost a decade ago, but he never stopped believing in true love, although he decided to leave marriage out of it. He seemed to have fun with his longtime girlfriend, but then again, heartbreak came knocking. Richard had been single ever since his breakup with a model girlfriend way back in 2018.

He never had any serious relationships afterward or kids. He also left the public speechless based on some rumors about his curious sexuality. It wasn’t supposed to be such a big deal if he hasn’t kept it a secret for so long. Whatever the reason is, one thing people say about Richard is that he is never tired of learning and growing.


Wilt Chamberlain was a professional basketball player. He was one of the best athletes of all time. He had some investments being an entrepreneur, an endorser, and a coach, but he never had a wife or any kids.

At the age of 63, he claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women in 40 years. It was very impressive, but since he never had an offspring, the icon must have been very careful. At least that’s what the media described him to be. Some people claimed to be Wilt’s child but it never turned out to be proven in any way. Whatever the reason why he wasn’t up for commitment, marriage, or any type of long term serious relationships, we’re sure it’s a good one. He remains an inspiration to so many people in so many different ways.


Allison Janney is an award-winning actress with several accolades and is credited for portraying her roles with class and passion. At the age of 61, the beautiful blonde never married. She, however, had a partner. Allison and Richard Jenik have been together from 2004 until 2006. Just because she has one failed relationship doesn’t mean that she is never opening her doors again. Janney might have shown the world that she was an anti-marriage since she has never tied the knot with anyone, but the actress claimed that she is open to changing her mind about anything under the sun.

We only got more excited when we heard the news that after her latest fling ended, she is now looking yet again for a new man in her life! This time, Alli wanted things to get a bit more serious. We never know what’s around the corner for this mysterious beauty.


The whole wide world fell in love with Matthew Perry, and he and his co-actors dominated the 90s, all credits to the iconic, undying, and huge hit F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We only say the name Chandler Bing and people would relate automatically to what we are conversing. Perry starred in some movies after the T.V. show, alongside beautiful women like Salma Hayek.

The actor reportedly dated Hollywood goddess Julia Roberts during his time as a sitcom royalty, yet, the question remains – why is Perry unmarried after all this time? Well, the 51-year-old actor had some struggles with his health a few years back, and he wasn’t in a good place, but thanks to his self-discipline and help from loved ones, he is now back on his feet. Not just that, he is now engaged to partner Molly Hurwitz! Perry might have taken this long to commit, but we are pretty sure he knows how to keep this one.


Jacqueline Bisset is an English actress who rose to fame after obtaining a Golden Globe nomination in her film The Sweet Ride. From there, she began appearing on films like Day for Night, where she won an Academy Award, The Deep, Airport, and Murder on the Orient Express. Likewise, Bisset earned a Golden Globe nomination in Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? The actress never married because she said that her personality could not put up with the bad habits of a long-term relationship. She is too independent to marry someone, and that is admirable. Her life investments are just for her, and there is nothing wrong with being single for life.

Jacqueline’s other films include Class, Rich, and Famous, Cesar Award-nomination in La Ceremonie, Under the Volcano, where she earned another Golden Globe-nomination and Dancing on the Edge and earned a Golden Globe Award.


At the age of 52, Billy Crudup can still act flawlessly. He has starred in different high-profile movies such as Princess Mononoke, Big Fish, Public Enemies, Without Limits, Spotlight, Justice League, Watchmen, Alien: Covenant, and Jackie. Billy was nominated for Tony Award four times due to his exceptional performance in the play The Coast of Utopia. Moreover, Billy performed as Jesus’ Son and received a nomination for Independent Spirit Award.

After Billy and long-time girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, split, he never marries. They had a son and remained friends. Instead, he diverts his attention in his acting career. He gives credit to the drama series The Morning Show because he received a Primetime Emmy Award and Critics’ Choice Television Award for his role in the film. He remains to appear in The Morning Show, and we are thrilled to see him on other shows.


Often regarded as the Godmother of Punk, Joan Jett is currently single. Although she had dated few people in her life, she remains to be happy with unmarried life. Joan is a noteworthy actress, record producer, singer, songwriter, musician, and composer. She founded the rock band, The Runaways and was a former member of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts group. The singer grants credit to her mezzo-soprano voice for achieving platinum and gold for her three albums. She was renowned as the Queen of Rock n Roll.

Joan is the eldest among three kids, and at the age of 13, she had her first guitar. She began guitar class but quit soon because her teacher insisted on folk songs which she does not like. Her style is rock and her favorite night spot in her teenage years was Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco.


Jeremy Piven spent about two decades in supporting roles. His career became like that, and even his talents were familiar in motion pictures, his box-office draw is not yet for him, but fate must have been good to him and made his name recognized after portraying Ari Gold in the HBO TV show, Entourage. For that role, he won an Emmy Award, which he considered as one of his investments. It was his first award, and according to an interview, it changed his career and life.

Jeremy made his debut in the film Lucas, a teenage romance drama. He also appeared in movies like Say Anything, One Crazy Summer, The Player, The Grifters, and Back Stage West. Up to date, Jeremy remains single, and the married life is just not for him. Regardless, he is grateful and happy about his growing career.


Dina Meyer is now 52 years and still single. Even if some women feel the pressure of marriage by this age, Dina showed everyone that marriage is not just for her yet. Dina began her career, landing a role in Beverly Hills, 90210, a teen drama series. From that moment, she became Keanu Reeves’ leading lady in the movie Johnny Mnemonic. Besides, she even had starring roles in Dragonheart, D-Tox, Saw, Bats, Starship Troopers, and Star Trek: Nemesis.

The celebrity once dated Billy Joel and Shane West but has kept her love life personal ever since. Until now, she has no plans about getting married and will not need student loans anytime soon. She still performs well in television and films. We are excited about her upcoming projects this year. While we are eager to see her with love life, we respect her decision to be single for life!


One of the classic and most iconic novelists of all time is Jane Austen. Her name was famous around the world, but she stayed unmarried for life. Although she is no longer present, the author’s legacy remains through her widely-read and studied books. Her views in life are highlighted in her popular works like Pride and Prejudice, which was an echo of her personal life. Jane never felt the pressure to obey societal norms, especially regarding marriage. Even though she has a relationship with Tom Lefroy, the two never tied the knot.

Jane never graduated with a degree, but she enhanced her skills in writing by reading books. With her skills, she published many novels, including Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey. Fifty-two years after she passed away, her nephew launched a memoir of her career and life, A Memoir of Jane Austen.


Benicio is a Puerto Rican actor and has a successful career. We can recognize him in some of the family-favorite films like the Star Wars franchise and the James Bond films. Some of you might not have known about him being famous in music videos, including being featured in Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. After finishing high school, Benicio immediately took a business degree at the University of California. Nonetheless, his passion for acting prevailed, and he dropped out to take acting lessons. His career was initiated by playing unique roles, including his character in Miami Vice. Furthermore, Benicio is an excellent producer of films like The Wolfman, Che, Submission, and No Sudden Move.

While Benicio Del Toro has a daughter, he remained unwedded in all these years nor plans in the future. During his promotion in the film The Wolfman, he was candid about his opinions about marriage.


Drew Carey is a notable comedian, actor, and game show host. Following his served in US Marine Corps, he made his name renowned by being in a stand-up comedy. Carey gained recognition after starring in his sitcom, The Drew Carey Show. Likewise, he is the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway US version. Since then, the TV personality has been featured in many films, music videos, and even computer games. From 2007, he has been hosting the game show, The Price Is Right.

The famous game show host is interested in sports and worked at US National Team soccer games as a photographer as well. He is the minority owner of the soccer team. Seattle Sounders FC. Shortly, Carey joined professional wrestling and was inaugurated into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sports involvement has become among his greatest investments, and he is proud.


Jorja Fox certainly knows how to make her name well-known. She starred in hit shows CSI and The West Wing, where she showcased her extraordinary acting skills. Even in her fame, she still keeps her private life away from the limelight, and as of today, she is unwed. Jorja’s life as an actress and producer is well-documented, along with keeping her marital status single. She enjoys the life of being alone and only worrying about her electricity.

The actress first rose to fame after her recurring role as Dr. Maggie Doyle in the medical drama, ER which lasts from 1996 to 1999. From there, her skills were in-demand following huge success in the film The West Wing as Agent Gina Toscano. After she left CSI, she produced the Stay Forever: The Life and Music of Dusty Springfield musical, which gained many criticisms and praises.


We cannot deny the fact that Adrien Brody is still handsome at age 47, and he remains to be one of the most eligible Hollywood bachelors. The actor has dated many popular stars, got engaged, but it looks like his luck for marriage has not yet come. There is no assurance that the day will arrive soon, but many sure are happy for him and his chosen path.

The remarkable actor became highly acclaimed after he starred in the film The Pianist. He became the youngest actor to win an Academy Award at only 29 years old. Aside from that, the stud set off to be the second actor who won a Cesar Award for Best Actor.
Adrien also appeared for credit roles in many films such as King Kong, The Village, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Predators, The Thin Red Line, The Darjeeling Limited, and has an upcoming movie, The French Dispatch.


Miranda Richardson is happy with her single life. The actress has been vocal ever since about her view of marriage and admitted that she is still waiting for the right one. Miranda even said that she is not wife material and never wished to have kids. It is alright to have that decision because children are not just investments for a parent’s future; they are a huge responsibility. Especially with the situation of the world right now and the ever-inflating economy, not having them is totally fine.

The actress made her debut by portraying a character in Dance with a Stranger. She went on to receive Academy Award nominations for the films Tom & Viv and Damage. In the latter movie, Miranda gained seven nominations for the BAFTA Awards and won one under the Best Actress category. Since then, she has continually been recognized for her talents and is sought-after by award-giving bodies. Often regarded as the greatest actress in 1996, she proved to many why she deserved that title.


One of the distinguished stars in Hollywood is none other than Chris Isaak. He is a remarkable talk show host, musician, singer, songwriter, and sometimes an actor. While he has been in the music industry for more than three decades, he has stayed single until now. Chris has churned out many noteworthy songs, which made him receive many awards and earn a vast fortune in the industry. He turned his earnings into investment money, just in case he might want to reconsider getting married.

The musician gained affirmations after his hit song Wicked Game hit the charts, along with other songs like Somebody’s Crying and Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing. For Wicked Game alone, he gained three MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Video, Best Cinematography, and Best Male Video. Chris’s style in music is ’50s rock & roll as well as a crooner sound style. With this kind of singing talent, he sure has so much to offer even until now.


Susan Sarandon is single for life! She remains unmarried, and we guess wedding bells will not ring anytime soon. While the actress believes in marriage for others, she stated that it would not work for her. She does not like the idea, yet at the same time, she feels that it might be a lock that would cage her forever. The actress has her own reasons , and her priorities as of the moment are paying for the bills, may that come in the form of her real estate properties or her basic utilities such as electricity and water.

Susan is among the most thriving actresses of her time. In fact, she won several awards in the span of her career, such as the Screen Actors Guild Award and Academy Award. Throughout the decades, the actress appeared in many films and has even had time as a prosperous theater actress. She even got nominated for the Emmy Awards six times as a result of her excellent job on television! Susan has loved acting since she was little because her father was a TV producer. It was her dream ever since, and by the looks of it, she’s not giving up on the craft anytime soon.


It looks like Idris Elba already learned his biggest lesson in life. After being married two times before, he promised never to get involved in marital matters again. Idris is a noteworthy actor, singer, rapper, and producer in the entertainment industry. Over the span of his career, he has been featured in many films, theater productions, and TV series. Additionally, he has an ideal voice for a voice actor and director.

Idris gives credit to his talents for earning him numerous awards through the years. To illustrate, he got nominated for the Golden Globe Awards four times, the Primetime Emmy Awards five times, and also earned several BAFTA nominations. The actor is among the highest-paid stars in the industry and got listed as one of the most influential people across the world by Time magazine. Truly, Idris is at the top of his game, so being tied down is definitely off the table!


You might be surprised why Whoopi Goldberg never married after all these years. Her reason is that people will just want you to walk down the aisle. Even after having boyfriends and partners, Whoopi stated that people should not pressure others to tie the knot. As for her, she is happy on her own, minding her electricity and bills and paying for them with her multi-million Hollywood income. How did her marriage stance come to be, you might ask? After going through three marriages and separations, this changed the Sister Act star— and she promised never to go through that ordeal again.

Whoopi’s first TV appearance was in Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away. From there, she went on Broadway and had 156 exceptional performances. Her next massive breakthrough was a lead role in The Color Purple. The film gathered many praises and success where she received a won from Golden Globe Award and a nomination from Academy Award. Fast forward to today, the actress is certainly living her best life, free from any marital ties and obligations.


Kristin Davis’ claim to fame was her iconic role in SATC as Charlotte Goldenblatt. That very same role gave her several opportunities to gain a good credit score as well as several awards, planting her feet among the most sought-after actress in Hollywood.

Davis revealed that she used to be a shy person to the point that she needed booze to boost her spirit and confidence in front of the camera. Despite her little problem with alcohol, the beautiful actress succeeded and wowed the audience with her beauty and grace in acting. Aside from her stint in SATC, Davis has several films to her resume, such as Couples Retreat and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Surprisingly, Davis is single and has never married. Instead, she adopted two kids and started her own small family. Likewise, she dedicated her time to working on charity causes and activism.


Glee fans might have a love-hate relationship with Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch. She is the coach of McKinley High’s cheering squad and mostly the cause of the Glee Club’s misery. We all hate her cunning and cruel motives, but at the same time, we can’t help but love and empathize with the back story of her character. Though the world may hate Sue Sylvester, we all can agree that Jane has earned the hearts and respect of many through her work on the musical TV series. Of course, Jane proved her credibility as an actress and claimed a spot among the ranks of Hollywood A-Listers.

Today, the actress has a good credit score and a net worth of $16 million, thanks to her keen talent in acting. When talking about her personal life, Jane had been married once but has called it quits since 2014. She didn’t remarry afterward or had any relationship, stating that she would never go through the whole love process again. Jane relayed in an interview that she is not meant for marrying and that she is the type of person who likes to be alone.


Lindsey Vonn, at the age of 34, has reached a lot of milestones as a sportsperson. The now 36-year-old former ski racer and member of the US Ski Team gained popularity after winning the over-all champion consecutively in World Cup Championship in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. According to her financial reports, the athlete now has a net worth of $12 million. Lindsey grew interested in competitive skiing due to her encounter with Picabo Street, who was a ski gold medalist in the Olympics when she was still young. Inspired by Street’s success in the said sport, the ski icon gave her all.

Previously known as Lindsey Kildow, she married her co-athlete and Olympian Thomas Vonn in 2007. Though their marriage lasted only until 2013, Lindsey kept the last name for her sports record. She has been in several relationships, including with Tiger Woods, whom she once said she would never get married with. In addition, her engagement with the NFL player P.K Subban was called off in 2020 after three years together. Though the reason for their split has not yet been identified, Lindsey has remained single and seems to be keeping the status for a while.


Goldie Hawn was a professional dancer before she ventured into acting jobs. She studied ballet and tap dance through her mother, who runs a dance school. Typically, Goldie started acting in theatres. Her first project on the small screen was a mediocre role of a blonde girl. She started gaining credibility as an actress, however, when she won an award for her performance in Cactus Flower in 1969. Since then, Goldie’s career as an actress was gradually rising to the top, and so was her financial report.

Being an “It” girl back in the days made the actress earn several suitors that resulted in a colorful romance. Goldie was twice married, and though she got into many relationships afterward, she never remarried again. As of the moment, her companion since 1983 has been the actor Kurt Russell with whom she has a son named Wyatt Russell. Goldie expressed that being bound to marriage often plays a part in a couple’s split. She mentioned that if she had married Russell, then they must have been separated a long time ago already. The actress also has two children from her previous marriage with Bill Hudson – Oliver and Kate.


As someone who started acting in his childhood, Kurt Russell is surprisingly still active in the industry with a popularity that is far from fading. Kurt comes from a family of entertainers— his father is the actor, Bill Russell, while his mother is a professional dancer. The young actor made his first cameo in an Elvis film in 1963 before starring in his series, The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. Like his father, he also played baseball in the minor league. Due to an injury, he decided to return to acting and retired from playing permanently.

When Kurt got back into Tinseltown, he gained several film credits to his name, and nominations soon poured after. His most notable films are Silkwood, Escape from L.A., and Stargate. Though he hasn’t won any awards, the actor’s name has long been cemented in the industry. In fact, he received his Hollywood star together with his long-time partner, Goldie Hawn, in 2017. When asked why he and Goldie weren’t married despite their long companionship, Kurt expressed that they don’t need a piece of paper to prove or work as a married couple. Indeed, labels are overrated these days.


Ever since Sandra Bullock went out of the big screen through the film Speed in 1994, she has sent waves of her prominence as an actress. Bullock, at one point, was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Aside from her big paychecks, she also owns several businesses that made her earn a hefty financial record to date. If you ask us, she’s certainly far from being bankrupt.

Sandra Bullock has shown her versatility as an actress many times. She can go from comedy, action, drama, and back to comedy again in a whiff. With her acting chops, she was able to score several awards and recognitions. Among her most memorable films are Miss Congeniality, Gravity, and Bird Box. She also ventured into film production and established her company, Fortis Films. In case you want to know, Bullock has only been married once. She tied the knot with Jesse James in 2005 and called it quits amidst several infidelity issues in 2010. Since 2015, Bullock was able to find new love with Bryan Randall, a photographer. The couple has not exchanged their vows yet, nor are they planning to in the near future. They believe that they don’t need to get married in order to show and express their love— and we couldn’t agree more.


Apart from being a successful actor, Keanu Reeves is also known for his philanthropies and causes. Despite the fame and fortune brought by his several business investments and Hollywood career, Keanu maintained a modest lifestyle and remained grounded. Likewise, one notable fact about him is that he never got married though he has dated several women before.

Keanu Reeves belongs among the few blessed actors who have a rare kind of acting skill. He was able to capture the attention of many at the early stage of his career on the big screens. His breakthrough movie was in 1989 film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Since then, Keanu has had countless successful projects that contributed to his hefty paycheck. He is best known for his iconic action-filled movies, such as The Matrix trilogy and the John Wick franchise. As his career life is smooth sailing, it seems that the actor has let settling down or having a family take a backseat in terms of his personal priorities. The actor even once said that he thinks that he is too old to start a family, and that he has passed the time for it.


Nick Cannon has been eyeing himself in the music industry as a recording star. He made great efforts to bring himself there, but unfortunately, his presence is much more potent in front of the screen. Nick gained further prominence as a TV personality and host. He hosts the shows Wild N’ Out, The Nick Cannon Show, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and America’s Got Talent. Cannon is also a regular host in Nickelodeon and has taken a seat at its creative department. On another note, the guy is known for his acting skills as he starred in several films such as Drumline and Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Cannon’s efforts and hard work in the industry have been highly rewarded as he has a sound credit score and a net worth of $30 million.

By now, everyone knows that Nick Cannon was once married to the singer Mariah Carrey. Their relationship seemed ideal at that time that many expected it to last forever. That is why it broke the hearts of a lot of fans once they announced their parting. Though Cannon admits that he had a hard time recovering from the breakup and has even said that he will never be getting married again, he is now happy with his new love, Brittany Bell, with whom he shares two children. Though marriage is not on his to-do list due to the perception that it is not for him, we are all happy that the actor has a family that he is happy with.


Dean Unglert’s claim to fame was when he joined the reality series, The Bachelorette Season 13. He has recurrent appearances on different spin-offs of the said show that made him a familiar face among its viewers. As the show suggests, Dean was there to find true love. After his many tries to find romance through the show, he eventually succeeded, but later on, the stud realized that he wants to take things off-camera.

Dean Unglert was born in Venice, California, on 17 April 1991. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Colorado. Before joining the TV show, he worked at Startup Talent Acquisition Partner as a Lead Recruiter. When he decided to join the reality TV dating scene, Dean won the heart of Caelyn Miller-Keyes in Bachelor Paradise Season 6. The two initially broke up as Dean was not ready for a serious commitment yet, but later found his way back to Caelyn. The couple has been together since 2019 and has said that they will never be getting married. Dean mentioned that it is his being unconventional that pushed him to make this decision.


Bill Maher is one of the celebrities who made a wise decision to veer away from marriage and be open about it. Bill has been asked several times about his marital status and declared that being married is not for him.

Bill Maher is famously known as a comedian. He hosts the titular talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, aired at HBO. Over time, his career spiked during his program, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. It was initially produced at Comedy Central from 1994 to 1997 and later went on to air at ABC from 1997 to 2002. He received several awards and recognitions through the said show that contributed to his staggering net worth. As for his relationship, Bill has dated many women before. One even contacted a lawyer and sued him for not marrying her but failed to proceed due to its irrelevance. The comedian said that he is not against marriage; he reiterates that it is just not something he supports for himself.


Coco Chanel, born in 1883 as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, is a famous French fashion designer responsible for the creative change in the fashion history. Her ideas and taste of luxury were introduced by her long-time partner Etienne Balsan, a French socialite. Coco Chanel gained her spot in society as a French designer, whose name resonates up until this day. Chanel’s influence in modern fashion is eminent as the little black dress has become a fashion staple and the carrying of handbags became a fashion-must have accessory for women. Nonetheless, Chanel became famous due to her iconic perfume Chanel No. 5.

As she became a known fashion pioneer, the trendsetter established several investments and properties that were handed to her nephew when she departed. Accordingly, Chanel is also known for her colorful love life. She did not get married, though her hand was once asked by a duke. It seems like Chanel has dedicated herself to her work and likes her independence that she even chose it over the chance to become royalty!


Queen Elizabeth I has broken several traditions during her reign as the Queen of England. In case you’re not a history buff, it is worth noting that she was famously known as the Virgin Queen as she has not married. During her time, it was mandatory to marry and produce an heir to succeed on the throne. Elizabeth I, however, declined matrimony for many factors, and one of which is due to political reasons. Her decision has considerably made a positive impact as it makes her sovereign substantial to a degree.

Queen Elizabeth I is the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She succeeded the throne upon her half-sister, Princess Mary. Although her decision put an end to their monarchy, it gave Her Majesty a lasting impression of greatness as she was able to sacrifice her own being for the safety and security of her nation.


Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and composer who is generally regarded as one of history’s greatest musical geniuses. He is a pivotal figure in Western music, acting as a link between the Classical and Romantic periods. His groundbreaking compositions are a combination of vocals and instruments, with a broadening degree of explorations on the sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet.

Beethoven had a rocky love life and never married. Instead, he formed a variety of romantic relationships that may have gone unrequited and unfulfilled. He was, however, madly in love with the Australian diplomat, Antonie Brentano, who was a married woman. Her husband was just as close to Beethoven as she was, and the two Brentanos remained friends until Beethoven’s death. The musical prodigy even wrote her a long and exquisite love letter over the course of two days in July of 1812, but he never sent it. Despite his musical success, Beethoven’s relatively low social status meant that his repeated attempts to court well-born women were largely fruitless.


Linda Ronstadt belongs among the ranks of the versatile vocalists in history. She has a four-decade career that established her as one of the most influential artists during one of modern music’s most innovative times. As a result, this broadened the horizons of the pop singer, as she was able to integrate a varying degree of music genres into her work. With over 50 million albums sold worldwide and several accolades under her belt, Ronstadt is indeed an excellent artist.

Down the line, Ronstadt dedicated more time and attention to her personal life and family, which included her adopted children Mary Clementine and Carlos. The musician never married amid relationships with former California governor Jerry Brown and filmmaker George Lucas. She is, however, open to any possibilities and is not closing doors if the right man comes. If Ronstadt finds someone who understands her and shares her passion for music, she will consider dating that person.


Wilbur and Orville Wright are probably the most influential brothers in history, revolutionizing transportation on the earth with their imaginative and technical wit. The Wright brothers made history when they conducted the first powered, sustained, and operated airplane flight in 1903. Two years later, they took their childhood dream to a greater degree when they designed and flew the first fully practical airplane. The geniuses reconfigured the world as a global society opening the doors to travel, communication, and international trade.

Over the years, the Wrights became instant celebrities in the region, hosting royals and heads of state and being featured in the press regularly. The brothers made a fortune as businessmen, filling airplane contracts in Europe and the United States. They were committed to their careers and didn’t have time for both a wife and an aircraft. Some biographers speculate that Will, Orv, and their other sibling Kate made a deal as children never to marry and always to be together. Whether it is true or not, we are guessing that they simply preferred each other’s company.


People have always been drawn to adventure. To soothe those desires temporarily, you must have watched Animal Planet programs and saw some extreme experiences that you hope to indulge in one day. If you’re like the rest of us frustrated adventurers, then you might have caught a glimpse of the charming fish angler, Jeremy Wade. Jeremy is a well-known television host, notably famous for his show River Monsters. His passion for fishing and wildlife was innate, even going as far as taking degrees in zoology and biological science. Jeremy hosts a program called Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers which airs on Animal Planet. He also starred in the 2014 film Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys, in which he played a lamprey specialist.

Something about his blue eyes and white hair piques a woman’s attention. Despite this, Wade has been single for the majority of his life, with no news of him being married, dating, or in a relationship. Jeremy acknowledged that he struggles to manage his work and personal lives, which has culminated in him concentrating solely on his career and fishing.


A surge of interest in Latin American film and television talent helped propel actress Eva Mendes from taking up B-movie supporting roles to becoming a Hollywood star. Mendes rose to prominence after being Denzel Washington’s sidekick in Training Day. She continued to woo fans with action films like 2 Fast 2 Furious and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. The tough trailblazer emerged as an essential role model for the growing ranks of aspiring Latin American entertainers, with over a dozen film credits to her name and an increasing number of successful business ventures.

Throughout her career, Eva has played the love interest several times. The actress, however, was not the full-fledged lover she always depicted on the screen when it came to her own love life. Eva and her real-life partner, Ryan Gosling, have been intensely private, and they’ve honed their skills at avoiding paparazzi and keeping their personal lives secret. Despite being together for quite some time, Mendes claimed that while she was not opposed to marriage in general, she did not feel it was right for her.


Jenny McCarthy had one of Hollywood’s most surprising career journeys, going from magazine cover to author of best-selling parenting books. Legions of fans fell head over heels for the blue-eyed blonde’s humor and her fearless goofiness while appearing on famous MTV shows in the 1990s. Even though her short-lived NBC primetime sitcom Jenny struggled to gain consistent viewers, she was cast in mainstream films such as Scream 3 and Scary Movie 3. She became a vocal advocate for autism, earning a new degree of appreciation for her commitment to solving one of the world’s most perplexing medical mysteries.

McCarthy previously married John Asher, a producer and actor with whom she shares a son Evan. Fast forward to now, Jenny is happily settled with singer Donnie Wahlberg. The couple has been together for six years and seems to have a good relationship. One of the most valuable lessons the couple learned from their previous marriages is to prioritize their relationship above all else.


German-born actress Diane Kruger was unknown in Hollywood when she beat out A-listers Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman for the part of reluctant queen Helen of Troy in the blockbuster epic Troy. From launching a thousand ships with her face, this former model has remained involved in the film investments, appearing in films such as Wicker Park and the National Treasure adventure film franchise. Kruger’s significant role as a double agent and German movie star in Inglourious Basterds perfectly highlighted the actress’s untapped potential demonstrating to foreign viewers that there was far more to explore beneath her ethereal beauty.

When it comes to marriage and matters of the heart, Diane has her own set of rules. She was previously married to Giulliame Canet and is known to have dated Joshua Jackson for eight years. The legendary beauty has confirmed that she will never marry again. Why is that so? It’s because she no longer believes in the idea of “happily ever after.” Just because Diane has no intention of walking down the aisle again, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate grand gestures!


Tim Robbins made a name for himself in Hollywood not only because of his 6’5″ height but also because of his high-caliber, character-driven work and his long-term commitment to social issues. He was honored by the Academy as both an actor and a director. The New York stage actor made his Hollywood debut in the peculiar role of a dim jock in the classic baseball film Bull Durham. Five years later, he had established investments as a force to be reckoned with as the writer-director of the satire Bob Roberts and The Player.

We’ve been wondering if Tim is single or in a relationship for a long time. Well, the Shawshank actor was reportedly in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Susan Sarandon a few years ago, but that has since changed. Despite her genuine love for Robbins, Susan never wanted to marry him because she believed it would ruin their relationship. Sarandon had some different theories for their romance. Tim, on the other hand, did not seem to like them, which is why they decided to end their relationship.


Greta Garbo was the brilliant embodiment of Hollywood’s Golden Age. She was a beautiful and mysterious image carefully cultivated by her career investments. MGM dubbed her the “Swedish Sphinx” upon her arrival in Hollywood, and Garbo quickly established herself as one of silent cinema’s most popular actresses in films like The Torrent, Flesh and the Devil, and Love. Greta was also a savvy businesswoman with negotiating skills that made her one of the highest-paid movie stars of the time. Her beauty and skills contributed to her mystique and immortalized her as one of cinema’s greatest icons.

Garbo allegedly had affairs, including her regular co-star John Gilbert, whom she reportedly left at the altar. She moved to New York and lived alone in a Manhattan apartment after leaving the spotlight. In the end, the actress didn’t marry or have children. Despite her immense celebrity, Garbo remained an enigmatic figure until her death in 1990 at the age of 84.


You may adore the book Little Women or have a favorite version among the several movie adaptations. To add, maybe you can relate yourself as a Jo, Meg, Beth, or Amy. Despite it all, how much do you know about the novel’s author Louisa May Alcott, though? Louisa, like her heroine Jo March, wrote and supported her family through what she called “blood and thunder stories.” Her work introduced readers to powerful female heroines. As a result, her writing style had a significant degree of influence on American literature. Throughout her life, she contributed to a variety of publications that campaigned for women’s rights. The author was also the first woman in Concord, Connecticut, to register to vote.

Despite never marrying or having biological children, Louisa looked after her orphaned niece. Her younger sister, May, died in 1879, a month after giving birth to her daughter. May told her husband to give her daughter, who was also named Louisa, to her older sister as she was dying. The girl, known as Lulu, spent her childhood with Alcott. She, in turn, wrote her stories and seemed to be a good match for her optimism. Fast forward to today, and readers still enjoy Alcott’s writings. Her novels continue to be highly-acclaimed bestsellers around the world.


Kevin Spacey is a chameleonic actor who is equally at home on stage or in films as a hero or a villain. He first gained attention with several strong stage performances both on and off-Broadway. His versatility on stage paved the way to a greater degree of fame atop the A-list. It was his Oscar-winning performance as the enigmatic Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects, however, that catapulted Spacey to fame. In addition, he made equally memorable appearances in L.A. Confidential and Se7en, solidifying his reputation as a hypnotic performer willing to take on challenging roles. Spacey’s reputation as one of Hollywood’s most versatile and accomplished actors has grown intensely. He has been in the spotlight for three decades as one of Hollywood’s most admired acting talents.

Spacey has avoided questions about his private life over the years. Although he has never married, he has been connected to a small number of well-known women. While his relationship details remain sparse, we are just glad to see him back on screen.


Known for her leading role in Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker remained single since 2008. Her first romantic partner was actor Billy Crudup in 1996, who was her fellow arts degree graduate from the University of North Carolina. Parker became pregnant with their only child. In the following year, she gave birth to her son William Atticus, named after his father. When the pair broke up, the actress subsequently had a relationship with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2006. The two got engaged in February of 2008. Sadly, they have decided to go their separate ways in April. She also adopted a girl from Ethiopia, whom she named Caroline Aberash.

As of now, she lives in South Carolina along with her children. The star stated in interviews that she became pretty much a single parent, noting that it was not exactly a piece of cake to raise her children alone but love them nonetheless.


Known as Erin Reagan on the police drama Blue Blood, Bridget Moynahan became romantically involved with several high-profile personalities over the years. Her first was with screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, and the couple lived together from 2001 to 2003. She then became involved with NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who was just at the early beginnings of his career during that time. Their relationship lasted from 2004 to 2006, and together, they share a son named Jack, who was born in 2007. Next, Moynahan dated director McG in 2010. The two first met when they shared the same flight. Unfortunately, they called off their relationship after a while.

Despite the heartbreaks she experienced before, Moynahan found her happily-ever-after. She is married to businessman and investment broker Andrew Frankel. In case you’re wondering, they got engaged in April 2015 and eventually tied the knot in October of the same year. We hope that the star gets it right with Mr. Right this time!


Welsh actor Michael Sheen is widely known for his performance in films such as The Damned United, The Special Relationship, Underworld: The Rise of Lycans, and Midnight in Paris. He has numerous relationships with various women but has seemingly not made investments towards marriage. He first became romantically involved with actress Kate Beckinsale from 1999 to 2003. Consequently, the two welcomed their only child Lily in 1999. This was followed by a long-distance relationship with ballet dancer Lorraine Stewart from 2004 to 2010. He subsequently was in a relationship with actress Rachel McAdams, who was his co-star in the movie Midnight in Paris. In fact, they dated from 2010 to 2013. He then fell in love with comedian Sarah Silverman in 2014 and lived with her in America. Sadly, the couple separated in 2018.

Amidst all the heartache and love lost, Sheen remains hopeful about his romantic life— and his patience certainly paid off! He is currently in a loving relationship with model Anna Lundberg. The loved-up pair now live in Wales and share a daughter, Lyra, who was born in 2019. Meanwhile, Lily lives with Beckinsale, with Sheen as a co-parent.


While known for her intimate roles in movies during the ’80s, Bo Derek has only been romantically involved with two men. This is quite surprising given that she is credited as having one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. Her first relationship was with director John Derek. Bo, then known as Mary Cathleen Collins, met Derek in Greece while on the set of the movie And Once Upon a Time. After dating for a while, the couple eventually tied the knot in 1976, and hence, Collins became known as Bo Derek. The two had a long-lasting marriage of twenty-two years until John passed away in 1998.

After mending her broken heart, Bo moved on to her next relationship. In 2002, she began falling head over heels with actor John Corbett, who is known for his role of Aidan in the series SATC. They met during a blind date and began dating shortly thereafter. In the same year, they moved in together at a ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

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