Celebrities Who Are Flawlessly Aging


Sandra Bullock did not bag the People’s Most Beautiful Woman title for nothing. Her beauty and charm draw people to her like honey to bees. However, how does she manage to look much younger than her age? Well, not cheaply, apparently. Bullock is said to be using the Hollywood Epidermal Growth Factor Facial (HEGFF), otherwise known as special0 facial treatment that has become a Hollywood hype nowadays. The treatment reportedly uses a serum made with cloned cells from the foreskins of a newborn and costs $650.

Despite the price, it is investment money for the three-time world’s highest-paid actress that she is willing to shell out. Bullock was hailed as Hollywood’s queen of romantic comedy, and by her blockbuster films and outstanding performances in each, we couldn’t agree more! The brunette beauty is a proud foster mother, much like her character, of which she won an academy award for best actress. She’s got it all! Thanks to her on- and off-screen charm and her lucky stars!