Kristin Davis is known for her character as Brooke Armstrong in the TV show Melrose Place and Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the famous HBO series, Sex and the City. She shared the importance of using a sunscreen skincare routine to maintain her flawless skin. For the 55-year-old mother of one, taking good care of her skin is one of the investments that keep paying back.

Being a mom and a career woman all at the same time is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Women with this kind of strength are superheroes since their life is a tad more stressful than others’. The beautiful actress knows just how to handle it all. No wonder she looks as if she aged as fine wine. The long list of men who are captivated by her charisma and Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Aaron Sorkin, to name a few, is a validation that her beauty secret does work!