Stars Who Are Aging Flawlessly: Famous Faces Who Still Shine


The Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet was able to maintain her fit physique at the age of 52. It is no surprise that her husband, Jason Momoa, who is 12 years her junior, still adores her the same way as when they first met. Momoa lovingly calls Bonet “goddess” and proudly declared that his wife is the boss.

When asked how she keeps her top form, Bonet shared that she loves to dance and took an African dance class, which she has been enjoying for seven years now. She did not mention, though, if she also took some online classes as a supplement. The Aquaman himself is head over heels with this brunette beauty. Their love story is one of the stories in Hollywood that is envied by many in the right way. Momoa could not seem to stop gushing about his wife. He might seem strong on the outside, but he is a slave to Bonet’s love on the inside. The beautiful actress also has some unique features about her, including how she looks and styles her hair. This couple’s age difference is not evident in any way at all.