Fresh out of college, the two had to grasp the challenges of the real world. Despite that, they managed to get their life together quickly. Heidi started working as a PR Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment while Ed took a different route and made an investment in an independent coffee shop.

Although they had less time together, unlike before, they remained at each other’s side and supported each other’s goals. So after lots of hard work and months of saving money, they were finally ready to settle down and move in together. However, this also meant it was time to meet each other’s families.


They decided to invite both of their mothers, Kay and Fiona, to a dinner party at their home. They were nervous about it since it was the first encounter, and it needed to go well. The couple had planned everything out, and it was time to see how everything would turn out.

Fortunately, their mothers went along quite well. They enjoyed what the couple prepared for them. Heidi decided to step up and tell them they’re planning to spend the rest of their lives together. “We knew we were going to be together forever,” said Haidi. They then decided whether it would be a church or a civil wedding led by an attorney.


To their surprise, both of their mothers were very happy and excited about everything. The couple realized they had nothing to worry about. Kay saw that Ed truly loved Heidi, and the two were really destined for each other. After giving Ed her blessing, Kay wished them nothing but love and happiness.

While Kay and Fiona made a significant time investment in getting to know each other, they realized they shared similar interests. It felt like they knew each other for a long time. They all enjoyed the dinner party, but the next topic brought up next Kay felt odd about Ed being her son-in-law.


As the party went on, Ed and Heidi realized they weren’t the only ones who had things in common. Their mothers shared quite a few common interests, too. Interestingly enough, both of them spent time enjoying similar hobbies. What surprised them even more was both of them were passionate about sailing. Once they discovered this, they started sharing each other’s stories and adventures. Who knows, they were talking about random things like plumbing services — that’s how easy they got along with each other.

Both families were very fond of the Mediterranean and sailing during the holidays. They started sharing stories about everything. Little did they know, along with their storytelling, they were about to discover something unbelievable.


Stories after stories, Kay decided to tell the tale of one of her favorite vacations back when Heidi was younger. When Heidi turned six, the family traveled to Gumbet, Turkey, where they stayed for two memorable weeks.

Key recalled that Heidi became friends with another six-year-old boy who was also on vacation with his family. They even called and saw each other as boyfriend and girlfriend to a certain degree. The two kids held each other’s hands, and they were practically inseparable during the vacation. Ed wasn’t so impressed by the story about one of Heidi’s past “boyfriends.”


Ed’s mother, Fiona, seemed to love every detail of the story. However, things got a bit strange once Kay mentioned another detail. She said Heidi’s vacation boyfriend was also named Ed, which was quite a coincidence.

Even though it’s all a bit about coincidence to some degree, they discussed a new topic and took the conversation to a new direction. From there, Heidi and Ed decided to reveal their plans. They wanted to get married by the end of the year. Both moms loved this idea, but Kay still felt a bit weird after the conversation about Heidi’s vacation boyfriend Ed.


Kay had an odd feeling about Ed. She couldn’t explain what she felt since there is no doubt she was happy with her soon-to-be son-in-law. Ed was a really nice guy who loved Heidi and would surely make an investment for their future for her. However, she couldn’t let go of what she felt.

She then realized a way to shake off what she’s feeling was by finding more about her daughter’s vacation boyfriend. She knew there was something about the story, so she started her little research project in hopes of learning more about the identity of this long-forgotten boyfriend.


Since meeting Ed and getting to know Fiona, Kay couldn’t let go of the idea that something was not quite right. She made a considerable investment by allowing most of her time doing her research and later on decided to reach out to Fiona and ask for her help. They both looked further into the situation to find more information about the six-year-old Ed.

The next two weeks, Kay and Fiona continued. They searched everywhere they could in hopes of finding something. Until one day, when Kay was cleaning her storage room, she accidentally found a clue that the two of them were looking for.


Since Heidi and Ed decided to get married as soon as possible, they needed all the help they could get. Kay decided to clean out her storage room to provide some extra space. Little did she know that she was going to find an old photo album that would reveal the truth.

Kay admitted that she still made a lot of time investment looking for answers. She knew that this photo album was hiding somewhere, and she wanted to find it. Now that Kay held the album in her hands, she was ready to find the answers she was looking for.


As soon as the album was on her hand, she sat down and flipped through the dusty pages. It felt like she was on the path to discovering the truth. She was excited to find out who the six-year-old Ed really was and why she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She finally found the pictures from the family’s vacation in Gumbet, Turkey. Keeping that album was sure of an investment. She slowly flipped through the pages until she came across a photo that answered all the questions and cleared the doubts she had every time she looked at her future son-in-law.